6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2018 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/02/19               
                             Contact: Eileen Moore                              
              Location: N. LA Expo Center - Ruston, LA, Ruston, LA              
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 14532.00, Rider count = 376         
     1D Time = 15.391, Placings = 27, Pool = $ 4109.60                       
     2D Time = 15.891, Placings = 69, Pool = $ 3508.00                       
     3D Time = 16.391, Placings = 68, Pool = $ 2906.40                       
     4D Time = 16.891, Placings = 56, Pool = $ 2304.80                       
     5D Time = 17.391, Placings = 57, Pool = $ 1703.20                       
                     Not Placed = 99                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.391 $863.02         Katie Bergeron on RTF Sassy But Suite          
   2nd 15.462 $739.73         Courtney Boyd on Wildfire Fuel                 
   3rd 15.509 $616.44         Kellie Hebert on High Ketel                    
   4th 15.556 $493.15         Grayson Tice on Kan Perk Three                 
   5th 15.558 $369.86         Marlena Williams on Jackie Be Starbert         
   6th 15.561 $287.67         Jennifer Wilson on Proud Kinda Effort          
   7th 15.579 $246.58         Katie Roberts on Juma Gem                      
   8th 15.633 $205.48         Hilary Branch on Hope She Clocks               
   9th 15.655 $164.38         Katelyn Danzy on Ima Little Redneck            
  10th 15.684 $123.29         Stephanie Broom on She Be Cuttin Wood          
  11th 15.701                 Tanner Stovall on Livin For Hanky Panky        
  12th 15.702                 Karlie Sanders on Kas De Sone                  
  13th 15.715                 Kenley Cooper on Our Cool Levi                 
  14th 15.718                 Liz Hays on Destination Fame                   
  15th 15.739                 Charleigh Barras on LM I Dance for Cash        
  16th 15.746                 Jasey Gantt on Packin Dust                     
  17th 15.762                 Hilary Branch on Kacees Scarface               
  18th 15.768                 Shelby West on Sunsugar Peppy                  
  19th 15.769                 Katelyn Danzy on Money On Tyme                 
  20th 15.801                 Meagan Laviolette on MissFirewaterHottie       
  21st 15.813                 Gina Cates on Rush Ta Heaven                   
  22nd 15.825                 Carla Penuell on Native Blackberry             
  23rd 15.842                 Brylee Brakefield on Dollar                    
  24th 15.844                 Julia Clark on Escudero Del Rey                
  25th 15.880                 Madison McCaffity on Bachloretta               
  26th 15.885                 Tanner Stovall on Smokin Lil Hottie            
  27th 15.888                 Rose Sparks on Honor Nancy Ann                 
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.891 $736.68         Raimee Jo Moore on Hooked on Native            
   2nd 15.911 $631.44         Debbie Guillory on Native Cash Legacy          
   3rd 15.912 $526.20         Tiffani Gantt on Fame                          
   4th 15.915 $420.96         Cori Richerson on Blackie                      
   5th 15.919 $315.72         Debbie Guillory on Natives Smashing Diva       
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 2   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   6th 15.932 $245.56         Morgan Moses on Mitos Ok Barmaid               
   7th 15.953 $210.48         Kim Grunkemeyer on VF Alive N Famous           
   8th 15.954 $175.40         Kellie Hebert on Tornado Toast                 
   9th 15.975 $140.32         Kenedie Richardson on The Doctors at the Bar   
  10th 16.000 $105.24         Laci Hadley on Promise Me Hank                 
  11th 16.001                 Cydney Brown on Drifer On the Rocks            
  12th 16.011                 Crystal Steele on SuchADiamondImage            
  13th 16.044                 Chesney Robinson on Daisey                     
  14th 16.045                 Alex Gray on Protos Bit of Flit                
  15th 16.047                 Laiken Haggart on Docs Etta Goldseeker         
  16th 16.057                 Shelby West on Oh He's Streakin                
  17th 16.070                 Alex Gray on RR LoneSomeWatch                  
  18th 16.079                 Merrill O'Neal on Hurricane Fame               
  19th 16.082                 Cricket Lewis on Summer Time Kisses            
  20th 16.094                 Laci Hadley on SC Rapid Replay                 
  21st 16.110                 Hilary Branch on Natives Special Moon          
  22nd 16.117                 Heather Heath on LA Special                    
  23rd 16.127                 Justice Phillips on Smarty                     
  24th 16.133                 Paula Pemberton on Shakem                      
  25th 16.139                 Jossy Gantt on Cimmaron Treasure               
  26th 16.141                 Connie Tobiasson on Flits Flaming Fire         
  27th 16.142                 Tanner Stovall on TF Lucy's A Driftwood        
  28th 16.181                 Katelyn Danzy on Miss Shining Pococat          
  29th 16.187                 Jodie Bass on TJS Jamin Jo                     
Tie    16.187                 Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Miss Rey Olena          
  31st 16.196                 Jeannie Bryant on SFW Tuckedincashmire         
Tie    16.196                 Cori Richerson on Sheba                        
  33rd 16.198                 Meagan Laviolette on MS Fan Fortune            
  34th 16.200                 Josey Murphy on Hay Train                      
  35th 16.208                 Reanne Scott on SL Oops Bearly Dashin          
  36th 16.232                 Raimee Jo Moore on Jet of Native               
  37th 16.235                 Michelle Norred on Possum                      
Tie    16.235                 Michael Smith on Frenchmans Jacee              
  39th 16.248                 Amanda Averett on LLP Streakin Passion         
Tie    16.248                 Darren Boyce on Justa Brown Bully.             
  41st 16.249                 Lexi Dixon on Guys Peppy Gal                   
  42nd 16.255                 Sherrye Lemmons on LM Password                 
  43rd 16.265                 J.T Cooper on This Tres Breezes                
  44th 16.271                 Kaitlyn Ryder on Fred                          
  45th 16.277                 Maddie Brown on Salley Rides the Ranch         
  46th 16.290                 Ashlie Phillips on Jettin Junebug              
  47th 16.293                 Morgan Hughes on Buck                          
  48th 16.297                 Beth Romano on Streakin First Lady             
  49th 16.298                 Debbie Guillory on Native Senior Six           
  50th 16.305                 Kim Grunkemeyer on CM Catching Fire            
  51st 16.316                 Michael Smith on OH Western Perks              
  52nd 16.318                 Lacey Dunn on Agustina                         
  53rd 16.322                 Ashley Sims on Frosted Corona                  
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 3   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Tie    16.322                 Elizabeth Reeme on Rockette                    
  55th 16.331                 Katti Breaux on BB Blackberry                  
  56th 16.341                 Ashley Sims on Acres of Shine                  
  57th 16.343                 Shiloh Marchand on Rose Colored Fire           
  58th 16.349                 Lacey Dunn on Money                            
  59th 16.352                 Carrington Ross on Bar Vegas Kayos             
  60th 16.353                 Kim Kell on Flirty French Native               
  61st 16.356                 Ammie Mckenzie on Honor and Glory              
  62nd 16.358                 Sherrye Lemmons on Meter My Drift              
  63rd 16.360                 Kimberly Zimmers on Rita Rocks Ta Fame         
  64th 16.365                 Tara Sanders on Hopes Special Cat              
  65th 16.368                 Katie Thomas on Scoots Highbrow Gal            
Tie    16.368                 Lily Spangler on Chief                         
  67th 16.380                 LeeAnn Brooks on BR CatchTwentyTwo             
Tie    16.380                 Latisha Hairgrove on Dual Frost Playgun        
  69th 16.382                 Elli Grace Houser on DoIt                      
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.391 $610.34         Chelsea Howard on Blaze                        
   2nd 16.394 $523.15         Jessica Williamson on Natives RedBug           
   3rd 16.400 $435.96         Kelsey Howard on Midnight DJ                   
   4th 16.403 $348.77         Lisa Sanders on Treasure and Roses             
   5th 16.410 $261.58         Bozo Anderson on MoneysNotBrownItsRed          
   6th 16.412 $203.45         Debbie Guillory on Fame and Luck               
   7th 16.436 $174.38         Jennifer McBroom on First Bug Beduino          
   8th 16.453 $145.32         Morgan Hughes on Blue                          
   9th 16.454 $116.26         Katti Breaux on Reckless Endangerment          
  10th 16.464 $ 87.19         Jay Johnston on Diauon Double Gun It           
  11th 16.471                 Crystal Steele on Inferno                      
  12th 16.474                 Jessica Austin on This Little Light O'Mine     
  13th 16.480                 Carla Penuell on TF Speed with Chrome          
  14th 16.488                 Jenna Cox on NormasSocksFullOfHope             
  15th 16.493                 Karlee Prince on Heavenly Hanna                
  16th 16.495                 Kimberly Zimmers on DMO Pebbles A Drift        
  17th 16.507                 Jennifer McBroom on Docs Waco                  
  18th 16.514                 Brianna Hartman on Kiss My Bang Bang           
  19th 16.522                 Gracie Wilks on ImaCattleCalledBuck            
  20th 16.526                 Katelyn Danzy on Ulnvmetoo                     
  21st 16.545                 Kaye Spillers on Center of the Storm           
  22nd 16.562                 Tammie Miller on Barrons Watch                 
Tie    16.562                 Abby Englerth on My Easy Frost                 
  24th 16.570                 Dora Dawson on Chevy                           
  25th 16.572                 Reaghan Truitt on Ray                          
Tie    16.572                 Brooke Brakefield on Problem                   
  27th 16.578                 Reanne Scott on Okies Special Gin              
Tie    16.578                 Jessica Williamson on Mr. Mito Charge          
  29th 16.584                 Brittany Hughes on Swag                        
  30th 16.585                 Latisha Hairgrove on RF French Bugs Moon       
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 4   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  31st 16.591                 Desirae Cates on Red Western Gravel            
  32nd 16.596                 Adrianna Coffman on Vegas                      
  33rd 16.612                 Lauchlyn Emfinger on Streakin French Girl      
  34th 16.614                 Callie Frazier on Quatro Firewaters            
  35th 16.616                 Dillon Boykin on Kings San Leo                 
  36th 16.626                 Debi Faulk on Chonas Val                       
  37th 16.632                 Bozo Anderson on Macho                         
Tie    16.632                 Mandy Saulsbury on Alive N Frosty              
  39th 16.634                 Hanna Conley on Layken's Poco King             
  40th 16.648                 Lacey Dunn on Katie's Crystal Baby             
  41st 16.651                 Victoria Jackson on Dawson Drew Leo            
  42nd 16.654                 Mandi Black on Kitty Kittridge                 
  43rd 16.655                 Gracie Nugent on Detox                         
  44th 16.662                 Tammy Gantt on Cutters Double Wolf             
  45th 16.665                 Linda Shepard on Woody Shepard                 
  46th 16.674                 Kelsey Howard on Triple Gold Time              
  47th 16.677                 Audree Ervin on Shiloh                         
  48th 16.701                 Janey Taylor on Two Natives                    
  49th 16.702                 Pat Oates on Holy Fire N Money                 
  50th 16.707                 Kaylee Butler on Irish Secret                  
  51st 16.710                 Trudy Hebert on Rio                            
  52nd 16.723                 Tammy Gantt on Double Red Wolf                 
  53rd 16.741                 Brittany Dalrmple on Twice the Perks           
  54th 16.752                 Stacey Berry on Mega Cowjacked                 
  55th 16.760                 Kaitlyn Ryder on Nude and Naughty              
  56th 16.779                 Ashley VanNatta on Pops Quick Perry            
  57th 16.783                 Kim Pepitone on Lexi                           
  58th 16.786                 Darren Boyce on Jose                           
  59th 16.803                 Grace Caskey on Streak of Luck                 
  60th 16.804                 Lisa Hatchett on Dashing Whopper               
  61st 16.805                 Susan Seffens on Positively Pepto              
  62nd 16.806                 Shelby Williams on Hes Downrite on Fire        
  63rd 16.816                 Charleigh Barras on Skippie Greasebar          
  64th 16.842                 Stacey Berry on Primal Fuss                    
  65th 16.847                 Bobby Grace Thornton on Cameolt Flit           
  66th 16.854                 McKenzie Pittman on Dash for Shadows           
  67th 16.866                 Ashley Sims on Eye Streak for Cash             
  68th 16.869                 Mollyann Moore on Tule Roan Olena              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.903 $484.01         Jossy Gantt on Yao Ming                        
   2nd 16.928 $414.86         Hailey Caskey on A Genuine Baby                
   3rd 16.930 $345.72         Breanna Williams on LM Rose of Dreams          
   4th 16.941 $276.58         Hailey Spangler on Cooper                      
   5th 16.942 $184.38         Morgan Moses on Lusters Royalty                
Tie    16.942 $184.38         BB Williams on Raven                           
   7th 16.961 $138.29         Kim Pepitone on Roxy                           
   8th 16.964 $115.24         Tammie Miller on SoShakem4Cash                 
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 5   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   9th 16.965 $ 92.19         Kristen Dickinson on Peps lil Rendition        
  10th 16.973 $ 69.14         Donna Barrow on Cash For Tax                   
  11th 16.974                 Donnis Birkicht on Honor Master Leo            
  12th 16.975                 Brandie Durham on One Shot                     
  13th 16.977                 Lily Spangler on Chic                          
  14th 16.981                 Karlee Prince on Rogo                          
  15th 16.986                 Caroline Russell on Little Miss Pearl          
  16th 16.989                 Bailey Meyer on Colonels Royal Peppy           
  17th 16.991                 Julie Bridewell on Happy on the Rocks          
  18th 16.993                 Audree Ervin on Mummas Poco Dunny              
  19th 16.997                 Ashtyn Lewis on CC Colonel Mahogany            
  20th 17.015                 Michelle Begnaud on LR U Gotta Be Kidden       
  21st 17.016                 Marlena Williams on Turbo Charged Risk         
  22nd 17.034                 Hunter Tuggle on Royal Red Fox                 
  23rd 17.045                 Ashlynn Durdin on Corona N Cash                
  24th 17.047                 Macie May on Cool Whip                         
  25th 17.049                 Kaye Spillers on Perky Flit                    
  26th 17.050                 Kyndal Scott on Cisco                          
  27th 17.058                 Candance Copeland on Aboy                      
  28th 17.060                 Lee Ann Bruscato on Brees                      
Tie    17.060                 Tammy Johnson on Frenchmans Yellow Rose        
  30th 17.064                 Kim Brown on CR Tuff Katy Bell                 
  31st 17.072                 Ryleigh Davis on Kings Bay Storm               
  32nd 17.088                 Annalise Dycus on Hollywood Glo Bar            
  33rd 17.100                 Sheila Hardy on Margarita Cat                  
  34th 17.101                 Hannah Alford on Sandman                       
  35th 17.102                 Raeleigh Mobley on Roll Me A Bully             
  36th 17.107                 Larry Seffens on Streakin Jule Bug             
  37th 17.111                 Wendy Schutte on Red Bucks Jackie              
  38th 17.127                 Lynne McKenzie on Sak Perry                    
  39th 17.130                 Macey Avery on Peppy                           
  40th 17.134                 Laci Hadley on DMTC Converter                  
  41st 17.164                 Morgan Hughes on Greaty                        
  42nd 17.167                 Stormy Salley on WHC Memory Mate               
  43rd 17.200                 Lucy Parks on Cool Zip Girl                    
  44th 17.208                 Carrie Smith on Little Man                     
  45th 17.226                 Kenley Cooper on Doc Streaking Lady            
  46th 17.235                 Isabel Dawson on Western Natives Ivy           
  47th 17.253                 Kaci Moore on Heza Whiz Man                    
  48th 17.258                 Schelista Glenn on Blazin Easy Pie             
  49th 17.281                 Jordan Sharp on Hollywood Tough Guy            
  50th 17.282                 Debbie Guillory on O Good Gracious             
  51st 17.293                 Virginia Towns on LM Iama Carbon Copy          
  52nd 17.305                 Anna Brown on R.D.                             
Tie    17.305                 Whitney Fontenot on Sweet Sassy Flit           
  54th 17.320                 Rachel Jones on Katt                           
  55th 17.332                 Kelly Gryder on Prissing Kisatchie             
  56th 17.345                 Alex Redmond on Dolly                          
                               5D Placings                                   
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 6   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   1st 17.410 $357.67         Stephanie Hornsby on Ostara Dualing Lena       
   2nd 17.430 $306.58         Julie Bridewell on Letta Bar B Do It           
   3rd 17.456 $255.48         Debbie Boykin on Easy Does It Dora             
   4th 17.467 $204.38         Sherry Gonzales on GG Blue Drift               
   5th 17.486 $153.29         Macie Arthurs on Molly                         
   6th 17.497 $119.22         Rene Abshire on Mystic                         
   7th 17.501 $102.19         Pam Stephenson on Bella Ann                    
   8th 17.529 $ 85.16         Pam Stephenson on Lady Bug                     
   9th 17.586 $ 68.13         Kellie Hebert on Eddies Gal                    
  10th 17.619 $ 51.10         Jessica Williamson on Cash N the Money Red     
  11th 17.649                 Allison Newton on SC Smart Hibrow Dana         
  12th 17.665                 Audree Ervin on Cole                           
  13th 17.686                 Emily Boudreaux on ImInABadGirlPhase           
  14th 17.688                 Jessica Williamson on This Nativesgothonor     
  15th 17.695                 Breanna Williams on Dusty                      
  16th 17.734                 Katie Thomas on HR Taxin Me Dry                
  17th 17.762                 Brittany Hughes on Thumper                     
  18th 17.764                 Lori Withers on Magnolia Moon River            
  19th 17.770                 BobbyeGrace Thronton on Princess Cheyenne      
  20th 17.796                 Justice Phillips on The Golden Hippo           
  21st 17.811                 Lilly Grace Williams on Ima Frenchmnas Rocksta 
  22nd 17.812                 Rebecca Hodnett on Dollar                      
  23rd 17.969                 Patty Mitchell on PayDay                       
  24th 18.018                 Rebecca Hodnett on Tee J Nasty                 
  25th 18.050                 Rachel Jones on Breezy                         
  26th 18.052                 Mandie Haggart on Tiny's Last Image            
  27th 18.057                 Davina Limes on Diesel Fueled Nugget           
  28th 18.092                 Kimberly Zimmers on Mito Pacman                
  29th 18.115                 Jeremy Sumner on Bubba                         
  30th 18.177                 Rhonda Fowler on Sailors Gunner Doc            
  31st 18.267                 Caroline May on Little Bit                     
  32nd 18.317                 Tammy Walker on Colored by Cash                
  33rd 18.335                 Terri Smith on Shes Worth the Money            
  34th 18.430                 Lisa Smith on Widows Buckwheat                 
  35th 18.452                 Natalie Brooks on Boomer                       
  36th 18.521                 Lauren Saucier on Diesel                       
  37th 18.555                 Ava Dixon on Charlie Brown                     
  38th 18.608                 Lilly Beth Haacks on BB                        
  39th 18.703                 Mattie Chandler on Nellie                      
  40th 18.737                 Kinman Frasier on Callie                       
  41st 18.811                 Kyndal Scott on Shorty                         
  42nd 18.844                 Dianne Knight on Skat                          
  43rd 18.877                 Sylvia Vidrine on Reba                         
  44th 18.906                 Shelley Slade on Run Falicia Run               
  45th 19.174                 Lydia May on Hammer                            
  46th 19.457                 Missy Hayes on Mhfirewaterfantasy              
  47th 19.490                 Ryleigh Davis on Fairfax Cherie                
  48th 19.539                 Cami Saucier on Yeller                         
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 7   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  49th 19.926                 Addison Gautreaux on Sheba                     
  50th 20.271                 Piper Pepitone on Chris                        
  51st 20.373                 Jenna Cox on Vibrant Gun Powder                
  52nd 20.796                 Shelley Slade on Mo                            
  53rd 20.881                 Terry Moseley on Reign Of Greatness            
  54th 21.666                 Mercie Wilson on Nacho                         
  55th 22.174                 Michelle Begnaud on McCrays Memory             
  56th 23.989                 Casi Conrad on Chili                           
  57th 24.358                 Kelly O'Neal on Bazinga                        
N/T    400.000                Anna Marie Pierce on Big Bay                   
N/T    400.000                Carrington Ross on Shot Gun Shine              
N/T    400.000                Kellie Wallace on Maddox                       
N/T    400.000                Dianne Knight on Skit                          
SCR    400.000                Carrington Ross on CC Calies Roan Doll         
N/T    400.000                Paige Moore on Vegas                           
N/T    400.000                Paige Moore on Skinny Bear Icee                
N/T    400.000                Kelsey Land on Trucklin Lucky                  
N/T    400.000                Hunter Tuggle on Shyann                        
N/T    400.000                Teegan Masterson on Inferno                    
N/T    400.000                Tammie Miller on MS Nick Bar Chicado           
N/T    400.000                Darren Boyce on Justa Brown Bully              
N/T    400.000                Bozo Anderson on Reds Western Uno              
N/T    400.000                Claudia Hayes on Spencer                       
N/T    405.459                Macee Steel on Natives Smashin Diva            
N/T    405.757                Donna Barrow on Rakin Streaks Koko             
N/T    406.946                Cassie Conley on North                         
N/T    408.384                Kaitlyn Ryder on Peekaboo                      
N/T    408.822                Avery Englerth on Rock 'N Eyes                 
N/T    415.500                LeeAnn Brooks on ToFast Ta View                
N/T    415.544                Grayson Tice on Jezzabell                      
N/T    415.597                Shiloh Marchand on Mamas Foxy Valentine        
N/T    415.649                Becky Brakefield on Edith                      
N/T    415.765                Darren Boyce on Born In The Fastlane           
N/T    415.883                Grace Caskey on MRH Blue Baby                  
N/T    415.917                Heather Heath on Can't Get Right               
N/T    415.948                Grayson Tice on Kahula Frosted LuLu            
N/T    415.958                Bozo Anderson on Native Made Me DoDat          
N/T    415.979                Jasey Gantt on ColonelsDoubleDancer            
N/T    416.006                Frances Crowhurst on Late Night Nuz            
N/T    416.064                Kyle Mccormick on Dynamite Love                
N/T    416.065                Kaitlen Powell on Streaks Starlight            
N/T    416.107                Anna Marie Pierce on Reds Miracle Money        
N/T    416.136                Mattie Chandler on Two                         
N/T    416.146                Turner Frasier on Poncho                       
N/T    416.169                Sherry Gonzales on Dashin' Time                
N/T    416.175                Hilary Branch on VF Looking for Gold           
N/T    416.183                Annalise Dycus on Ginger                       
N/T    416.249                Avery Englerth on Tick-Tock                    
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 8   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    416.265                Carol Mixon on Frosty Jolly                    
N/T    416.282                Jennifer Wilson on Loose Red Roses             
N/T    416.303                Stephanie Broom on Frederica Pine              
N/T    416.307                Teegan Masterson on PR Jrs Double 008          
N/T    416.317                Kaye Spillers on Ima Super Sweet Diva          
N/T    416.325                Nick Mathews on Haters Love Me                 
N/T    416.326                Alex Gray on Ima Bit Of Firewater              
N/T    416.372                Lynne McKenzie on Leo Bee Captain              
N/T    416.380                Suzie Dickard on Butterfly Tatoo aka Martini   
N/T    416.395                Gina Cates on High Speed Chasin                
N/T    416.400                Gage Davis on Native's Red Money               
N/T    416.447                Kaitlen Powell on LuvBNFrenchNFamous           
N/T    416.488                Crystal Tate on Loose Little LuLu              
N/T    416.540                Jessica Williamson on Hopes A Native Boone     
N/T    416.565                Kaleigh Tucker on Scatt                        
N/T    416.586                Mike Bruscato on SS Tiger Willow               
N/T    416.598                Brandie Durham on Dirty Bandit                 
N/T    416.652                Sherrye Lemmons on Smash                       
N/T    416.658                Hailey Spangler on Lynx                        
N/T    416.661                Julie Murphy on Sug                            
N/T    416.721                Jayda Dunn on C6                               
N/T    416.752                Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
N/T    416.764                Katie Bergeron on KK Laredo Fire               
N/T    416.930                Sue Slack on Jewel                             
N/T    416.971                Amy Moore on Sophisticated Shorty              
N/T    416.976                Bozo Anderson on Mr Corona Jones               
N/T    417.083                Kali Crowhurst on Hot Toddy                    
N/T    417.092                Madison Ford on Atta Boy Nugget                
N/T    417.107                Brittany McGuire on Dees Cocktail              
N/T    417.129                Allie Pierce on T Bar Dash                     
N/T    417.193                Breanna Sims on OtoesRightOnTheMoney           
N/T    417.202                Ashley Guidry on Smart Diamond Cat             
N/T    417.248                Lesley Kirkland on Nitro                       
N/T    417.258                Victoria Jackson on Toney                      
N/T    417.269                Lori Withers on Perks Missy Flit               
N/T    417.290                Adrienne Alford on Starmade Bling              
N/T    417.362                Julie Murphy on Shorty                         
N/T    417.503                Amy Moore on Gotta Magnolia Angel              
N/T    417.550                Christy Barras on Miss Peppy Kate              
N/T    417.602                Kynlee Rion on BB Dash for PC                  
N/T    417.607                Carrie Smith on Awesome Moon                   
N/T    417.741                Madison Cole on Shez On Crown                  
N/T    417.751                Sylvia Vidrine on Stormy                       
N/T    417.873                Sylvia Cowart on Grace Will Do                 
N/T    418.021                Mary Beth Dantzler on Sun Dashin Bailey        
N/T    418.169                Lisa Smith on Three Cans Faster                
N/T    418.415                Brooke Bagwell on Bogie First Down             
N/T    418.532                Rachel Morgan on Brody RA13                    
6:07 PM 09/01/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.8               Page 9   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    418.943                Kassie Rieken on RR Lil Red Wagon              
N/T    419.055                Julie Murphy on Bella                          
N/T    419.456                Jillian Carter on Rockstar Ragdoll             
N/T    419.482                Trisha Nelson on Lizzy Gotta Yeoga             
N/T    420.134                Tiffany Litton on LaJolla's Pride              
N/T    420.808                Raeleigh Rachal on Lisa Marie                  
N/T    421.029                Bobby Grace Thornton on Treasured Straight     
N/T    422.027                Faye Halverson on Buck                         
N/T    422.990                Katie Roberts on Casha Smart Chex              
N/T    426.460                Justice Phillips on Sir Feature Paycheck       
N/T    427.655                Mandi Lenoir on Zeek                           
N/T    440.579                Julie Murphy on Hello Georgia