9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2018 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/07/20               
                             Contact: Eileen Moore                              
              Location: N. LA Expo Center - Ruston, LA, Ruston, LA              
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Paying to 12 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 30560.00, Rider count = 589         
     1D Time = 15.267, Placings = 40, Pool = $ 8468.00                       
     2D Time = 15.767, Placings = 110, Pool = $ 7290.00                      
     3D Time = 16.267, Placings = 123, Pool = $ 6112.00                      
     4D Time = 16.767, Placings = 85, Pool = $ 4934.00                       
     5D Time = 17.267, Placings = 89, Pool = $ 3756.00                       
                     Not Placed = 142                                        
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.267 $1608.92        Josh Andrews on Dash For Perks Baby            
   2nd 15.327 $1270.20        Kellie Mounger on Easy Jets Firewater          
   3rd 15.350 $1016.16        Elizabeth Schmid on Bogie's French Trick       
   4th 15.405 $846.80         Brandon Fortney on Caught Ya Looking           
   5th 15.447 $762.12         Reaghan Truitt on Dulces Stylish Rey           
   6th 15.456 $677.44         Monica Allen on Lotta Aces To Play             
   7th 15.472 $592.76         Olivia Chenevert on Agouti De Lady             
   8th 15.481 $508.08         Katelyn Danzy on Ima Little Redneck            
   9th 15.494 $423.40         Shiloh Marchand on Mamas Foxy Valentine        
  10th 15.527 $338.72         Karlie Sanders on Kas De Stone                 
  11th 15.528 $254.04         Katelyn Danzy on Money On Tyme                 
  12th 15.536 $169.36         Kristen Roby on Don't Judge My Socks           
  13th 15.544                 Savannah Lovell on Sheza Not Kidding Cowoy     
  14th 15.556                 Marlena Williams on Jackie Be Starbert         
  15th 15.559                 Jenna Lummus on Dream AboutARedneck            
  16th 15.565                 Abby Pursifull on Pearl Snappin                
  17th 15.572                 Morgan Moses on Mitos Ok Barmaid               
  18th 15.580                 Brain Wheeler on Kiss My Royal Fanny           
  19th 15.582                 Josh Andrews on "Horse"                        
  20th 15.604                 Grayson Tice on Kan Perk Three                 
  21st 15.611                 Megan Woodle on Invisible Lineage              
  22nd 15.613                 Merrill O'Neal on Foreva                       
  23rd 15.625                 Krystin Smith on KS Fabulous Pie               
  24th 15.645                 Dusty Pike on One Hot Stinson                  
  25th 15.663                 Lexi Dixon on Guys Peppy Gal                   
  26th 15.674                 Olivia Chenevert on Caraways InSexysLane       
  27th 15.676                 Liza Shannon on DH Sugarleta Corona            
  28th 15.677                 Lindsey Netterville on As Good As Peach Gets   
  29th 15.691                 Roxanne Bradshaw on Berts Snipper Bar          
  30th 15.704                 Jossy Gantt on Cimmaron Treasure               
  31st 15.708                 Tanner Stovall on Smokin Lil Hottie            
  32nd 15.709                 Sami Sylvester on Etta's Yellow Hankie         
  33rd 15.722                 Dillon Boykin on High Duro Cat                 
  34th 15.727                 Dina Allred on Chasin Tornados                 
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 2   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  35th 15.732                 Sherrye Lemmons on Max                         
  36th 15.736                 Jenna Lummus on Hez Got Fame n Fire            
  37th 15.743                 Julia Clark on Dialin for 10                   
  38th 15.752                 Monica Dike on Jack                            
  39th 15.753                 Lindsey Netterville on Heaven Help Me Fly      
  40th 15.759                 Hannah Griffis on Reymond                      
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.768 $1385.10        Shelby West on Oh He's Streakin                
   2nd 15.779 $1093.50        Lynn McKenzie on Frosty                        
   3rd 15.785 $874.80         Grayson Tice on Dreamin of Heaven              
   4th 15.800 $692.55         Hilary Roberts on Ember Bug                    
Tie    15.800 $692.55         Allie West on Chesney Cat                      
   6th 15.801 $583.20         Lindsey Netterville on Frenchmans Rockin       
   7th 15.803 $510.30         Kaitlen Powell on Streaks Starlight            
   8th 15.804 $437.40         Lindsey Netterville on Dashin Ta Kill          
   9th 15.805 $328.05         Scott Duke on Firewater Sam                    
Tie    15.805 $328.05         Hilary Branch on Kacees Scarface               
  11th 15.810 $218.70         Kaylee-Ann Bray on Smokem Easy on Java         
  12th 15.819 $145.80         Cydney Brown on Drifer On the Rocks            
  13th 15.820                 Grace Caskey on MRH Blue Baby                  
  14th 15.834                 Josh Andrews on ChasenFireWaterNGold           
  15th 15.836                 Hilary Branch on Hope She Clocks               
  16th 15.842                 Jessica Williamson on Guys Love Corona         
Tie    15.842                 Ty Leleux on Design Ta Be Famous               
  18th 15.859                 Heather Heath on Can't Get Right               
  19th 15.869                 Angela Richardson on Zan Bar Chief             
  20th 15.872                 Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Miss Rey Olena          
  21st 15.874                 Matt Matthews on Treasures Dream Maker         
  22nd 15.875                 Dusty Pike on Wood B Streakin Lil              
  23rd 15.882                 Morgan West on Aint Famous Yet                 
  24th 15.892                 Sunny Hopkins on Pretty Hot                    
Tie    15.892                 Katie Bergeron on KK Laredo Fire               
  26th 15.897                 Hailey Thompson on Dont Hope Believe           
  27th 15.923                 Cassy Gantt on Drew                            
  28th 15.926                 Kenedie Richardson on The Doctors at the Bar   
  29th 15.931                 Cassy Gantt on Nacho                           
  30th 15.935                 Jasey Gantt on Packin Dust                     
  31st 15.940                 Darren Boyce on Born In The Fastlane           
  32nd 15.953                 Gina Flowers on RF Famous Last Words           
  33rd 15.954                 Sherrye Lemmons on LM Password                 
  34th 15.956                 Kristen Roby on Famous James                   
  35th 15.961                 Mandy Rushing on Josey                         
  36th 15.962                 Jay Johnston on Moon Bars Prince               
Tie    15.962                 Michelle Norred on Possum                      
  38th 15.973                 Becky Brakefield on MS Bully Stinson           
  39th 15.979                 Jennifer McBroom on First Bug Beduino          
  40th 15.984                 Stormy Salley on WHC Memory Mate               
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 3   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Tie    15.984                 Brylee Brakefield on Dollar                    
  42nd 15.990                 Sandra Dawn Raulston on BR Badger Josey        
  43rd 15.995                 Kyndal Scott on Grayson                        
Tie    15.995                 Ammie Mckenzie on Honor and Glory              
  45th 15.997                 Latisha Hairgrove on RF French Bugs Moon       
  46th 16.003                 Maggie Whatlington on Bullit                   
  47th 16.004                 Carla Penuell on Native Blackberry             
  48th 16.006                 Abby Pursifull on JF Booneshine                
Tie    16.006                 Danita Ford on TWP Sundance                    
  50th 16.007                 Harley Jones on Rare Ovation                   
  51st 16.009                 Haylee Rickman on Guys Haulin In Cash          
  52nd 16.018                 LeeAnn Brooks on Fulo Fire                     
Tie    16.018                 Callie jo Strange on Coolhand                  
  54th 16.019                 Donnis Birkicht on Honor Master Leo            
  55th 16.021                 Julie Bailey on Gotham Fred                    
  56th 16.022                 Cassy Gantt on Tuf                             
  57th 16.035                 Jaden Thomas on Freckles Doc O' Gold           
  58th 16.037                 Ty Leleux on RydinThatFancyReba                
  59th 16.038                 Crystal Steele on SuchADiamondImage            
  60th 16.045                 Kristen Roby on SR Fell off the Wagon          
  61st 16.059                 Kelly Fair on My Tootsieroll                   
  62nd 16.063                 Michael Thornberry on ImaRockNFirewater        
  63rd 16.064                 Stephanie Vondra on Bugs One More Time         
  64th 16.066                 Gabrielle Gleason on Shiney Diamond Dacner     
  65th 16.069                 Lynn McKenzie on Chocolate Drop                
  66th 16.080                 Shelton Headley on He's Sharp                  
  67th 16.092                 Kim Merrell on Sure Am A Cowboy                
  68th 16.093                 Ashley Moreno on Doc N Zips Pistolena          
  69th 16.100                 Candace Copeland on Jag                        
  70th 16.101                 Melinda Schexnaider on Eddies Dash             
  71st 16.107                 Barbara Holder on Poppin Chocolate             
  72nd 16.112                 Kristen Dickinson on Peps lil Rendition        
  73rd 16.114                 Grayson Tice on Kahula Frosted Luau            
  74th 16.117                 Patty Harville on TFF Barrels Down Pat         
  75th 16.122                 Bailey Carrol on Chasen Lena                   
  76th 16.126                 Gina Flowers on Turnin Powerhouse              
  77th 16.128                 April Black on Red Native DunIt                
  78th 16.130                 Shiloh Marchand on Rose Colored Fire           
  79th 16.131                 Amanda Averett on LLP Streakin Passion         
  80th 16.141                 Logan Donald on Toast N Shadow                 
  81st 16.154                 Kylie Averett on Gold Streakin Leo             
  82nd 16.155                 Darby Stephens on Furys Sol                    
  83rd 16.159                 Katie Thomas on Scoots Highbraw Gal            
  84th 16.161                 Mandi Black on Kitty Kittridge                 
Tie    16.161                 Lisa Mitchell on Dunn Fired Up Joey            
  86th 16.162                 Brandie Durham on One Shot                     
  87th 16.163                 Michael Smith on Norma'sSocksFullOfHope        
Tie    16.163                 Megan Moses on Cash                            
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 4   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Tie    16.163                 Stephanie Lynn on Trace Me A Doc               
  90th 16.164                 Ashley Lyon on Blue Diamond Gold               
  91st 16.168                 Catherine Medlock on LS Pies on Fire           
  92nd 16.169                 Lindsey Richard on Deltas Dun Loppen           
  93rd 16.175                 Maegan Warren on CD Investin n My Frosty       
  94th 16.181                 Sherrye Lemmons on Meter My Drift              
  95th 16.185                 Robert Shirley on Rare Chasin                  
  96th 16.188                 Jeannie Bryant on SFW Tuckedincashmire         
  97th 16.190                 Shelby Rice on BH Cashn the Charm              
  98th 16.197                 LeeAnn Brooks on Azures Full Star              
  99th 16.210                 Auburn Skubic on Cash                          
 100th 16.216                 Hailey Spangler on Lynx                        
 101st 16.227                 Tanya Shoemaker on Hangin In and Hangin Out    
 102nd 16.231                 Monica Allen on Play Boy Sweet                 
 103rd 16.235                 Jennifer McBroom on Docs Waco                  
 104th 16.236                 Rhonda Ratterree on RT Last Miracle            
 105th 16.247                 Destiny Bittle on Chicorys Golden Moon         
 106th 16.248                 Victoria Jackson on Dawson Drew Leo            
Tie    16.248                 Remi kay Harper on DM Genuine Nugget           
 108th 16.251                 Cydney Brown on Maverick Fever                 
 109th 16.260                 Mackenzie Moore on Emmitt                      
 110th 16.264                 Destiny Bittle on Specialist                   
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.273 $1161.28        Cydney Brown on Belles                         
   2nd 16.276 $916.80         Lisa Sanders on Treasure and Roses             
   3rd 16.278 $733.44         Kellie Mounger on Zippin Silver                
   4th 16.283 $611.20         Kylee Fortner on Rancho Sonitas Bell           
   5th 16.284 $550.08         Lexi Dixon on Smooth Cool Boogie               
   6th 16.298 $488.96         Emily Calhoun on Party with the Stars          
   7th 16.299 $427.84         Lily Spangler on Chief                         
   8th 16.302 $366.72         Jessica Williamson on Mr. Mito Charge          
   9th 16.303 $305.60         Jossie Neal on First Down Native               
  10th 16.305 $244.48         Heather Heath on LA Special                    
  11th 16.310 $183.36         Jessica Williamson on This Nativesgothonor     
  12th 16.313 $122.24         Danita Ford on Johns Majestic                  
  13th 16.314                 Rose Sparks on Streakin Feature                
  14th 16.316                 Hailey Thompson on Brus Girl                   
  15th 16.321                 Emily Riley on JJ Ms Peppy Dox                 
  16th 16.322                 Valerie Saucier on BW Rip it Up                
  17th 16.330                 Chris Rikard on Lead Meto Vegas Fast           
  18th 16.331                 Alissa Kelly on KNKissMyFabulousClas           
  19th 16.337                 Mandy Saulsbury on Drifter Easy Money          
  20th 16.339                 Lindsey Brown on Oakie Time                    
Tie    16.339                 Liza Shannon on Famous N French                
  22nd 16.346                 Abigail Wheat on Last to Dash                  
  23rd 16.348                 Kimberly Zimmers on Rita Rocks Ta Fame         
  24th 16.349                 Whitley Strickland on Shy                      
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 5   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  25th 16.350                 Anna Dietrich on Bullseye                      
  26th 16.352                 Janey Taylor on Roll Me A Bully                
  27th 16.355                 Anita Robertson on CJ Ta Fame                  
  28th 16.356                 Patrece Peltzer on Hot Shot This               
  29th 16.357                 Hannah Griffis on Lenas Famous Blondie         
  30th 16.358                 Michael Smith on NoLionImaMakeUFamos           
  31st 16.359                 Lauchlyn Emfinger on Streakin French Girl      
  32nd 16.378                 Adrian Gaspard on Lil Whisk                    
  33rd 16.386                 Caroline Miller on Grace                       
  34th 16.388                 Liza Shannon on BB Frenchmans Josey            
Tie    16.388                 Tammie Miller on MS Nick Bar                   
  36th 16.391                 Brooke Barker on Ski's Copper Penny            
  37th 16.401                 Hope Adkins on Flits Bouncy Girl               
  38th 16.402                 Paula Pemberton on Shakem                      
  39th 16.403                 Ann Beauboeuf on Lil Bit of Perks              
  40th 16.404                 Gaiea Kervin on Dreamer                        
  41st 16.414                 Tommie Scoggins on Brooks Jet Stream           
Tie    16.414                 Amy Grisham on VF Del Ray Cat                  
  43rd 16.421                 Amy Moore on Gotta Magnolia Angel              
  44th 16.423                 Natalie Shaw on Doc Olena Star                 
  45th 16.431                 Morgan Leger on Colonel                        
  46th 16.434                 Tammie Turner on ALM Finally Friday            
  47th 16.435                 Logan Donald on Son Smoke                      
  48th 16.437                 Stacey Berry on Mega Cowjacked                 
  49th 16.438                 Crystal Steele on Inferno                      
  50th 16.440                 Stephanie Beatty on Lightinins Tadosugar       
  51st 16.441                 Carla Penuell on TF Speed with Chrome          
  52nd 16.448                 Beth Romano on Streakin First Lady             
Tie    16.448                 Kaylee-Ann Bray on Frenchmans Winsome          
  54th 16.449                 Schelista Glenn on Blazin Easy Pie             
  55th 16.456                 Tanner Stovall on Kings Foxy Peponita          
Tie    16.456                 Ammie Mckenzie on Jacks Silver Dollar          
  57th 16.468                 Piper David on WB Docs Money Maam              
  58th 16.472                 Michael Smith on Frenchmans Jacee              
  59th 16.479                 Cori Richerson on Painted With Honor           
  60th 16.481                 Raven Clagg on Streakin Jack Six               
  61st 16.483                 Sami Sylvester on French Redneck               
  62nd 16.485                 Nick Mathews on Haters Love Me                 
  63rd 16.492                 Beth Hicks on Cash For Candy Crush             
  64th 16.493                 Emily Boudreaux on ImInABadGirlPhase           
  65th 16.496                 Stacy Watson on Hay Tonto Bar Tiger            
  66th 16.497                 Julie Bridewell on Happy on the Rocks          
  67th 16.503                 Kayleigh Adams on DDD Mattys Firewater         
  68th 16.510                 Brooklyn Johnson on Nelson                     
  69th 16.511                 Haley Mcdonald on HN Buggin to Fly             
  70th 16.516                 Debi Faulk on Chonas Val                       
  71st 16.524                 Shelby Rice on Zee                             
  72nd 16.532                 Brianna "BB" Williams on Raven                 
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 6   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Tie    16.532                 Jill Pippen on Natives Money Bandit            
  74th 16.533                 Kenedie Richardson on Raren Ta Fame            
  75th 16.534                 Kori Beth Cheatwood on GunSmokeSoiledDove      
  76th 16.535                 Jake Ramsey on Dash Be Kas                     
  77th 16.537                 Monica Dike on Denali                          
  78th 16.544                 Madison Cole on Anns Got the Money             
  79th 16.548                 Chelsey Foster on Babitts Easy Streak          
  80th 16.551                 Jennine Ramage on Dasey May                    
  81st 16.556                 Valerie Saucier on BB Firewater Sue            
  82nd 16.557                 Dillon Boykin on Dash for my Heart             
  83rd 16.559                 Breanne Gray on PRG Frost My Fancy             
  84th 16.562                 Billie Gay on Streak                           
  85th 16.564                 Crystal Tate on Suzi Suzuki                    
  86th 16.571                 Maggie Whatlington on Bullit                   
  87th 16.575                 Angela Richardson on Streakin Disco            
  88th 16.581                 Catherine Medlock on Starberts Little Joe      
  89th 16.589                 Graci Dunn on Molly                            
  90th 16.591                 Gracie Ingram on Broker's Tuff Money           
  91st 16.593                 Jossy Gantt on Yao Ming                        
  92nd 16.595                 Sheree Beauboeuf on Cash Will Fly              
  93rd 16.608                 Connie Ezell on IZ Happy Rockin Hank           
  94th 16.617                 Lacy Keller on KT Sharp Corona                 
  95th 16.619                 Tammie Miller on Barrons Watch                 
  96th 16.622                 Brittany Ware on Crown B Beachin               
  97th 16.623                 Adrianna Coffman on Jesse                      
  98th 16.632                 Kaye Spillers on Center of the Storm           
  99th 16.634                 Tara Choate on Rare Pete Frost                 
 100th 16.635                 Morgan Moses on Lusters Royalty                
 101st 16.639                 Shonni Oswald on Stinson on Stiltz             
 102nd 16.640                 Lindsi Boles on KN French Walnut               
 103rd 16.654                 Kylie Averett on Heath's Classic Jazz          
 104th 16.663                 Maggie Stephens on This Tres Breezes           
 105th 16.668                 Angela Gilliam on Whistle Britches             
 106th 16.669                 Corneila Parks on Cayenne                      
 107th 16.675                 Tammy Gantt on Double Red Wolf                 
 108th 16.678                 Brandon Fortney on Bar Chasin Frenchman        
 109th 16.680                 Wendy Schutte on Red Bucks Jackie              
 110th 16.683                 Harley Jones on Jessdeetastic                  
 111th 16.695                 Alexis Alexander on Run For Miles              
 112th 16.698                 Jaden Thomas on Ferrari                        
 113th 16.712                 Ashley Sims on Eye Streak for Cash             
 114th 16.715                 Shelby West on SM Famous Memories              
 115th 16.723                 Amy Moore on Sophisticated Shorty              
 116th 16.730                 Ty Mitchel on Angelas Look                     
 117th 16.733                 Cadence Bell on Joes Little Miss               
 118th 16.745                 Emily Edwards on Sammy Sons Gotta Run          
 119th 16.749                 Kylee Fortner on Dinkys Flyin Lo               
 120th 16.759                 Virginia Towns on CC                           
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 7   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
 121st 16.761                 Kadee Michaelis on Dudley                      
 122nd 16.762                 Kimberly Zimmers on DMO Pebbles A Drift        
 123rd 16.766                 Pam Stephenson on Bella Ann                    
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.769 $937.46         Chasady Boniol on Hawks Hay Day                
   2nd 16.772 $740.10         Hope Adkins on Bandits Native Diamond          
   3rd 16.776 $592.08         Montana Layfield on Leann                      
   4th 16.777 $493.40         Ashtyn Lewis on CC Colonel Mahogany            
   5th 16.779 $444.06         Ty Marks on Big Tex                            
   6th 16.783 $394.72         Stacey Berry on Slides Itchy Cash              
   7th 16.792 $345.38         Hayden Sellers on George                       
   8th 16.801 $296.04         Carrie Smith on Little Man                     
   9th 16.805 $246.70         Larry Seffens on Streakin Jule Bug             
  10th 16.817 $197.36         Katie Dunn on Keno                             
  11th 16.822 $148.02         Whittany Baton on Flit En Chick                
  12th 16.823 $ 98.68         Allison Newton on SC Smart Hibrow Dana         
  13th 16.827                 Sylvia Cowart on Natives Red Bug               
  14th 16.830                 Liza Shannon on Slick                          
  15th 16.840                 Stevie Gillard on Penny                        
  16th 16.843                 Ava Chambers on Mega Dude                      
Tie    16.843                 Lisa Smith on Widows Buckwheat                 
  18th 16.856                 Laura Walker on Karoozins on Fire              
  19th 16.859                 Lee Ann Bruscato on Doc Lean On                
  20th 16.862                 Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
  21st 16.867                 Cassie Conley on North                         
  22nd 16.868                 Cole Spivey on Paint N Ta Fame                 
  23rd 16.871                 Cathy Shannon on FamousFrenchCandiKiss         
  24th 16.877                 Billie Ruth Hankins on Im Souped Up            
  25th 16.881                 Rachel Crawford on Natives Lucky Leo           
  26th 16.886                 Erin Finlay on TF Frenchmans Haley             
  27th 16.899                 Tanner Stovall on Livin For Hanky Panky        
Tie    16.899                 Preslee Myers on Enus                          
  29th 16.902                 Katelyn Kendrick on Sashayin Seren             
  30th 16.903                 Sherry May on Just a Lil Smash                 
  31st 16.906                 Heidi Price on Sweet Bar Olena                 
  32nd 16.907                 Mackenzie Moore on Bella                       
  33rd 16.914                 Alli Mantio on Shines Topsail                  
  34th 16.915                 Beverly Smith on Haida Boo                     
  35th 16.919                 Macie Brouillette on Diamond                   
  36th 16.922                 Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
  37th 16.931                 Elizabeth Reeme on French Miss Flit            
  38th 16.941                 Nikki Hayes on KK Truly in the Money           
  39th 16.947                 Mike Bruscato on SS Tiger Willow               
  40th 16.949                 Jessica McGee on Felix                         
  41st 16.975                 Angela Josey on LS Oklahoma Drifter            
  42nd 16.979                 Kynnedi Taylor on Easy                         
  43rd 16.984                 Rylie Crooks on Dakota                         
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 8   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  44th 17.001                 Ammie Mckenzie on Strait Flyn Native           
  45th 17.005                 Kristen Dickinson on Hoosier Tanny Girl        
  46th 17.010                 Hailey Spangler on Cooper                      
  47th 17.020                 Stacy Johnston on Diamond Dud Dun It           
  48th 17.024                 Kimberly Zimmers on Mito Pacman                
  49th 17.026                 Skylar Spillers on Laveaux                     
  50th 17.031                 Breanna Jackson on Four Star Caddy             
  51st 17.033                 Chesnie Neal on CowboysPackinFlame             
  52nd 17.040                 Beth Romano on Cats Streakin Dusty             
  53rd 17.042                 Abby McNeely on StreakinNScreamin              
  54th 17.049                 Lauren Kennedy on LA Firewateroncemore         
  55th 17.051                 Madison Cole on Marks on the Money             
  56th 17.056                 Kristi Tennison on Aztec Pistol Bar            
  57th 17.057                 Kaye Spillers on Miss Perky Flit               
  58th 17.063                 Kelly Fair on Roses on the Red                 
  59th 17.096                 Brittany Coleman on Docs Dual N Aces           
  60th 17.097                 Amily Boniol on CoolWhip                       
  61st 17.098                 Madison Ford on Free Flying Ace                
  62nd 17.100                 Erin Finlay on GPH Miss N Fine Wine            
  63rd 17.104                 Savannah Stafford on AK Skippa Tinker          
  64th 17.106                 Stephanie Lynn on Stylin Lil Pepto             
  65th 17.121                 Briley Brown on Sweet Poco Gunsmoke            
  66th 17.123                 Lily Spangler on Chic                          
  67th 17.158                 Jessica McGee on Walkabout Native              
  68th 17.169                 Becky Egloff on Flaming Hot Check              
  69th 17.170                 Ava Dixon on Charlie Brown                     
  70th 17.171                 Ally Rae Pingrey on A Free Doc                 
  71st 17.178                 Laney Lindberg on SassysLilSwimSuitIssue       
  72nd 17.191                 Tammie Turner on Lucky Lena Freckles           
  73rd 17.196                 Annika Ruth on VF Cash Creek                   
  74th 17.208                 Tatum Malone on Jetta                          
Tie    17.208                 Michael Thornberry on Guys Special Girl        
Tie    17.208                 Lucy Parks on Cool Zip Girl                    
  77th 17.213                 JT Cooper on Stars Across The Sky              
  78th 17.216                 Victoria Price on Chex ya Fuel                 
  79th 17.223                 Caroline Russell on Tim Buck Too               
  80th 17.230                 Rita Durrum on Smart Ginnin Cat                
  81st 17.231                 Stacy Watson on JetPassTheFrenchman            
  82nd 17.239                 Camille Sinyard on Gee J Shining Lacy          
  83rd 17.242                 Kandace Rose on Money Bee Red                  
Tie    17.242                 Katelyn Kendrick on GCH A Streak Of Sun Light  
  85th 17.257                 Gaiea Kervin on Fergie                         
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.275 $713.64         Courtney Mendenhall on Flashy Moon Flit        
   2nd 17.288 $563.40         Anna Dietrich on Lilly                         
   3rd 17.291 $450.72         Sylvia Vidrine on Two Eyed Red Stormy          
   4th 17.296 $375.60         Ki Allen on April Dual                         
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 9   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   5th 17.318 $338.04         Preslee Myers on Molly                         
   6th 17.340 $300.48         Cathy Shannon on Doc Holiday                   
   7th 17.355 $262.92         Samantha Vidrine on Foxy                       
   8th 17.356 $225.36         Lilly Beth Haacks on Blue Blaze                
   9th 17.369 $169.02         Haley Mcdonald on Rush On Boots                
Tie    17.369 $169.02         Ashley Sims on Frosted Corona                  
  11th 17.373 $112.68         Shawne Griffin on Oklahoma                     
  12th 17.375 $ 75.12         Brianna "BB" Williams on Whistle at This Chick 
  13th 17.379                 Shonni Oswald on Sheza Myah Poco Rose          
  14th 17.414                 Julie Bridewell on Letta Bar B Do It           
  15th 17.422                 Gracie Waggoner on MaybeUCallMyName            
  16th 17.446                 Chris Shoemaker on French Vapor Trail          
  17th 17.449                 Jansen McDonald on Peppy                       
  18th 17.454                 Jansen McDonald on Viper                       
  19th 17.455                 Wendy Schutte on RM Ranger Badger              
  20th 17.458                 Chesnie Neal on CashNotFlinginCredit           
  21st 17.475                 Jeremy Sumner on Jasmine                       
  22nd 17.476                 Michelle Staggs on Smokin Lit Shine            
  23rd 17.494                 Beth Icenhower on Lola                         
  24th 17.502                 Tisha Perkins on Miss-Smokin-Fox-Ban           
  25th 17.507                 Lillian Peffley on Roux                        
  26th 17.514                 Sherri Surman on Goose                         
  27th 17.520                 Mandi Black on Western Whistle                 
  28th 17.535                 Michelle Staggs on Doc Dustys Honor            
  29th 17.555                 Roy Smith on DM JewelsNMagic                   
  30th 17.556                 Lori Stapleton on Hydrive Royalty Cat          
  31st 17.564                 Chris Rikard on Leader to Vegas Fast           
  32nd 17.572                 Amy Grisham on Billy                           
  33rd 17.586                 Lisa Bussey on Just Pull The Trigger           
  34th 17.614                 Samantha Minton on Sir Chase                   
  35th 17.639                 Kathy Rowland on Jetalong Lil Norfleet         
  36th 17.642                 Pamela Nale on Jazz                            
  37th 17.658                 Jess Temple on Boogie                          
  38th 17.678                 Pamela Nale on Miss Poco Luna                  
  39th 17.711                 Rachel Walker on Flitastic Encounter           
  40th 17.740                 Skylar Spillers on Ima Royal Fox               
  41st 17.759                 Sherri Surman on Moose                         
  42nd 17.776                 Melinda Gray on RS Red Frost Roco              
Tie    17.776                 Whittany Baton on Super Sense Side             
  44th 17.783                 Anita Brown on Macs Native Dash                
  45th 17.790                 Terri Smith on Shes Worth the Money            
  46th 17.810                 Evelyn Hungerford on Heza Crowd Pleaser        
  47th 17.814                 Nicole Hotard on LL King's Royal Lady          
  48th 17.825                 Angela Gilliam on Sparky                       
  49th 17.835                 Morgan West on Woody Be Quiet                  
  50th 17.865                 Presley White on Shy                           
  51st 17.872                 Jennifer O'Glee on Grace                       
  52nd 17.891                 Jennine Ramage on Blast O Matches              
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 10  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  53rd 17.950                 Isabel Dawson on Reds Western Ivy              
  54th 17.952                 Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Heza Surfin Doc         
  55th 17.957                 Lilly Grace Williams on Ima Frenchmnas Rocksta 
  56th 17.965                 Ty Mitchel on LJ                               
  57th 17.984                 Mandy Saulsbury on Alive N Frosty              
  58th 17.993                 Kanely Cooper on Husslin Sparks Gold           
  59th 18.046                 Jenna Turner on Kortneys Right                 
  60th 18.070                 Callie Hebert on CD French Toast               
  61st 18.090                 Raymond Flowers on Will He Be Famous           
  62nd 18.113                 Missy Hayes on MHFantasyFireWater              
  63rd 18.120                 Katie Walker on Rainy                          
  64th 18.201                 Briana Jerry on Lightning                      
  65th 18.227                 Jada Smith on DC Royal Shakem                  
  66th 18.247                 Judy Cordell on Tiger                          
  67th 18.286                 Gavin Wiggins on Lil Bit                       
  68th 18.288                 Hannah Alford on Miss Louisiana Shine          
  69th 18.340                 Heather Thacker on Magical Montana             
  70th 18.417                 Stephanie Beatty on Valentines Boondoc         
  71st 18.463                 Alex Sandel on MS Quick La Jolla               
  72nd 18.581                 Hannah Alford on Sandman                       
  73rd 18.605                 Ava Taylor on Easy                             
  74th 18.613                 Gavin Wiggins on Rayne                         
  75th 18.626                 JJ Jeffers on Escott Tango                     
  76th 18.631                 Tisha Perkins on Star-Whiskey-Bandit           
  77th 18.701                 Anita Brown on BlaznFirewater Annie            
  78th 18.798                 Alex Sandel on Raegan                          
  79th 18.926                 Macey Avery on Peppy                           
  80th 18.943                 Wendy Schutte on Reba                          
  81st 19.509                 Jeremy Sumner on Miss Willy Pretty             
  82nd 20.283                 Sherry Foster on Sexy N I Kno It               
  83rd 20.378                 Adrienne Alford on Starmade Bling              
  84th 20.913                 Terry Moseley on La Jolla Pride                
  85th 21.690                 Chasady Boniol on SS See Angel Dash Bye        
  86th 21.818                 Katie Roberts on Juma Gem                      
  87th 22.006                 Karen Murphy on Creeper                        
  88th 24.123                 Kelly Garland on Stitches Paint N Fame         
  89th 25.453                 Grayson Tice on Heavens Wonder                 
N/T    400.000                Mandy Saulsbury on Burs First Jinx             
N/T    400.000                Gracen Bryant on Hickory                       
N/T    400.000                Nay-Nay Idlebird on JB                         
N/T    400.000                Michael Smith on Smoked                        
N/T    400.000                Paula Touchstone on Lil Fancy Firewater        
N/T    400.000                Melinda Schexnaider on Fabs Gowin To Twist     
N/T    400.000                Kimberly Zimmers on Rebel Grandi               
N/T    400.000                Carrie Smith on Moon                           
N/T    400.000                Kanely Cooper on Mae                           
N/T    400.000                Skylar Spillers on 7-Eleven                    
N/T    400.000                Adrianna Coffman on Credit in the Red          
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 11  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    400.000                Dora Dawson on Chevy                           
N/T    400.000                Stephanie Carter on Diesel                     
N/T    400.000                Paula Touchstone on Roar Louder                
N/T    400.000                Sue Slack on Matts Okie King                   
N/T    404.499                Sarah LaRavia on Sassy                         
N/T    405.430                Kanely Cooper on Our Cool Levi                 
N/T    407.482                Darby Stephens on Tin Top                      
N/T    408.417                Jace Sims on Jim's Orphan Bar                  
N/T    409.050                Rose Sparks on Honor Nancy Ann                 
N/T    409.126                Madison Ford on Att a Boy Nugget               
N/T    409.206                Susan Seffens on Juppin Jack Flash             
N/T    409.927                Kynnedi Taylor on Scatt                        
N/T    415.173                Alishea Broussard on Yawl Ima Frenchman        
N/T    415.194                Courtney Durrum on Red Hot & Salty             
N/T    415.253                Bre Dunn on Lenas Little Cruiser               
N/T    415.281                Savannah Lovell on Kissed From Heaven          
N/T    415.455                Mickayla Brown on Custom Gray                  
N/T    415.461                Nicole Love on JL Josie Bar                    
N/T    415.471                Elizabeth Schmid on Miss Mega Royal            
N/T    415.506                Haley Mcdonald on HN Buggin For Gold           
N/T    415.507                Katie Bergeron on RTF Sassy But Suite          
N/T    415.521                Valerie Saucier on Kodiac Kowboy               
N/T    415.584                Meagan Laviolette on Streakin Poco Flame       
N/T    415.592                Bailey Ferguson on Shyanns Bucker Flys         
N/T    415.611                Blaise Bercegay on Runnin For A Title          
N/T    415.617                Amanda Averett on Prissin to Kill              
N/T    415.715                Jennifer Wilson on Proud Kinda Effort          
N/T    415.725                Jennifer Wilson on Loose Red Roses             
N/T    415.740                Ty Mitchel on Cody Perks                       
N/T    415.796                Hannah Slopak on Chick                         
N/T    415.837                Jessica Williamson on Hopes A Native Boone     
N/T    415.849                Jasey Gantt on ColonelsDoubleDancer            
N/T    415.913                Katie Roberts on Casha Smart Chex              
N/T    415.973                Bozo Anderson on Native Made Me DoDat          
N/T    416.009                Morgan Vivion on Do Hot Stuff                  
N/T    416.037                Liz Hays on Destination Fame                   
N/T    416.046                Missy Aldy on Itsa Fly By                      
N/T    416.063                Kaitlen Powell on Sucha Macho Guy              
N/T    416.063                Michael Smith on Hammered Elegance             
N/T    416.066                Tiffani Gantt on Laughing Fling                
N/T    416.071                Beth Icenhower on HD                           
N/T    416.080                Rachel Walker on First French Diamond          
N/T    416.086                Victoria Jackson on Tony                       
N/T    416.124                Rose Sparks on Sheza Classy Rebel              
N/T    416.145                Sommer Jordan on PTPrimeTime                   
N/T    416.147                Bozo Anderson on Reds Western Uno              
N/T    416.165                Lily Sewell on Alazam                          
N/T    416.219                Julie Bailey on Crown Royal Rona               
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 12  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    416.242                Valerie Saucier on Mekko's Ole Man             
N/T    416.250                Raeleigh Rachal on Lisa Marie                  
N/T    416.251                Presley White on Lady                          
N/T    416.253                Andrea Haynes on Shakem Showgirl               
N/T    416.260                Blaise Bercegay on BR Fred Douglas             
N/T    416.260                Hannah Taylor on Scooter                       
N/T    416.262                Kaci David on VF Freddie Payday                
N/T    416.273                Maggie Whatlington on Perro                    
N/T    416.274                Kyndal Scott on Angel for Austin               
N/T    416.275                Kaye Spillers on Ima Super Sweet Diva          
N/T    416.305                John Brown on Im Streaking Famous              
N/T    416.312                Rammie Jo Moore on Hooked On Native            
N/T    416.347                Katie Roberts on Dynamo Memories               
N/T    416.348                Shelton Headley on Olympia's Lineage           
N/T    416.424                Anna Brown on Wood Dee                         
N/T    416.453                Whitney Wells on Love Ta Dinero                
N/T    416.471                Michelle Blanchet on Ty Color Me French        
N/T    416.474                Charlotte Phillips on Katys Smoke N Storm      
N/T    416.476                Becky Brakefield on Eddies Playgirl            
N/T    416.488                Skylar Davis on Bandits Pali                   
N/T    416.492                Kadence McMillin on Princess Square Bars       
N/T    416.497                Bonnie Mccleary on Charge it to the Max        
N/T    416.530                Sommer Jordan on DMODashinMillie               
N/T    416.544                Kayla Lance on Cowboys Peppy Cat               
N/T    416.548                Annika Ruth on Leavin Dust Son                 
N/T    416.570                Shelby Williams on Hes Downrite on Fire        
N/T    416.587                Kala Mauritz on Luke                           
N/T    416.620                Chelsey Foster on Got Guns                     
N/T    416.650                Tiffany Shipp on Killin Bugs                   
N/T    416.655                Emily Calhoun on Chasin the Ladyz              
N/T    416.706                Samantha Vidrine on Rein                       
N/T    416.744                Annika Ruth on Bugs n my pie                   
N/T    416.777                Lisa Hatchett on Dashing Whopper               
N/T    416.784                Claudia Hayes on Fame Times Two                
N/T    416.784                Hilary Branch on Natives Okie Rose             
N/T    416.785                Chris Rikard on Some Vegas Yum Yum             
N/T    416.802                Rachel Jones on Katt                           
N/T    416.812                Breanna Sims on Hossy Penny                    
N/T    416.818                Mandi Black on Natives Red Money               
N/T    416.823                Chelsea Hunter on Johnnys Native Honey         
N/T    416.825                Auburn Skubic on Zeus                          
N/T    416.863                Julie Bridewell on Marion's Sun O'Lena         
N/T    416.953                Amy Grisham on Moses                           
N/T    417.000                Teegan Masterson on Prince                     
N/T    417.007                Grace Caskey on Bimmerton Angel                
N/T    417.062                Kelcey Dubois on Cleats Venture                
N/T    417.066                Jess Temple on Pete                            
N/T    417.085                Victoria Price on Duals Lil Pistol             
9:52 PM 09/07/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 13  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    417.087                Presley White on Pops                          
N/T    417.183                Carol Greene on Bozo                           
N/T    417.197                Glynis Posey on Flash                          
N/T    417.245                Gracie Castaneda on ChicksAtomicBomb           
N/T    417.255                Rammie Jo Moore on Jet of Native               
N/T    417.296                Adrienne Alford on JKC Look Who's Ginnin       
N/T    417.303                Harper Armstrong on JTS Rising Sun             
N/T    417.314                Courtney Durrum on Stoli's Freedom             
N/T    417.447                JJ Jeffers on Docs Badboy Saloon               
N/T    417.453                Rachel Jones on Reguardin Doc Moore            
N/T    417.528                Jessie Reynolds on Instrusive Jet Deck         
N/T    417.583                Carla Robinson on Cutters Double Wolf          
N/T    417.601                Nicole Love on King Tyrone                     
N/T    417.759                Rebecca McElwee on Chex                        
N/T    417.861                Mary Claire Allman on Josey                    
N/T    417.988                Preston Gray on PB Frosted Halo                
N/T    418.039                Stacey Berry on FamousCuzImFrosted             
N/T    418.167                Bryleigh Grace Williams on Falcon              
N/T    418.199                Paula Touchstone on Taxi Dancing Chick         
N/T    418.234                Brandon Fortney on KB Dash Ta  Chicks          
N/T    418.330                Justin Josey on LS Lena Savana                 
N/T    418.451                Kelly Gryder on JLo                            
N/T    418.797                Rachel Morgan on Sassy'sBadDixieGirl           
N/T    419.193                Mercie Wilson on MRF Pay it Forward            
N/T    420.704                Kaye Spillers on Perks 007                     
N/T    420.974                Adyson Wilson on Bid on Joker                  
N/T    422.606                Nicole Love on Darcy                           
N/T    423.406                Ruby Snelson on FrenchmansBurner               
N/T    425.129                Hilary Branch on Natives Special Moon          
N/T    425.138                Emily Morris on Tricks of Illusion             
N/T    425.490                Annika Ruth on Hot n Peppy                     
N/T    426.057                Kala Mauritz on Bam                            
N/T    427.372                Briana Jerry on Arion                          
N/T    438.910                Maegan Warren on Kitkash                       
N/T    450.112                Lisa Mitchell on Big Dogs Cartel