5:25 PM 09/03/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.5               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2014 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/12/16               
                             Contact: Robert Moore                              
           Location: N. LA Expo Center - Ruston, LA, West Monroe, LA            
                     ACBRA BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open                   
                  Race Sponsored by: Cold Dessert Tattoo                     
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $  3220.00, Rider count = 136         
     1D Time = 15.693, Placings = 12, Pool = $ 1077.00                       
     2D Time = 16.193, Placings = 26, Pool = $  941.00                       
     3D Time = 16.693, Placings = 43, Pool = $  669.00                       
     4D Time = 17.693, Placings = 21, Pool = $  533.00                       
                     Not Placed = 34                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.693 $312.33         Lynn McKenzie on LM Rose of Dreams             
   2nd 15.727 $258.48         Linda Griffin on SmokenFirewater               
   3rd 15.958 $204.63         Savannah Lovell on Miss Roany Jet              
   4th 15.980 $150.78         Rhuye Primm on Reed Roan N Boon                
   5th 16.002 $ 96.93         Layna Kight on Eysa So Famous                  
   6th 16.039 $ 53.85         Genevieve Alexander on Bring N The Heat        
   7th 16.045                 Dora Dawson on Chevy                           
   8th 16.058                 Chesnie Neal on Dakota Chiefton                
   9th 16.105                 Madison Ryder on RVA On Set To Be A Star       
  10th 16.149                 Ranna Hebert on Lil Sister Moon                
  11th 16.167                 Victoria Jackson on Dawson Drew Leo            
  12th 16.182                 Kim Zimmers on Cotton                          
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.194 $272.89         Jordan Neeley on Butch                         
   2nd 16.219 $225.84         Josie Griffin on Return My Cash                
   3rd 16.247 $178.79         Layna Kight on Flirth Time                     
   4th 16.254 $131.74         Taylor Ewing on Hawk                           
   5th 16.361 $ 84.69         Donnis Birkicht on BB Firewater Sue            
   6th 16.365 $ 47.05         Cassie Gantt on 1 of 1                         
   7th 16.368                 Chancie Neal on Pistol                         
   8th 16.386                 Tammy Gantt on Colonelsdoubledancer            
   9th 16.400                 Amber Lawson on HF Dash N Peppy                
  10th 16.451                 Carrington Ross on Shot Gun Shine              
  11th 16.471                 Cassie Chretian on LJ Cash Me In               
  12th 16.483                 Debi Faulk on Chonas Val                       
  13th 16.488                 Paige Moore on Skinny Bear Icee                
  14th 16.494                 Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Miss Rey Olena          
  15th 16.500                 Kaylie Lasyone on Drifting Baby Blue           
  16th 16.521                 LAUCHLYN Emfinger on Streakin French Girl      
  17th 16.523                 Kaylie Lasyone on Slick Rum Runner             
  18th 16.573                 Reanne Scott on Kricket                        
  19th 16.575                 Ashley Peart on My Easy Frost                  
  20th 16.584                 Shelby Crittenden on SunSugar Peppy            
  21st 16.593                 Debbie Hancock on Brady's Hancock Star         
5:25 PM 09/03/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.5               Page 2   
                     ACBRA BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open                   
                  Race Sponsored by: Cold Dessert Tattoo                     
  22nd 16.602                 Crystal Thompson on Little LuLu                
  23rd 16.627                 Gage Davis on 5                                
  24th 16.679                 Sonya Parrish on Boo                           
  25th 16.684                 Wendy Schutte on RM Ranger Badger              
  26th 16.687                 Jeannie Whatley on Alive N Perkin              
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.758 $194.01         Mandy Saulsbury on Jets Twisted Hope           
   2nd 16.782 $160.56         Rowdy Flowers on Patty Ann Dial                
   3rd 16.790 $127.11         Destiny Jones on Streakin Windy                
   4th 16.798 $ 93.66         Gracie Caskey on MRH Blue Baby                 
   5th 16.820 $ 60.21         Denise Holton on Yao Ming                      
   6th 16.848 $ 33.45         Breanna Williams on Primer                     
   7th 16.850                 Gage Davis on 1 of 2                           
   8th 16.856                 Gracie Caskey on Count Cavier                  
   9th 16.864                 Chesnie Neal on Dakotas Dodger                 
  10th 16.869                 Isabel Dawson on Holdin' Hands                 
  11th 16.870                 Claudia Hayes on Spencer                       
  12th 16.882                 Chelsea McPherson on Gail                      
  13th 16.883                 Victoria Jackson on Grace Will Do              
  14th 16.939                 Kaitlen Emfinger on JesseJamesRides            
  15th 16.959                 Josie Griffin on Bets Boy Blue                 
  16th 17.021                 Skylar Burns on Diamond                        
  17th 17.029                 Chelsea McPherson on Vegas                     
  18th 17.035                 Mollyann Moore on Miss Kitty                   
  19th 17.081                 Crystal Thompson on Johnny Walker Rd           
  20th 17.083                 Hailey Caskey on Queen Zoyle                   
  21st 17.102                 Rammie Jo Moore on Comet's Dash                
  22nd 17.130                 Mary Hayden on Leo                             
  23rd 17.139                 Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
  24th 17.153                 Rammie Jo Moore on 38 Special                  
  25th 17.183                 Kellie Hebert on High Ketel                    
  26th 17.201                 Hunter Tuggle on Royal Red Fox                 
  27th 17.203                 Shelby Crittenden on PC Ikenova                
  28th 17.228                 Melinda Gray on RS Red Frost Roco              
  29th 17.261                 Valerie Saucier on Cutter                      
  30th 17.263                 Brooke Bagwell on Bogie                        
  31st 17.273                 Lily Spangler on Chief                         
  32nd 17.281                 Mollyann Moore on Dakota                       
  33rd 17.308                 Randi Hixon on Eddie                           
  34th 17.315                 Miracle Faith Nelson on Lacey                  
  35th 17.316                 Elli Grace Houser on Maddey                    
  36th 17.336                 Morgan Yelton on Little Red Mecon              
  37th 17.377                 Ashley Peart on Smart Diamond Cat              
  38th 17.390                 Terri Smith on Shes Worth the Money            
  39th 17.417                 Camille Watts on Roux                          
  40th 17.547                 Wendy Schutte on Red Bucks Jackie              
  41st 17.566                 Chancie Neal on Bonnie                         
5:25 PM 09/03/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.5               Page 3   
                     ACBRA BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open                   
                  Race Sponsored by: Cold Dessert Tattoo                     
  42nd 17.593                 Jasey Gantt on Tank                            
  43rd 17.624                 Julie Bridewell on Runaway Cash Hempen         
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.741 $154.57         Reese McDougal on High Rollin Silver           
   2nd 17.752 $127.92         Hailey Caskey on Zan's Gold Jackie             
   3rd 17.788 $101.27         Caroline Russell on Buster                     
   4th 17.851 $ 74.62         Beth Romano on Streakin First Lady             
   5th 17.854 $ 47.97         Breanna Williams on Dusty                      
   6th 17.864 $ 26.65         Cassie Gantt on 3                              
   7th 18.209                 Rhonda Walker on Sandy                         
   8th 18.256                 Kalee Boswell on Beaux                         
   9th 18.338                 Jennifer McClure on Scatt                      
  10th 18.439                 Julie Bridewell on Letta Bar B Do It           
  11th 18.461                 Rachel Jones on Katt                           
  12th 18.677                 Dana King on CS Poco Irish Gold                
  13th 18.940                 Chancie Neal on Clyde                          
  14th 19.159                 Mandi Black on Ruby Red Rox                    
  15th 19.442                 Wendy Schutte on Two Eyed Red Stormy           
  16th 19.648                 Khloe Davis on Cool Whip                       
  17th 19.848                 JonChristian Nelson on Angel                   
  18th 21.017                 Marco Toledo on Blur                           
  19th 21.827                 Lacey Dunn on 1                                
  20th 23.203                 Jordan Neeley on Buff                          
  21st 23.862                 Victoria Jackson on Red Trash                  
N/T    400.000                Ranna Hebert on Reeces History                 
N/T    400.000                Evelyn Hungerford on MRF Pay It Forward        
N/T    415.831                Kellie Hebert on Tornado Toast                 
N/T    416.019                Gracie Nugent on Rocky                         
N/T    416.126                Tammy Gantt on Sassy's Dark Shadow             
N/T    416.217                Ranna Hebert on Bound in Black                 
N/T    416.228                Christy Nugent on Sun Dashin Bailey            
N/T    416.273                Gage Davis on Horse 1 of 3                     
N/T    416.295                Taylor Ewing on Slick                          
N/T    416.416                Jeannie Whatley on SFWTuckedinCashmire         
N/T    416.423                Rammie Jo Moore on Spirit                      
N/T    416.499                Lynn McKenzie on Chocolate Drop                
N/T    416.519                Sierra Simons on Lady                          
N/T    416.627                Destiny Desselle on Deannie                    
N/T    416.781                Reese McDougal on Frenchman Ta Fame            
N/T    416.853                Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Illini Western Dash     
N/T    416.952                Rowdy Flowers on Pissy French Girl             
N/T    416.978                Gina Flowers on Lady Profit                    
N/T    417.105                Hailey Spangler on Chic                        
N/T    417.115                Cassie Gantt on 2                              
N/T    417.243                Chesnie Neal on Pistol                         
N/T    417.251                Hailey Caskey on A Genuine Baby                
N/T    417.312                Haylee Bridewell on Mario's Sun O'Lena         
5:25 PM 09/03/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.5               Page 4   
                     ACBRA BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open                   
                  Race Sponsored by: Cold Dessert Tattoo                     
N/T    417.341                Elli Grace Houser on Gifted Toro               
N/T    417.423                Haylee Bridewell on Lady Bug                   
N/T    418.061                Kayson Lasyone on Sip O Seven's Brandy         
N/T    418.500                Hannah Morris on TK Queen Jet                  
N/T    418.589                Hilary Branch on DustyDunStep                  
N/T    418.783                Rhonda Walker on Blaze                         
N/T    418.853                Kolby Lasyone on Chachas                       
N/T    418.980                Kim Spangler on Geniune Rex                    
N/T    426.920                Rhuye Primm on Ms Becaco Echoten               
N/T    427.142                Kyndal Scott on Grayson                        
N/T    432.733                Reese McDougal on Persks West