6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/03/18               
                             Contact: Eileen Moore                              
              Location: N. LA Expo Center - Ruston, LA, Ruston, LA              
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 13412.00, Rider count = 341         
     1D Time = 15.142, Placings = 22, Pool = $ 3773.60                       
     2D Time = 15.642, Placings = 52, Pool = $ 3228.00                       
     3D Time = 16.142, Placings = 73, Pool = $ 2682.40                       
     4D Time = 16.642, Placings = 56, Pool = $ 2136.80                       
     5D Time = 17.142, Placings = 66, Pool = $ 1591.20                       
                     Not Placed = 72                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.142 $792.46         Katelyn Danzy on Ima Little Redneck            
   2nd 15.259 $679.25         Katti Breaux on Starberts Eloise               
   3rd 15.267 $566.04         Jessica Williamson on Mr. Mito Charge          
   4th 15.283 $452.83         Rachel Lowrey on Stoli Chick                   
   5th 15.317 $339.62         Jasey Gantt on ColonelsDoubleDancer            
   6th 15.366 $264.15         Anna Marie Pierce on Reds Miracle Money        
   7th 15.460 $226.42         Michael Smith on Juanita Cat                   
   8th 15.469 $169.81         Chesnie Neal on Streakin Dash Ta Six           
Tie    15.469 $169.81         Katti Breaux on Best Frosty In Town            
  10th 15.481 $113.21         Melinda Schexnaider on Eddie's Dash            
  11th 15.510                 Trisha Nelson on Lizzy Gotta Yeoga             
  12th 15.525                 Katti Breaux on Mr. Tipsy Moon                 
  13th 15.529                 Katie Roberts on Casha Smart Chex              
  14th 15.559                 Cameron Grant on Kanilla                       
  15th 15.577                 Charleigh Barras on LM I Dance for Cash        
  16th 15.592                 Natalie Shaw on BG Dirty Gin Martini           
  17th 15.598                 Raimee Jo Moore on Hooked on Native            
  18th 15.603                 Bozo Anderson on Native Made Me DoDat          
  19th 15.618                 Alishea Broussard on Yawl Ima Frenchman        
  20th 15.624                 Lily Jeffers on Natives Best Trip              
  21st 15.631                 Darren Boyce on SuchaDiamondImage              
  22nd 15.633                 Gracie Caskey on MRH Blue Baby                 
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.650 $677.88         Jaden Thomas on Freckles Doc O' Gold           
   2nd 15.655 $581.04         Julia Clark on Escudero Del Rey                
   3rd 15.663 $484.20         Aspen Grant on Reyetta Acre                    
   4th 15.666 $387.36         Emily Hamrick on RJ Smooth French Silk         
   5th 15.707 $290.52         Hannah Forsythe on Chicka                      
   6th 15.715 $225.96         Kellie Hebert on Ketel High                    
   7th 15.717 $193.68         Amanda Averett on LLP Streakin Passion         
   8th 15.739 $161.40         Bozo Anderson on Reds Western Uno              
   9th 15.740 $129.12         Jessica Williamson on Louchasseys Charm        
  10th 15.746 $ 96.84         Jennifer Howard on SkipNFrenchDiscoBug         
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  11th 15.760                 Lexi Dixon on Guys Peppy Gal                   
  12th 15.769                 Jennifer Howard on Joes Streakin For Cash      
  13th 15.771                 Camryn Richard on Tuff                         
  14th 15.780                 Cassie Gantt on Dyno                           
  15th 15.788                 Sherrye Lemmons on Hank                        
  16th 15.809                 Ammie Mckenzie on Maises Third Cuttin          
  17th 15.817                 Courtney Boyd on Wildfire Fuel                 
  18th 15.830                 Cassidy Rhoden on Casy Iron Star               
  19th 15.847                 Robin Edmonds on Charge Till Im Famous         
  20th 15.850                 Cookie Myers on CH                             
  21st 15.862                 Camryn Richard on Hemi                         
  22nd 15.868                 Brylee Brakefield on Dollar                    
  23rd 15.892                 Brittany Thompson on Bring The Heat            
Tie    15.892                 Mandi Black on Kitty Kittridge                 
  25th 15.897                 Jessica Richards on Big Deal Panama            
  26th 15.898                 Allison Prejean on Naomi                       
  27th 15.900                 Jacee Breashears on Big Royal Contesse         
  28th 15.909                 Elizabeth Broussard on Dash Too Achievement    
  29th 15.932                 Kim Neal on LDN Jessa Casino Chick             
  30th 15.949                 Kellie Hebert on Cutie                         
  31st 15.971                 Casey Gutierrez on Frosty Feelin Lucky         
  32nd 15.978                 Katti Breaux on Wimpy's Haida                  
  33rd 15.989                 Debbie Guillory on Native Senior Six           
  34th 15.996                 Mandy Rushing on Josey                         
  35th 16.000                 Ryleigh Davis on Fairfax Cherie                
  36th 16.001                 Tammy Gantt on Packin Dust                     
  37th 16.004                 Carol Mixon on Frosty Folly                    
  38th 16.037                 Carly Coleman on Quika                         
  39th 16.038                 Becky Brakefield on Eddies Playgirl            
  40th 16.056                 Cody Babb on Hancocks Dashin Judy              
  41st 16.059                 Michelle Raulston on Peppy'sQutxoSlider        
  42nd 16.064                 Ryleigh Davis on Kings Bay Storm               
  43rd 16.072                 Jennifer McBroom on Docs Waco                  
  44th 16.075                 Merrill O'Neal on Hurricane Fame               
  45th 16.093                 Addison Rains on Tx Queen Jet                  
  46th 16.097                 Becky Ellis on Big Red                         
  47th 16.100                 Gabrielle Gleason on Shiney Diamond Dacner     
  48th 16.103                 Dillon Boykin on Blondes Dull in Kitty         
  49th 16.118                 Abby Searcy on Dashing Wood Bar                
  50th 16.133                 Michael Smith on CF Martha's Cartel            
  51st 16.134                 Bobbi Randle on Lady                           
  52nd 16.135                 Elli Grace Houser on Bowens Ark Chick          
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.149 $563.30         Bayli Gregory on MoJo                          
   2nd 16.158 $482.83         Lisa Sanders on Treasure and Roses             
   3rd 16.159 $402.36         Cindy Wright on Star Wright Ta Fame            
   4th 16.160 $321.89         Shiloh Marchand on Rose Colored Fire           
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   5th 16.161 $241.42         Jessica Jo Spencer on Miss Rey Olena           
   6th 16.191 $187.77         Janey Taylor on Roll Me A Bully                
   7th 16.196 $160.94         Carla Penvell on Native Blackberry             
   8th 16.198 $134.12         Becky Ellis on Rocket                          
   9th 16.202 $107.30         Allison Prejean on Sister                      
  10th 16.203 $ 80.47         Hailey Caskey on A Genuine Baby                
  11th 16.204                 Jenna Stewart on Wonder Who Streaks            
  12th 16.205                 Michelle Epps on Dash for Distance             
Tie    16.205                 Josie Tydlacka on Pistol                       
  14th 16.224                 Kim Zimmers on DMO Pebbles A Drift             
  15th 16.225                 Mike Bruscato on Tiger                         
  16th 16.230                 Stoney Raymond on Dally Bright                 
  17th 16.241                 Natalie Stac on Petra                          
  18th 16.268                 Shelbi Richard on Crystal Cowboy               
  19th 16.271                 Darlene Fletcher on GL Go Dashing Millie       
  20th 16.274                 Gabby Romano on Rockets Smart Guy              
  21st 16.286                 Lynn McKenzie on Frosty                        
  22nd 16.293                 Kaci Moore on Heza Whiz Man                    
  23rd 16.303                 Courtney Boyd on Flash                         
  24th 16.310                 Johannah Holden on MLS Shakin Things Up        
Tie    16.310                 Natalie Shaw on Doc Olena Star                 
  26th 16.315                 Crystal Thompson on San Jose Scooter           
  27th 16.326                 Breanna Williams on LM Rose of Dreams          
  28th 16.331                 Michael Smith on Norma'sSocksFullOfHope        
  29th 16.332                 Beth Romano on Streakin First Lady             
  30th 16.340                 AnnaGrace Forsythe on Grace                    
  31st 16.367                 Bridget Klemen on Frenchman's Jacee            
Tie    16.367                 Jayda Dunn on Yellow Mare                      
  33rd 16.370                 Morgan Neugent on Streakin Edition             
  34th 16.377                 Karli Kyle on Dot Com                          
  35th 16.378                 Chelsea McPhearson on Go Ahead Stanley         
  36th 16.389                 Faye Halverson on Buck                         
  37th 16.394                 Meagan Laviolette on MS Fan Fortune            
  38th 16.406                 Lauren Ayers on Elm Creek Corona               
  39th 16.407                 Crystal Thompson on Little LuLu                
  40th 16.408                 Misty Moran on Nickadot                        
  41st 16.413                 Toni Grant on Mercedes Lady                    
  42nd 16.417                 Stephanie Vondra on Trekkin                    
Tie    16.417                 Jessica Williamson on Cash N the Money Red     
  44th 16.418                 Kellie Hebert on Reeces Hickory                
  45th 16.427                 Katherine Pee on EF Viva La Frenchman          
  46th 16.436                 Kati Laviolette on Lacy                        
Tie    16.436                 Gracie Caskey on Count Cavier                  
  48th 16.443                 Paige Moore on Skinny Bear Icee                
  49th 16.444                 Elizabeth Reeme on SassysBadDixieGirl          
  50th 16.446                 Dawn Broussard on Miss Cathedral Oaks          
  51st 16.449                 Raven McCain on Stars Raisin Red               
  52nd 16.468                 Kellie Hebert on Fridays Dragon                
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 4   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  53rd 16.470                 Catherine Medlock on Starberts Little Joe      
  54th 16.481                 Krista Romero on Pete                          
  55th 16.486                 Michelle Epps on CSV Double Two Jacki          
  56th 16.499                 Hunter Tuggle on Claire Bell                   
  57th 16.508                 Allie Pierce on Dash                           
  58th 16.522                 Jenna Stewart on Huva Biva                     
  59th 16.550                 Kim Spangler on Bones                          
  60th 16.554                 Kynnedi Taylor on Twiggy                       
  61st 16.558                 Jossie Neal on First Down Native               
  62nd 16.563                 Madison Ford on Free Flying Ace                
  63rd 16.564                 Karli Kyle on Ferrari                          
  64th 16.568                 Annette Brandon on Top off the Firewater       
Tie    16.568                 Leslie Matthews on Duke                        
  66th 16.577                 Montana Layfield on Josey                      
  67th 16.578                 Dillon Boykin on High Duro Cat                 
  68th 16.579                 Larry Seffens on Streakin Jule Bug             
  69th 16.580                 Lily Jane Dial on JoJo                         
  70th 16.583                 Donnis Birkicht on Honor Master Leo            
  71st 16.616                 Dillon Boykin on Acres of Rondee               
  72nd 16.629                 Kellye Oakley on BKO Annie Sugar Bar           
Tie    16.629                 Haley Ellerbe on Riot                          
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.654 $448.73         Kati Laviolette on Slick Cash Count            
   2nd 16.657 $384.62         Tammy Johnson on Frenchmans Yellow Rose        
   3rd 16.659 $320.52         Kaitlyn Ryder on Nude and Naughty              
   4th 16.668 $256.42         Anna Coffman on Kibby                          
   5th 16.679 $192.31         Cassie Gantt on Gunner                         
   6th 16.686 $138.89         Raimee Jo Moore on Tule Roan Olena             
Tie    16.686 $138.89         Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
   8th 16.708 $106.84         Latisha Hairgrove on RK French Bugs Moon       
   9th 16.723 $ 85.47         Reanne Scott on Kricket                        
  10th 16.728 $ 64.10         Gracie Ingram on Tuff                          
  11th 16.738                 Ashley Guidry on Smart Diamond Cat             
  12th 16.759                 Lily Spangler on Chic                          
  13th 16.773                 Kim Newell on CPR Miss Cowboy Moon             
  14th 16.787                 Robin Edmonds on WB Ive Got This               
  15th 16.790                 Morgan Miller on Prime Time Harlan             
  16th 16.792                 Julie Bridewell on Marion's Sun O'Lena         
Tie    16.792                 Bobby Grace Thornton on Treasured Straight     
  18th 16.803                 Cindy Wright on Be My Fortune                  
  19th 16.808                 Michael Smith on DA Casey                      
Tie    16.808                 Cassidy Wade on SL Prissy MS Chrissy           
  21st 16.826                 Beth Icenhower on HD                           
  22nd 16.829                 Hailey Spangler on Cooper                      
  23rd 16.832                 Mica Wilson on Boo                             
  24th 16.835                 Charleigh Barras on Skippie Greasebar          
  25th 16.837                 Kyndal Scott on Angel                          
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 5   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  26th 16.876                 Charlotte Phillips on Katys Smoke N Storm      
  27th 16.880                 Abby Englerth on My Easy Frost                 
  28th 16.893                 Claudia Hayes on Spencer                       
  29th 16.896                 Lily Spangler on Chief                         
Tie    16.896                 Allison Newton on SC Smart Hibrow Dana         
  31st 16.897                 Laura Walker on Karoozins on Fire              
  32nd 16.901                 Avery Englerth on Rock 'N Eyes                 
  33rd 16.912                 Barbara Gates on Doc China Peppy               
  34th 16.916                 Hunter Tuggle on Royal Red Fox                 
Tie    16.916                 Alexis Pardue on Blaze                         
  36th 16.920                 Jessica McGee on Walkabout Native              
Tie    16.920                 Cassidy Wade on Jojo                           
  38th 16.942                 Debbie Guillory on Oh Good Grace               
  39th 16.944                 Virginia Towns on CC                           
  40th 16.961                 Sierra Simons on Lady                          
  41st 16.963                 Lilly Beth Haacks on BB                        
  42nd 16.974                 Tori Jolly on PayCheck                         
Tie    16.974                 Meagan Laviolette on MissFirewaterHottie       
  44th 16.978                 Brittany Thompson on Hollywood                 
  45th 16.998                 Jennifer McBroom on First Bug Beduino          
  46th 16.999                 Candi O'Neill on Rudy                          
  47th 17.020                 Kaitlyn Ryder on Miss Perky Flit               
  48th 17.039                 Abby Searcy on Sheza Dirty Diva                
  49th 17.058                 Montana Layfield on Buggs                      
  50th 17.059                 Jaicie Womack on Midnight Bayou Wonder         
  51st 17.065                 Kynnedi Taylor on Easy                         
  52nd 17.069                 Reanne Scott on Annie                          
  53rd 17.082                 Mary Beth Meche on Lakewood Dasher             
  54th 17.087                 Allison Simon on Jettin                        
  55th 17.088                 Shelby Williams on Hes Downrite on Fire        
  56th 17.094                 Trudy Hebert on Gracie                         
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.146 $334.15         Lee Ann Bruscato on Doc Lean On                
   2nd 17.161 $286.42         Melinda Gray on RS Red Frost Roco              
   3rd 17.162 $238.68         Amber Ethridge on DH                           
   4th 17.216 $190.94         Alishea Broussard on Max Bet Biankus           
   5th 17.226 $143.21         Lisa Hatchett on Dashing Whopper               
   6th 17.227 $111.38         Lauren Kennedy on Mae                          
   7th 17.253 $ 95.47         Lisa Smith on Widows Buckwheat                 
   8th 17.269 $ 71.60         Julie Bridewell on Runaway Cash Hempen         
Tie    17.269 $ 71.60         Billie Cooley on Hollywood Nick Bar            
  10th 17.273 $ 47.74         Sherrye Lemmons on Pass                        
  11th 17.309                 Bailee Sawyer on Bugs Go For Gold              
  12th 17.314                 Hailey Spangler on Lynx                        
  13th 17.330                 Raimee Jo Moore on Louisiana Spirit            
  14th 17.333                 Billie Ruth Hankins on Tip Me ImFrench         
  15th 17.391                 Lauren Burns on Diamond                        
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 6   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  16th 17.405                 Jessie Reynolds on Instrusive Jet Deck         
  17th 17.407                 Kelly Gryder on Prissing Kisatchie             
  18th 17.441                 Davina Limes on Nuggets Storm Aflyn            
  19th 17.452                 Julie Bridewell on Letta Bar B Do It           
  20th 17.460                 Brittany Coleman on Jettin Lil Bunny           
  21st 17.467                 Michelle Epps on Breezy                        
  22nd 17.470                 Julia Lauritzson on KT Sunrize                 
  23rd 17.525                 Jennifer Van Mol on Watch Bay Kate             
  24th 17.554                 Sherry May on Justa Lil Smash                  
  25th 17.577                 Lisa Smith on Three Cans Faster                
  26th 17.578                 Mike Bruscato on Hoku                          
  27th 17.598                 Caroline Martin on Chili                       
  28th 17.617                 Lisa Krueger on Joker                          
  29th 17.641                 Lily Jane Dial on BJ                           
  30th 17.664                 Pam Stephenson on Bella Ann                    
  31st 17.665                 Paige Moore on TWJ Gitty Girl                  
  32nd 17.755                 Allison Simon on Reys Player                   
  33rd 17.790                 Patty Mitchell on Sweet Peppy Native           
  34th 17.812                 Alli McCoskey on Request Cash Richocket        
  35th 17.829                 Bobby Grace Thornton on Princess Cheyenne      
  36th 17.854                 Terri Smith on LR Hancock Roan Kid             
  37th 17.872                 Cadence Bell on Joes Little Miss               
  38th 17.879                 Mikky Pugh on Doc                              
  39th 17.945                 Dianne Knight on Cato Chrome                   
  40th 17.964                 Dawn Broussard on Peedy Bayou                  
  41st 18.050                 Rebecca Hodnett on Call Me Big De              
  42nd 18.088                 Danita Ford on Small Town Kid                  
  43rd 18.135                 Tina Simmons on Concho O'Pearl                 
  44th 18.143                 Tiffany Shipp on Streakin Aint EZ              
  45th 18.199                 Evelyn Hungerford on Sir Runaway Fame          
  46th 18.242                 Carrie Smith on Cash                           
  47th 18.304                 Carol Bryant on Dolly                          
  48th 18.365                 TJ Thompson on Pepper Man                      
  49th 18.410                 Tammy Walker on Colored by Cash                
  50th 18.422                 Lea Ann Bramlett on Streaks Lizzy              
  51st 18.424                 Laney Lindberg on SassysLilSwimSuitIssue       
  52nd 18.521                 Vivian Hickman on Happy Brigadier 105          
  53rd 18.624                 Breanna Williams on Dusty                      
  54th 18.663                 Sandra Maddry on Smart Colured Sadie           
  55th 18.786                 Addyson Bond on MySassyGalRA13                 
  56th 18.848                 Rachel Crawford on Natives Lucky Leo           
  57th 19.176                 Rachel Morgan on Brody RA13                    
  58th 19.475                 Stephanie Vondra on JBK Golden Chance          
  59th 19.600                 Billie Cooley on Easy on the Shine             
  60th 19.756                 Alexis Alexander on OtoesRightOnTheMoney       
  61st 19.826                 Phillip Broussard Jr on Little Bitty BangBang  
  62nd 21.784                 Ashlynn Durbin on Buckwild N Barefoot          
  63rd 23.637                 Brooke Bagwell on Bogie First Down             
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 7   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  64th 25.903                 Bailey Stephens on BoBO                        
  65th 25.970                 Sammye Lee Woods on My Friend                  
  66th 31.648                 Victoria Jackson on Tony                       
N/T    400.000                Jedonne Miller on Lexie                        
N/T    400.000                Karli New on Mighty Silver Buck                
N/T    400.000                Bronwyn Storey on Iggy                         
N/T    400.000                Rex McCrory on JJ                              
N/T    400.000                Debi Faulk on Chonas Val                       
N/T    400.000                Sydney Wade on High Duro Cat                   
N/T    404.302                Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
N/T    407.878                Ann Clary on Flit to Win                       
N/T    409.081                Brooklyn Gates on Jinx                         
N/T    415.161                Michael Smith on Natives Okie Rose             
N/T    415.420                Shiloh Marchand on Mamas Foxy Valentine        
N/T    415.604                Lisa Sanders on Kas De Stone                   
N/T    415.642                Elizabeth Broussard on Miss Mega Royal         
N/T    415.725                Maggie Carter on Any Given Sunday B            
N/T    415.752                Shelby West on Sun N Sevens                    
N/T    415.817                Jossy Gantt on Cimmaron Treasure               
N/T    415.818                Tiffany Litton on Burnin Thru Chex             
N/T    415.836                Meadow Raymond on Sassy's Dark Shadow          
N/T    415.854                Debbie Guillory on Natives Smashing Diva       
N/T    415.874                Carly Coleman on Lenas Bronson Chic            
N/T    415.879                Kim Zimmers on DB High Cotton                  
N/T    415.882                Kathleen Yocum on Blue Moon Merada             
N/T    415.885                Chancie Neal on Packin Sixes Jr                
N/T    415.919                Tiffani Gantt on Sully                         
N/T    415.922                Chesnie Neal on San Perdiz Pistol              
N/T    415.930                Chancie Neal on Scooter                        
N/T    415.990                Janey Taylor on Two Natives                    
N/T    416.020                Megan Hotard on Perdiz EZ Money                
N/T    416.030                Catherine Medlock on Eye N Easy                
N/T    416.101                Charleigh Barras on SL Miss Peppy Kate         
N/T    416.158                Monica Cooley on Fly Hi Gambler                
N/T    416.201                Emily Boudreaux on Jackie's Silver Bunny       
N/T    416.207                Abigail Wheat on Bae                           
N/T    416.211                Zena Goodwin on Peppy Lady Got Cash            
N/T    416.298                Jaden Thomas on Splash King Hankins            
N/T    416.345                Susan Seffens on Dales Ransom                  
N/T    416.389                Patty Harville on Some Kinda Beggar            
N/T    416.391                Jessica Jo Spencer on Illini Western Dash      
N/T    416.412                Brooke Brakefield on Race Away Randy           
N/T    416.424                Gracie Nugent on Totally On Fire               
N/T    416.463                Dora Dawson on Chevy                           
N/T    416.523                Victoria Jackson on Dawson Drew Leo            
N/T    416.524                Abigale Holt on Sonny Reds Rude Dog            
N/T    416.543                Karli New on Mighty SilverBuck                 
N/T    416.591                Hanna Conley on Layken's Poco King             
6:32 PM 09/02/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 8   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Sunday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    416.594                Jossy Gantt on Yao Ming                        
N/T    416.657                Becky Ellis on Maggie                          
N/T    416.667                Katie Rains on Molly                           
N/T    416.764                Morgan Moses on Mitos Ok Barmaid               
N/T    416.790                Bubba Fender on Rebels Dasher                  
N/T    416.808                Crystal Steele on Buttercup                    
N/T    416.877                Morgan Moses on Lusters Royalty                
N/T    416.924                LeeAnn Brooks on BR CatchTwentyTwo             
N/T    417.163                Andrea Martin on Dollar Bill                   
N/T    417.163                Gracie Caskey on Streak of Luck                
N/T    417.442                Carrie Smith on Moon                           
N/T    417.443                Cassie Conley on Destiny                       
N/T    417.574                Jennifer Staples on DeeCees Foxy Moon          
N/T    417.863                Lynn McKenzie on ChocolateDrop                 
N/T    418.009                Kellie Hebert on Tornado Toast                 
N/T    418.023                Lilly Grace Williams on Gunner                 
N/T    418.229                Misti Simons on Maybe U Call My Name           
N/T    418.709                Pam Stephenson on Dun Turned Up                
N/T    419.107                Kristy Dann on Jasper                          
N/T    419.199                Carrie Smith on Leo                            
N/T    421.326                Samantha Dodson on Wimys Little Trash          
N/T    422.409                Mollyann Moore on Guns Express Effort          
N/T    424.557                Kyndal Scott on Grayson                        
N/T    424.628                Katie Roberts on Breezin on the Go             
N/T    428.553                Kayla Reid on Dial A Treasured Kiss            
N/T    429.664                Marriah Marshall on Dun Melody Hancock         
N/T    434.474                Bozo Anderson on MoneysNotBrownItsRed