12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2014 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/01/14               
                             Contact: Robert Moore                              
            Location: N. LA Expo Center Ruston, LA, West Monroe, LA             
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
Paying to 14 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 32320.00, Rider count = 608         
     1D Time = 15.242, Placings = 32, Pool = $ 9696.00                       
     2D Time = 15.742, Placings = 110, Pool = $ 8080.00                      
     3D Time = 16.242, Placings = 128, Pool = $ 6464.00                      
     4D Time = 16.742, Placings = 70, Pool = $ 4848.00                       
     5D Time = 17.242, Placings = 80, Pool = $ 3232.00                       
                     Not Placed = 188                                        
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.242 $1784.06        Katie Roberts on Breezin on the Go             
   2nd 15.345 $1541.66        Layna Kight on Cooper                          
   3rd 15.347 $1289.57        Dani Anderson on Horse 3                       
   4th 15.349 $988.99         Stephen Boutin on Sweet Flaming Fire           
   5th 15.355 $862.94         James Barnes on Dashing Wood Bar               
   6th 15.417 $630.24         Tiany Schuster on Horse 3                      
   7th 15.422 $494.50         Katie Roberts on Casha Smart Chex              
   8th 15.445 $426.62         Samantha Ewing on Slick                        
   9th 15.456 $387.84         Lydia Halbrook on Streakin Baileys Fliney      
  10th 15.460 $329.66         Ranna Hebert on Lil Sister Moon                
  11th 15.466 $290.88         BreAnne Burr on Bits Chance Ta Fame            
  12th 15.467 $242.40         Krystal Quattlebaum on Gingers Sugar Cookie    
  13th 15.497 $223.01         Benjamin Beall on Hope She Clocks              
  14th 15.516 $203.62         Josey Butler on Sun Frosted Moon               
  15th 15.524                 Ashton Luck on Ms Hitch                        
  16th 15.525                 Gage Davis on Horse 3                          
Tie    15.525                 Cindy Wright on Mae Bullys Lucky Strike        
  18th 15.562                 Jossie Neal on EZ                              
  19th 15.570                 Caitlin Lamb on Rockingalena                   
  20th 15.576                 Donna Bailey on Flash                          
  21st 15.584                 Michael Smith on Frenchie Came A Callin        
  22nd 15.598                 Anne Howell on Pete                            
  23rd 15.614                 Korie King on Royal Quick Frost                
  24th 15.616                 Sydney Hopkins on Guys Hot Amber               
  25th 15.636                 Lauren Lee on Achive This Jet                  
  26th 15.679                 Danita Ford on TWP Sundance                    
  27th 15.681                 Candy Taylor on TC                             
  28th 15.693                 Maggie Watlington on Horse 1                   
  29th 15.701                 Royena Clifton on Bare Exposure                
  30th 15.705                 Lisa Sanders on Treasure and Roses             
  31st 15.720                 Alexis Pardue on Gray                          
  32nd 15.729                 Angela Gilliam on NFR                          
                               2D Placings                                   
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 2   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   1st 15.742 $1486.72        Tiany Schuster on Horse 2                      
   2nd 15.747 $1284.72        Kelsey Chesson on TW Bee Ginnin                
   3rd 15.749 $949.40         Brenda Whatley on Choco                        
Tie    15.749 $949.40         Karlie Sanders on Binker Takin Cash            
   5th 15.753 $719.12         Roxanne Bradshaw on Berts Snipper Bar          
   6th 15.755 $525.20         Gina Cates on Guys My Daddy                    
   7th 15.758 $412.08         Dianne Hay on Mos Twistin Wonder               
   8th 15.771 $355.52         Emily Riley on SR Smart Lil Playboy            
   9th 15.776 $323.20         Pam Varnado on Strikes Lajolla                 
  10th 15.782 $274.72         Debbie Guillory on Horse 3                     
  11th 15.786 $242.40         Tammy Gantt on Cimarron Treasure               
  12th 15.787 $202.00         Debbie Guillory on Horse 1                     
  13th 15.792 $185.84         Julia Ewing on Little Jane Dial                
  14th 15.795 $169.68         Samantha Ware on Froskeez Ladies Man           
  15th 15.797                 Leslie Jennings on Youngs Last Dash            
  16th 15.810                 Lauren Boutin on I Be Duinit                   
  17th 15.813                 Mollie Watlington on Perro                     
  18th 15.824                 Rowdy Flowers on Turnin Power House            
  19th 15.839                 Rowdy Flowers on Lady Profit By Dash           
  20th 15.856                 Chandler Johnson on Smokes Scotch RRR          
  21st 15.861                 Dee Ratliff on Cross E Tuff Smoke              
  22nd 15.863                 Raylee Eberwein on Wichita                     
  23rd 15.872                 Monica Radford on Sheza Red Money Lady         
  24th 15.874                 Karlie Sanders on Kas De Sone                  
  25th 15.875                 Debbie Guillory on Horse 2                     
  26th 15.877                 Monica Cooley on MC Shezaflitnfiasco           
  27th 15.878                 Amber Lawson on HF Dash N Peppy                
Tie    15.878                 Allie Johnson on Smoke This                    
  29th 15.882                 Megan Williams on Imabullydancer               
  30th 15.884                 Hannah Kling on Tuff Bullion                   
  31st 15.888                 Lizzie Lovejoy on Millie                       
Tie    15.888                 Donnia Barrow on Chyna                         
  33rd 15.889                 Katelyn Kendrick on Siemon Flit                
  34th 15.891                 Christy Moss on BB Dash for PC                 
  35th 15.892                 Christy Martin on Fame on a Mission            
  36th 15.898                 Hannah Kling on The Doc Is In                  
  37th 15.900                 Tiffany Blackman on Lucille Wood               
  38th 15.904                 Kim Zimmers on DMO Pebbles A Drift             
Tie    15.904                 Kayleigh Graham on XS Dashin                   
  40th 15.905                 Brittany Lee on CM Jettin Bug                  
  41st 15.919                 Kathy Ross on Nicked By Cupid                  
  42nd 15.923                 Kelley Womack on Money Natives Bandit          
Tie    15.923                 Mandy Benson on Josey                          
  44th 15.935                 Bridget Nobles on Major Peppy Surprise         
  45th 15.936                 Gage Davis on Horse 1                          
Tie    15.936                 Barbara Burns on Flit Bar Buzz                 
  47th 15.938                 Julie Hill on Memories to Cherish              
  48th 15.945                 Brandie Bass on Frenchmans Smash               
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 3   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  49th 15.946                 Michaela Womack on Sister                      
  50th 15.949                 Quinci Middlebrooks on Tom Kat                 
  51st 15.965                 Susan Seffens on MLS Shakin Things Up          
  52nd 15.970                 Hannah Morris on Reina                         
  53rd 15.973                 Jessica Diller on Nick Bar Custom Maid         
  54th 15.974                 Mandy Benson on H Bar Taylor                   
  55th 15.977                 Tiany Schuster on Horse 1                      
  56th 15.994                 Anna Clair Perodeau on Cheeto Wrangler         
  57th 16.001                 Ashton Luck on Paid for Firewater              
Tie    16.001                 Shelby Crittenden on CJ Free Flyin             
  59th 16.004                 McKenzie Adkins on Daisy                       
  60th 16.006                 Cassy Gantt on Tuff                            
  61st 16.007                 Kathy Ross on Scooby                           
  62nd 16.013                 Geoffrey Litton on Chocolate Fame              
  63rd 16.014                 Kelcey Dubois on Cleats Venture                
  64th 16.017                 Leslie Spell on Vegas                          
  65th 16.019                 Zoe Broussard on Sara                          
  66th 16.020                 Vivette Middlebrooks on Gunner                 
  67th 16.026                 Jenny Smith on UNO                             
  68th 16.027                 Lynn McKenzie on LM Rose of Dreams             
  69th 16.029                 Gail Thomas on On The Money Native             
Tie    16.029                 Laura Pennington on Iona Dash                  
Tie    16.029                 Brooke Bagwell on Bogie                        
  72nd 16.030                 Korie King on Granny's Powder Rain             
  73rd 16.035                 Lindsey Robinson on Sonny Leggo My Wranglers   
  74th 16.036                 Hillary Branch on Kacees Scarface              
Tie    16.036                 Kayla Woodall on Broseco Gray Rocket           
  76th 16.040                 Kathleen Mickler on Kathleens Nick Bar         
  77th 16.052                 Kellie Mounger on Zippin Silver                
  78th 16.057                 Josie Griffin on Return My Cash                
  79th 16.061                 Kaitlin Adair on Barbie                        
  80th 16.063                 Lisa LeBlanc on Spanish Lacy Rose              
  81st 16.066                 Melinda Schexnaider on Natalie's My Jet        
  82nd 16.067                 Morgan Matte on Rascal                         
  83rd 16.070                 Erin Siems on Quincy's Mighty Bug              
  84th 16.083                 Maty Bagley on Loving USA                      
  85th 16.098                 Ashely Jarrell on Leo                          
  86th 16.101                 Elizabeth Broussard on Lady Dreamins           
  87th 16.107                 Jordan Neeley on Classy Jo Smoke               
  88th 16.116                 Reanne Scott on Cisco                          
  89th 16.122                 Jessica Quoyeser on Ramblin CatahoulaDoc       
Tie    16.122                 Katti Pinnix on Mr Tapestry Moon               
  91st 16.123                 Bozo Anderson on Horse 1                       
  92nd 16.136                 Amanda Averett on Prissin to Kill              
  93rd 16.139                 Ginger Moore on TCS Dancin Honor FOL           
  94th 16.144                 Hillary Branch on Packin Kanopie               
  95th 16.151                 Rene' Mitchell on Hancock Toasty Doll          
  96th 16.155                 Morgan Miller on Horse 2                       
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 4   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  97th 16.160                 Stephan Boutin on Speed Dial Ta Fame           
  98th 16.163                 Michelle Norred on Rooster                     
  99th 16.167                 Eric Smith on KN Big River                     
 100th 16.177                 Audrey Schillings on Babbits Easy Streak       
 101st 16.178                 Alese Jennings on SL Oops BearlyDashin         
 102nd 16.179                 Erin Finlay on Moon Stitches                   
 103rd 16.182                 Taylor Matte on Turnpike                       
 104th 16.183                 Lindsi Boles on Ellie                          
 105th 16.189                 Tony Guillory on Horse 1                       
 106th 16.190                 Ashton Corley on Honda                         
 107th 16.202                 Haley Ellerbe on Flash Like Jack               
Tie    16.202                 Julie Bridewell on Runaway Cash Hempen         
 109th 16.217                 Krystal Gryziecki on Lizzajo                   
 110th 16.219                 Addie King on Dakota                           
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.245 $1189.38        Katie Thomas on Oakies Cutter Star             
   2nd 16.246 $1027.78        Katherine Moss on Leo's Buggin Doc             
   3rd 16.249 $859.71         Brittany Hughes on Charlie                     
   4th 16.250 $659.33         Ali Barnette on Renegade                       
   5th 16.253 $575.30         Erin Hawthorne on Kid                          
   6th 16.263 $420.16         Luanne Quattlebaum on Shinelikeasuperstar      
   7th 16.264 $329.66         Alishea Jones on Streakin Poco Flame           
   8th 16.265 $284.42         Kellie Hebert on Logans Leaving You            
   9th 16.268 $258.56         Monica Dike on The Chocaholic                  
  10th 16.277 $206.85         Chloe' Hillman on Leo Doc Jet                  
Tie    16.277 $206.85         Mackenzie Moore on Emmitt                      
  12th 16.278 $161.60         Aimee Johnson on Barred Grey Bird              
  13th 16.280 $148.67         Robin Hughes on Buck                           
  14th 16.283 $135.74         Jennifer McBroom on LJ Cash Me In              
  15th 16.286                 Jenny Smith on Tres                            
  16th 16.289                 Billie Jo Gilbert on Jet                       
  17th 16.292                 Angel Gates on Tulsa                           
  18th 16.297                 Nic Keylon on Keylon                           
  19th 16.298                 Kelley Poag on Greatest Footworks              
Tie    16.298                 Erin Beauboeuf on Zeke                         
  21st 16.304                 Melinda Loveless on Cee Hot Cee's Flash        
  22nd 16.312                 Madison Thompson on Preacher                   
  23rd 16.313                 Amanda Averett on Fancy                        
  24th 16.326                 Karli New on Mighty                            
  25th 16.328                 Benjamin Beall on Berrette                     
  26th 16.333                 Renee Jetton on Trouble                        
  27th 16.334                 Aaliyah Jones on Honey                         
  28th 16.344                 Megan Williams on LLP Streakin Moon            
  29th 16.347                 Hillary Branch on VF Looking for Gold          
  30th 16.349                 Katelyn Kendrick on Callie Socks               
  31st 16.367                 Eugene Vernon on Sandy                         
  32nd 16.369                 Dina Allred on Vegas                           
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 5   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  33rd 16.370                 Niki Hinton on Cash                            
  34th 16.375                 Jeannie Towns Williams on Chocolate Drop       
  35th 16.382                 Allie Johnson on Aim With Honor                
  36th 16.385                 Lauren Tuminello on Holly Girl Gin             
  37th 16.396                 Reanne Scott on Tubby                          
  38th 16.397                 Torri Ann Gardner on Willy                     
  39th 16.400                 Emilee Deeter on Zans Wimpy Bar Poco           
  40th 16.402                 Tina Vernon on Sheza                           
  41st 16.403                 Victoria Jackson on Dawson                     
  42nd 16.404                 Reese McDougal on Wimpetta Mattie              
  43rd 16.414                 Janey Taylor on JC Magnolia Jody               
  44th 16.415                 Hailey Spangler on Diesel                      
  45th 16.419                 Zoe Simar on Smart Puff A Smoke                
  46th 16.423                 Savannah Lovell on Miss Roany Jet              
Tie    16.423                 Claudia Booker on Cadillac                     
  48th 16.425                 Alexis Barnes on PL What a Shoman              
  49th 16.426                 Jennifer McBroom on Docs Waco                  
  50th 16.437                 Gage Davis on Horse 2                          
  51st 16.438                 Jenna Coker on Velets Blue Hancock             
  52nd 16.441                 Danni Dolan on PL Leos Royal Wonder            
  53rd 16.447                 Smith Punky on Chic                            
  54th 16.449                 Taylor Smith on Willie                         
  55th 16.453                 Tammy Gantt on Colonelsdoubledancer            
  56th 16.460                 Connie French on French Chic O'Lena            
Tie    16.460                 Mandi Black on Sister                          
  58th 16.468                 Jessica Halverson on Missy                     
  59th 16.477                 Hailey Caskey on Zans Gold Jackie              
  60th 16.483                 Kaylee Patrick on Streak                       
  61st 16.488                 Beth Romano on Diamond                         
  62nd 16.492                 Jamie Woodall on Bay                           
  63rd 16.498                 Katie Laviolette on Slick Cash Count           
  64th 16.499                 Anna Bradshaw on RD                            
Tie    16.499                 Kori Beth Thomason on Gunsmoke Soiled Dove     
  66th 16.505                 Kay Nerwick on Hooked On Firewater             
  67th 16.507                 Michelle Begnaud on Two Timin Tate             
Tie    16.507                 Gwen Sharp on B2                               
  69th 16.508                 Savannah Lovell on Lucky Texas Moon            
  70th 16.512                 Adrianna Maddox on Dixie                       
  71st 16.523                 Kayleigh Graham on Lajolla Bugs                
  72nd 16.526                 Brittany Bryant on Deuce's Last Dance          
  73rd 16.533                 Hunter Tuggle on Hzas Money Hungry             
  74th 16.538                 Tammie Miller on Classy                        
  75th 16.539                 Hal Parker on Horse 3                          
  76th 16.543                 Fayth Edwards on S'more dat Cash               
  77th 16.551                 Chrystal Deselle on Possum                     
  78th 16.556                 Lizzie Lovejoy on Rain                         
  79th 16.558                 Josie Griffin on Windeez BrightIdea            
  80th 16.572                 Angel Stevenson on Dirty Dancer                
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 6   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  81st 16.575                 Brandi DeHart on Cowgirl                       
  82nd 16.578                 Gina Cates on Red Western Gravel               
  83rd 16.580                 Sam Ratliff on Cougars                         
  84th 16.587                 Lacey Dunn on Katie                            
  85th 16.588                 Kaylie Lasyone on Sawyer                       
  86th 16.591                 Ali Barnette on Lucy                           
Tie    16.591                 Morgan Miller on Horse 1                       
  88th 16.593                 Bozo Anderson on Horse 2                       
  89th 16.603                 Mark Bridges on Warm Summers Night             
  90th 16.604                 Megan Laurie on Stevie Ray                     
  91st 16.605                 Harley Cooper on Texas                         
  92nd 16.606                 Mary Ann May on Gearum Up Nick                 
  93rd 16.613                 Amber Dison on Cruiser                         
  94th 16.617                 Kathy Ross on Gaddis Candy Man                 
  95th 16.619                 Jennifer Pinder on Grays Solar Chex            
Tie    16.619                 Mandy Saulsbury on Lady                        
  97th 16.632                 Lulu Forns on Patchy Poco Abilene              
  98th 16.635                 Cassy Gantt on Maddie                          
Tie    16.635                 Connie Ezell on Ya Know                        
 100th 16.645                 Pam Jacks on Callmefreckle Dash                
 101st 16.650                 Mica Wilson on Boo                             
Tie    16.650                 Mollea Brown on LM I'll Huff n Puff            
 103rd 16.662                 Pam Jacks on Speciator                         
 104th 16.667                 Josey Butler on BS French Pack Unit            
 105th 16.669                 Savannah Lovell on Magical Montana             
 106th 16.670                 Lacey Dunn on Stitch                           
 107th 16.675                 Heather Powers on CJ                           
 108th 16.676                 Katherine Pee on Pepper                        
 109th 16.687                 Kori Beth Thomason on XV Royal Padgett         
 110th 16.688                 Jenna Stewart on Remington                     
 111th 16.689                 Brandi DeHart on Jasper                        
 112th 16.696                 Cassy Gantt on Penny                           
 113th 16.698                 Kaitlyn Ryder on Nude and Naughty              
Tie    16.698                 Kellie Hebert on Breez                         
 115th 16.700                 Maegan Hogan on Lena                           
 116th 16.705                 Becky Brakefield on Lacey                      
 117th 16.707                 Melinda Schexnaider on Easy Hooked to Run      
 118th 16.713                 Elizabeth Reeme on Run for Miles               
 119th 16.715                 Rebecca Hodnett on Tee J Nasty                 
 120th 16.717                 Maria Hixon on Tax                             
 121st 16.719                 Candace Copeland on Jasper                     
 122nd 16.724                 Kailey Bignar on Conel Red Rose                
 123rd 16.727                 Victoria Cooper on Twiggy                      
 124th 16.731                 Patti Moore on Jazz My Bedouin                 
 125th 16.732                 Alexis Barnes on Ole Mans Doc                  
 126th 16.734                 Pam Jacks on Ten O Seven                       
 127th 16.740                 Charlotte Phillips on Willy Wild Wood          
 128th 16.741                 Carla Penvell on Little Hancock Lena           
                               4D Placings                                   
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 7   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
   1st 16.745 $892.03         Gail Thomas on Hopes Streaklin Star            
   2nd 16.749 $770.83         Taylor Ewing on Nothin But Bad News            
   3rd 16.754 $644.78         Cynthia Hill on R.R. Tari James                
   4th 16.757 $494.50         Royena Clifton on Okies Hero                   
   5th 16.759 $431.47         Dana King on Playin With A Cat                 
   6th 16.762 $315.12         Taylor Brooke Gunter on Slim                   
   7th 16.768 $230.28         Jeigh Hixon on Lucy                            
Tie    16.768 $230.28         Sonny Johnson on Miss JB 088                   
   9th 16.778 $193.92         Kaylyn Fitzgerald on TF White Sally            
  10th 16.795 $164.83         Courtney Durbin on Amos                        
  11th 16.804 $145.44         Debbie Hancock on Jet Chasin Alibi             
  12th 16.813 $121.20         Kaylee Patrick on Nic                          
  13th 16.818 $111.50         Ashley Sims on Jims Orphan Bar                 
  14th 16.829 $101.81         Lee Ann Bruscato on Lads Lil Skipster          
  15th 16.830                 Wendy Schutte on RM Ranger Badger              
  16th 16.834                 Hunter Tuggle on Claira Bell                   
  17th 16.843                 Haylee Bridewell on Lady Bug                   
  18th 16.845                 Destiny Desselle on CC                         
Tie    16.845                 Christi Steward on Sister                      
  20th 16.847                 Kalleigh Ezell on Pete                         
  21st 16.851                 Monica Radford on Ya Wanna Be Famous           
  22nd 16.866                 Lindsi Boles on Jean                           
  23rd 16.872                 Paige Moore on RCR Charly Sands                
Tie    16.872                 Victoria Cooper on Streak of Shauntie          
  25th 16.883                 Sydney Albritton on Goldwoods Lil Miss         
  26th 16.888                 Justice Pullin on Polly                        
  27th 16.891                 Ammie Watson on Mavrick                        
  28th 16.895                 Jenna Stewart on Beyonce                       
  29th 16.898                 Julie Bridewell on Marion's Sun O'Lena         
  30th 16.905                 Brenda Agnew on Mr JBImafirewater              
  31st 16.908                 Destiny Bittle on Chicorys Golden Moon         
  32nd 16.913                 Benjamin Beall on Hooked on Native             
  33rd 16.917                 Emory Smith on Jetta                           
  34th 16.921                 Beauboeuf Sheree on Molly                      
  35th 16.925                 Kyndal Scott on Angel for Austin               
  36th 16.937                 Jessica McGee on Walkabout Native              
  37th 16.941                 Victoria Jackson on Lucy                       
  38th 16.952                 Elli Grace Houser on Hollywoods Cash           
  39th 16.986                 Eugene Vernon on Dallas                        
  40th 16.987                 Marlyn Bland on Riding Her Diamond             
  41st 16.990                 Hal Parker on Horse 1                          
  42nd 16.992                 Teri Hale on Extreme Dominator                 
  43rd 17.002                 Tammy Walker on Flit to Win                    
  44th 17.003                 Lea Ann Bramlett on Sonitas Go Man Go          
  45th 17.007                 Sammye Lee Woods on She's A Dash of Cinnamon   
  46th 17.017                 Josey Butler on BS Pack Dat Fame               
  47th 17.038                 Mike Bruscato on Brees                         
Tie    17.038                 Elizabeth Ray on Yeller                        
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 8   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  49th 17.043                 Callie Frazier on Just Cuttin Loose            
  50th 17.060                 Vada Stanley on Festis                         
  51st 17.066                 Taylor Mills on Avery Handcock                 
  52nd 17.068                 Maddie Brown on Freckle Command                
Tie    17.068                 Lisa Kilcrease on Crisco                       
  54th 17.073                 Carla Penvell on TF Speed with Chrome          
  55th 17.084                 Debi Faulk on Smoke                            
  56th 17.101                 Emily Grace Bordelon on Moon                   
  57th 17.130                 Alexis Pardue on Blaze                         
  58th 17.148                 Jenna Court on Won Da Cash                     
  59th 17.154                 Gracie Caskey on Count Cavier                  
  60th 17.155                 Jessica Diller on Sheza Custom Hero            
  61st 17.158                 Hunter Tuggle on Gay Bar Rayville              
  62nd 17.184                 Hailey Spangler on Big Red                     
  63rd 17.190                 Haley James on Eye Catchers Pie                
  64th 17.199                 Chelsey Foster on Roan King Annie              
  65th 17.203                 Raimee Jo Moore on Comets Dash                 
Tie    17.203                 Kaylie Blalock on Taie Windy Jackie            
  67th 17.204                 Alexis Barnes on Burnells Peppy Doc            
Tie    17.204                 Frank Haltom on OK Kelly                       
  69th 17.209                 Gracie Caskey on Sir Jim Bobber                
  70th 17.223                 Carol Neeley on Butch                          
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.242 $594.69         Jossie Neal on Reba                            
   2nd 17.257 $513.89         Tammie Miller on Moe                           
   3rd 17.261 $429.86         Leslie Forns on Honor My Account               
   4th 17.277 $329.66         Sonny Johnson on Miss Bionic Bella             
   5th 17.281 $287.65         Lily Spangler on Chief                         
   6th 17.285 $210.08         Ranna Hebert on Jessadashajoy                  
   7th 17.298 $164.83         Jeannie M Williams on Joker                    
   8th 17.307 $142.21         Jennifer McDougal on Boomer Request            
   9th 17.311 $129.28         Isabel Dawson on Adoby                         
  10th 17.318 $109.89         Evelyn Hungerford on The Magic Fly             
  11th 17.329 $ 96.96         Genevieve Alexander on Faith                   
  12th 17.371 $ 80.80         Ronnie Devall on Whip                          
  13th 17.410 $ 74.34         Pamela Nale on Dixie Robber                    
  14th 17.419 $ 67.87         Lori Withers on Magnolia Moon River            
  15th 17.420                 Kim Eubanks on Sonny                           
Tie    17.420                 Benjamin Beall on Little Bit                   
  17th 17.423                 Beth Brakeville on Rebel                       
  18th 17.431                 Jordan Sharp on BB                             
  19th 17.434                 Amy Moore on Ike's Baby                        
  20th 17.437                 Paula Pemberton on Shakem                      
  21st 17.446                 Macy Henderson on Yella                        
  22nd 17.447                 Melinda Gray on RS Red Frost Roco              
  23rd 17.476                 Lisa Bussey on PC Ikenova                      
  24th 17.489                 Elizabeth Reeme on Franklins Spirit            
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 9   
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  25th 17.500                 Colorado Miller on Streakin N Shinein          
  26th 17.501                 Quanah Hubbard on Ronas                        
  27th 17.508                 Whitney Bullock on Sweet Sassy Flit            
  28th 17.515                 Christy Nugent on 1                            
  29th 17.560                 Haley Jones on Skipper                         
  30th 17.594                 Lauranne Carter on Pocos Lightning             
  31st 17.596                 Kailey Bignar on Doc Tari Shadow               
  32nd 17.614                 Juandonna Ausberry on HiLutterCash             
  33rd 17.621                 Lauranne Carter on Wow Money Pie               
Tie    17.621                 Morgan Neugent on Valueable Vinny Vegas        
  35th 17.649                 Julia Lauritzson on KT Sunrize                 
  36th 17.650                 Sunny Gaumnitz on Shesa Unique Cash            
  37th 17.677                 Mollyann Moore on Stormy                       
  38th 17.697                 Edith Atkinson on Rebellious Dutchman          
  39th 17.698                 Alex Hendrix on Cindy                          
  40th 17.707                 Cindy Fountain on Bella                        
  41st 17.709                 Allyson Jackson on Pheonix                     
  42nd 17.712                 Pam Prestage on Zip                            
  43rd 17.719                 Susan Childers on Aces Spark of Beauty         
  44th 17.725                 Jennifer Pinder on CJ Goldflash                
  45th 17.737                 Donna Rozell on Grumpy                         
  46th 17.781                 Brylee Brakefield on Penny                     
  47th 17.822                 Jessica Quoyeser on Chasin Bits of Money       
  48th 17.850                 Erin Beauboeuf on Melrose                      
  49th 17.855                 Kathy Miller on Whose Mustang Sally            
  50th 17.956                 Kendall Sharp on Champage                      
  51st 17.973                 Makenzie Fields on Pearl                       
  52nd 18.035                 Raeghan Norred on Rachel                       
  53rd 18.046                 Jordan Sharp on Dolly                          
  54th 18.101                 Breanna Williams on Dusty                      
  55th 18.131                 Edith Atkinson on Lorenas Rowdy Sue            
  56th 18.132                 Win Bagley on April                            
  57th 18.191                 Mike Bruscato on Doc Lean On                   
  58th 18.211                 Sabrina Maza on Mego                           
  59th 18.225                 Jessica West on Ranger San Kai                 
  60th 18.228                 Ranna Hebert on Toast                          
  61st 18.426                 Sarah Clark on Bull Wool                       
  62nd 18.541                 Bryana Hancock on Triple Diamond Dash          
  63rd 18.616                 Callie Frazier on Dolly on Fire                
  64th 18.709                 Brittany Lee on JH                             
  65th 18.739                 Kalleigh Ezell on Goober                       
  66th 18.795                 Lexie Ryan Wilson on Camo                      
  67th 18.873                 Emily Grace Bordelon on Tabasco                
  68th 18.988                 Taylor Snowden on Blue Jeans                   
  69th 19.049                 Sherri Thornton on Cash                        
  70th 19.242                 Allison Copeland on Chester                    
  71st 19.367                 Nancy Devall on Gator                          
  72nd 19.675                 Crystal Thompson on Travelin Chicka            
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 10  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
  73rd 20.313                 Jenni Thompson on CE Stormy Rendezvous         
  74th 20.573                 Kyndal Scott on Buttercup                      
  75th 20.728                 Cindy Fountain on Lucky Lockett                
  76th 20.866                 Morgan Neugent on Perk Dat Cajun               
  77th 21.252                 Stephan Boutin on Hooked on Nick               
  78th 21.381                 Brooke Yelvington on Honor JoJet               
  79th 21.414                 Jennifer Chandler on Chloe                     
  80th 25.619                 Leslie Jennings on French Fried Bug            
N/T    400.000                Rex McCrory on Red                             
N/T    400.000                Kaylie Lasyone on Dega                         
N/T    400.000                Raymond Flowers on Perks Burning Three         
N/T    400.000                Ashley Davis on Maggie Flying Bayou            
N/T    400.000                Sabrina Maza on GG                             
N/T    400.000                Kelly Davis on Dash for Nugget                 
N/T    400.000                Christa Salsbury on Shiny                      
N/T    400.000                Patty Harville on TF Classy Frenchman          
N/T    400.000                Callie Davis on Fugi Mo                        
N/T    400.000                Billie Ruth Hankins on Rock Bottom Rude Boy    
N/T    400.000                Jenni Thompson on Spider                       
N/T    400.000                Kim Salsbury on C                              
N/T    400.000                Samantha Minton on Streakin Sun Socks          
N/T    400.000                Marlyn Bland on Imajettinfaster                
N/T    400.000                Jenny Smith on Dos                             
N/T    400.000                Donna Bailey on Mattie                         
N/T    400.000                Mary Gaesner on Miller                         
N/T    400.000                Rainy Small on Mister Do Fly                   
N/T    400.000                Terri Smith on VF Hurrah for Burr              
N/T    400.000                Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
N/T    400.000                Raimee Jo Moore on Special                     
N/T    400.000                Kim Zimmers on Doc Glo Tivio                   
N/T    400.000                Sara Scogin on Jamication Me Money             
N/T    400.000                Michelle Begnaud on McCrays Memory             
N/T    400.000                Pete Oen on 4                                  
N/T    400.000                Debbie Owen on Dunit Flints Way                
N/T    404.491                Lucia Brown on Silk                            
N/T    405.377                Pete Oen on 3                                  
N/T    405.463                Kelly Holton on Gingers Snap Dragon            
N/T    406.506                Pete Oen on 2                                  
N/T    406.974                Raimee Jo Moore on Rocket                      
N/T    408.241                Virginia Towns on Marie                        
N/T    409.161                Stephanie Hornsby on GB Betcha Boots           
N/T    409.703                Pete Oen on 1                                  
N/T    411.332                Barbara Burns on Horse 0                       
N/T    413.035                Kelsey Chesson on Sandy Pine Hollow            
N/T    414.954                Elizabeth Broussard on Sticks Stoney Gambler   
N/T    415.277                Dani Anderson on Horse 1                       
N/T    415.304                Katti Pinnix on Surprise Ima Flit              
N/T    415.360                Michael Smith on Native's Oakie Rose           
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 11  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    415.390                Danielle Duplissey on Dude                     
N/T    415.408                Daleighn Meylian on Handin Doc                 
N/T    415.431                Gracie Nugent on Rocky                         
N/T    415.438                Katie Roberts on Juma Gem                      
N/T    415.472                Chesnie Neal on Hickory Doc                    
N/T    415.536                Merrill O'Neal on Pikachu                      
N/T    415.539                Natalie Bland on Texas War Jet                 
N/T    415.616                Abby Searcy on Zee                             
N/T    415.616                Micah Goins on Fancy Native Man                
N/T    415.620                Janna Beam on Bright La Jolla                  
N/T    415.627                Bozo Anderson on Horse 3                       
N/T    415.700                Kathlene Hutchinson on AKS HammerLane          
N/T    415.722                Brenda Whatley on Quincy                       
N/T    415.779                Reese McDougal on Tiny                         
N/T    415.786                Elli Grace Houser on Maddey                    
N/T    415.802                Sydney Hopkins on Dancer                       
N/T    415.824                Dani Anderson on Horse 2                       
N/T    415.835                Paula Jo Miller on Sailors Tease               
N/T    415.836                Patti Moore on Pacifier Bell Star              
N/T    415.855                Angela Gilliam on Easy                         
N/T    415.877                Carey Cooper on Boo Money Bailey               
N/T    415.895                Bailee Boling on Plenty of Hickoaksan          
N/T    415.905                Debbie Prince on FF Misty Roan                 
N/T    415.943                Morgan McQuay on Regers Devil Dancer           
N/T    415.955                Brenda Whatley on Kasey                        
N/T    415.957                Emily Thompson on MS Sonny Street              
N/T    415.977                Dorothy Thompson on Horse 1                    
N/T    415.982                Vanessa Ratliff on HBD Pretty Girl Boon        
N/T    416.001                Monica Radford on Cals Lil Man                 
N/T    416.028                Dana King on Easy Smashed Native               
N/T    416.032                Chesnie Neal on San Perdiz Pistol              
N/T    416.035                Tiffany Blackman on Willis                     
N/T    416.036                BreAnne Burr on Prontos Bit of Flit            
N/T    416.060                Ali Barnette on Shotgun                        
N/T    416.066                Michael Smith on Two Natives                   
N/T    416.079                Macy Patton on Horse 2                         
N/T    416.094                Brooke Brakefield on Dollar                    
N/T    416.118                Gaye McGinn on Firewater Floyd                 
N/T    416.128                Janna Beam on Rips Famous Fame                 
N/T    416.136                Jerrica Pruitt on Sonny                        
N/T    416.145                Angel Stevenson on Patch                       
N/T    416.153                Gina Flowers on SL Jettin Smooth Wood          
N/T    416.158                Merrill O'Neal on Rocket                       
N/T    416.178                Aaleigha Dubios on Beauty Shop                 
N/T    416.192                Shantae Truelock on T-Bone                     
N/T    416.213                Emily Calhoun on Cash                          
N/T    416.235                Kim Brown on Horse 1                           
N/T    416.246                Connie Ezell on Magnum LaJolla                 
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 12  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    416.251                Maggie Watlington on Horse 2                   
N/T    416.257                Roxanne Bradshaw on Raven                      
N/T    416.265                Karlie Easley on Peachy Little Haida           
N/T    416.276                Whitney Wallace on Horse 1                     
N/T    416.278                Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
N/T    416.317                Katti Pinnix on Miss Mega Royal                
N/T    416.336                Amanda Risner on Treasuredtoothousand          
N/T    416.361                Mandi Black on Mace                            
N/T    416.380                Courtney Mendenhall on Shining Jewel TE        
N/T    416.409                Abby Searcy on Flicka My Cash                  
N/T    416.431                Tammy Brasseaux on SplashMe Some Tradition     
N/T    416.443                Krystal Gryziecki on Silver Lucky Concho       
N/T    416.464                Lauren Pardue on Mae                           
N/T    416.471                Erin Finlay on Brazzos Nick Bar                
N/T    416.491                Debbie Hancock on Smooth                       
N/T    416.511                Destiny Jones on Streakin Windy                
N/T    416.538                Zoe Simar on Sheza Native Duchess              
N/T    416.541                Staci Burns on Java Junkie                     
N/T    416.545                Pecos McDonald on Doc Curendero                
N/T    416.556                Katti Pinnix on Eyes on Joe                    
N/T    416.577                Morgan Woods on Smokin Georgia Cat             
N/T    416.588                Marilyn Duplissey on Dr Steven Buck            
N/T    416.600                Megan Laurie on Dakota                         
N/T    416.611                Kellie Mounger on Pale Face Rascal             
N/T    416.623                Jillian Carter on Flame                        
N/T    416.659                Taylor Ardoin on Streakin To Passe             
N/T    416.672                Misty Moran on KN Alice                        
N/T    416.696                Candance Albrittin on Wileys Frosty Leader     
N/T    416.708                Alexis Barnes on Smooth Centennial             
N/T    416.722                Hillary Albright on Titus                      
N/T    416.723                Kailey Bignar on Ticks Bar King                
N/T    416.767                Hal Parker on Horse 4                          
N/T    416.858                Jaicie Womack on Chief                         
N/T    416.863                Madison Thompson on Slick                      
N/T    416.868                Dora Dawson on Whiskey River                   
N/T    416.878                Daleighn Meylian on Peppy's Time To Win        
N/T    416.898                Chelsey Foster on PC Tucker's Dox Wood         
N/T    416.907                Hal Parker on Horse 2                          
N/T    416.911                Kalee Boswell on Chance                        
N/T    416.930                Denise Holton on Yao Ming                      
N/T    416.972                Taylor Brooke Gunter on JC                     
N/T    417.037                Marlyn Bland on K P Fame                       
N/T    417.087                Karla Johnson on Pistol                        
N/T    417.087                Niki Hinton on Sunny                           
N/T    417.088                Holly Griffin on Atta Boy                      
N/T    417.133                Elizabeth Reeme on Uno Better                  
N/T    417.133                Katelyn Kendrick on Peptos Diamond Lil         
N/T    417.189                Morgan Hughes on Greaty                        
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 13  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    417.196                Debi Faulk on Chonas Val                       
N/T    417.207                Rachel Jones on Comet                          
N/T    417.216                Lailani Massa on Lip                           
N/T    417.216                Dianne McClain on 96 Express                   
N/T    417.259                Jane Cooper on Honey Buns of Gold              
N/T    417.268                Kolby Lasyone on Brandy                        
N/T    417.318                Macy Henderson on Jewel                        
N/T    417.339                Addie King on Woody                            
N/T    417.351                Stoney Raymond on Buck                         
N/T    417.377                Hailey Caskey on MRH Blue Baby                 
N/T    417.441                Lindzay Gueringer on Smooth Docks Hickory      
N/T    417.443                Vanessa Ratliff on Zeros Junior Jones          
N/T    417.478                Barbara Burns on Smarty                        
N/T    417.545                Tiffany Litton on Drift With My Frost          
N/T    417.602                Benjamin Beall on Nicky                        
N/T    417.608                Faye Halverson on Spinner                      
N/T    417.682                Amy Moore on Sophisticated Shorty              
N/T    417.855                Fayth Edwards on Waco                          
N/T    417.873                Megan French on Misers Colonel                 
N/T    417.875                Beth Ann Ball on Milkshake                     
N/T    417.898                Will Terry on Bunny                            
N/T    418.108                Brenda Whatley on Paisley                      
N/T    418.329                Laura Hensley on Gunner                        
N/T    418.530                Benjamin Beall on Natives Raven Charm          
N/T    419.049                Mike Furr on Doc's Tivio Gal                   
N/T    419.122                Angel Stevenson on Sweet Williams              
N/T    419.818                Vickie Murray on Six Pack                      
N/T    420.099                Erin Hawthorne on Gracie                       
N/T    420.363                Lexi McQuillin on Sinless Colonel              
N/T    421.312                Macy Patton on Horse                           
N/T    422.652                Chesnie Neal on Dodger                         
N/T    423.542                Bri Daughtery on Reese                         
N/T    423.568                Ashley Peart on My Easy Frost                  
N/T    423.910                Hoby Kight on Sixy                             
N/T    424.053                Mark Bridges on My Streakin Playgirl           
N/T    424.141                Mary Gaesner on Deal of the Day                
N/T    424.609                Sharon McCallum on Leo's Summer Angel          
N/T    424.781                Mandy Saulsbury on Riley                       
N/T    424.804                Gracie Andrus on Annie                         
N/T    425.440                Victoria Cooper on Country Bo Royal            
N/T    425.539                Kellie Mounger on Miss Shere Te                
N/T    426.481                Jada Smith on Famous Cash                      
N/T    426.509                Leslie Forns on Maggies Fast Time Luna         
N/T    426.777                Evelyn Hungerford on MRF Pay It Forward        
N/T    427.512                Mackenzie Moore on Cello                       
N/T    429.924                Stephan Boutin on Sun of a Bunny               
N/T    430.240                Clay Brazzel on Famous Ali                     
N/T    432.258                Rileigh Norred on Possum                       
12:19 AM 09/02/14      Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 14  
                          BBR 5D Jackpot in Monday Open                      
               Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford Lincoln                   
N/T    432.998                Gina Cates on Blitz                            
N/T    445.259                Danni Britt on Diesel                          
N/T    448.116                Haley Ellerbe on Hustle                        
N/T    449.879                Rivers Raymond on Blue Jeans