8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2013 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 150 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 08/31/13               
                       Contact: Eileen Moore 318-366-4800                       
            Location: N.LA Expo Center - Ruston, LA, West Monroe, LA            
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
Paying to 12 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 27560.00, Rider count = 514         
     1D Time = 15.272, Placings = 47, Pool = $ 6890.00                       
     2D Time = 15.772, Placings = 87, Pool = $ 6338.80                       
     3D Time = 16.272, Placings = 106, Pool = $ 5512.00                      
     4D Time = 16.772, Placings = 63, Pool = $ 4960.80                       
     5D Time = 17.272, Placings = 74, Pool = $ 3858.40                       
                     Not Placed = 137                                        
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.272 $1309.10        Lizzie Broussard on Mercedes                   
   2nd 15.280 $1102.40        Katie Roberts on Juma Gem                      
   3rd 15.281 $964.60         Michael Smith on Frenchman Came A Callin       
   4th 15.290 $826.80         Abby Searcy on Dashing Wood Bar                
   5th 15.291 $654.55         Mandy Black on 2 of 2                          
   6th 15.314 $482.30         Jenny Smith on Catmans Sassy Seeker            
   7th 15.344 $344.50         Melanie Gore on Horse                          
   8th 15.425 $310.05         Deanna Schelby on Whiz                         
   9th 15.430 $275.60         Danni Anderson on Horse 3 of 3                 
  10th 15.441 $241.15         Janna Beam on Johny on the Rocks               
  11th 15.456 $206.70         Abbie Suggs on Prissy                          
  12th 15.473 $172.25         Deanna Schelby on Gambler                      
  13th 15.483                 Linda Griffin on SmokenFirewater               
  14th 15.488                 Royena Clifton on Merci Lous                   
  15th 15.503                 Trudy Bulliard on Cals Frosty Socks            
  16th 15.531                 Maggie Watlington on Layla                     
  17th 15.545                 Michael Smith on Natives Okie Rose             
  18th 15.554                 Monica Cooley on Unchained Indian              
  19th 15.570                 Brandon Fortney on Gator                       
  20th 15.573                 Bricklee Miller on Smart Little Floyd          
  21st 15.581                 Breanne Burr on Bits Chance ta Fame            
  22nd 15.582                 Donna Cavenaugh on Streakinlikeajewel          
  23rd 15.584                 Brenda Whatley on Choco                        
  24th 15.586                 Josey Butler on Sun Frosted Moon               
  25th 15.605                 Abigail Manning on Count Hickory Star          
  26th 15.609                 Toni Martin on Yegua  Cat                      
  27th 15.614                 Lydia Halbrook on Fonzie                       
  28th 15.615                 Shelley Morgan on Mark Me Double               
  29th 15.621                 James Barnes on Rush on Boots                  
  30th 15.622                 Janey Taylor on Just Cash No Bull              
  31st 15.633                 Sarah Plaisance on Just Let Her Dance          
  32nd 15.640                 Julia Ewing on Little Jane Dial                
  33rd 15.656                 Barbara Burns on Jake Nonstop Fire             
  34th 15.670                 Christian Frost on CVF Skips Boss              
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 2   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  35th 15.679                 Shelly Gish on Puffin                          
  36th 15.684                 Kaci Bishop on Cats Daisy Duke                 
  37th 15.699                 Madison Jeane on Flit                          
  38th 15.705                 Janna Beam on KN Alice                         
  39th 15.708                 Brittany Daniels on Summer                     
  40th 15.715                 Merrill O'Neal on Hanks Pikachu                
  41st 15.721                 Laurie Cooper on Tag                           
  42nd 15.723                 Julie Murphy on Bucky                          
  43rd 15.738                 Brandon Fortney on Missy                       
  44th 15.743                 Claudia Booker on Cadillac                     
  45th 15.748                 Taylor Langdon on Breezin Sugar Flit           
  46th 15.751                 Michael Smith on Natives First Fuel            
  47th 15.767                 Erica Norwood on Mia Hustler                   
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.783 $1204.37        Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Illini Western Dash     
   2nd 15.787 $1014.21        Bailee Boling on Plenty of Hickoaksan          
   3rd 15.798 $887.43         Benjamin Beall on Packin Kanopie               
   4th 15.807 $760.66         Kathlene Heine on Kathleen's Nick Bar          
   5th 15.809 $602.19         Julie Bailey on KM Winnie Broncen              
   6th 15.847 $443.72         Stacie Soape on Bunny's Lil Bit of Honey       
   7th 15.848 $316.94         Gail Thomas on On The Money Native             
   8th 15.860 $285.25         Darby Shope on Tees Tuff                       
   9th 15.866 $253.55         Cassie Gantt on 2 of 3                         
  10th 15.870 $221.86         Morgan Myers on Jewels                         
  11th 15.876 $190.16         Heather Haltom on FCS Trix Anna                
  12th 15.881 $158.47         Beth Townsend on Santee Nick Bar               
  13th 15.895                 Sydney Hopkins on Amber                        
  14th 15.897                 Debbie Guillory on 3 of 3                      
  15th 15.902                 Melanie Gore on Playgum                        
  16th 15.907                 Michael Smith on CJ Ratatouille                
  17th 15.917                 Tammy Gantt on Colonelsdoubledancer            
  18th 15.919                 Lane Johnson on Count Hickory's Sun            
  19th 15.941                 Macie Clark on Dasher                          
Tie    15.941                 Breanne Burr on I Am Bit of Firewater          
  21st 15.951                 Erin Siems on Quincy's Mighty Bug              
  22nd 15.955                 Tara Sanders on 3 of 3                         
  23rd 15.962                 Macy Patton on Sonny                           
  24th 15.963                 Hannah Forsythe on Maddie                      
  25th 15.969                 Savannah Lovell on Magic Montana               
  26th 15.972                 Josey Murphy on Ruby                           
Tie    15.972                 Allie Barnett on 1 of 3                        
  28th 15.974                 Shelly Gish on Royal Quick Moon                
Tie    15.974                 Bozo Anderson on 2 of 4                        
  30th 15.977                 Jacqueline Pine on Cowboy Command              
  31st 15.980                 Heather Haltom on Country Girl Socks           
  32nd 15.988                 Savannah Brown on Saes Bambino                 
  33rd 15.996                 Christine Cotty on Ty                          
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 3   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  34th 16.000                 Abby Searcy on Zee                             
  35th 16.003                 Stacie Soape on JYS Diamond Post               
  36th 16.005                 Jennie Smith on Cowgirl                        
  37th 16.024                 Ashleigh Baugh on Horse 1                      
  38th 16.025                 Susan Seffens on MLS Shakin Things Up          
  39th 16.032                 Alexis Blagg on BH Cash Withdrawal             
  40th 16.034                 Debbie Guillory on 1 of 3                      
  41st 16.035                 Deanna Thomason on Gunsmokes Soiled Dove       
  42nd 16.038                 Dusky Hall on Shy                              
  43rd 16.043                 Dani Anderson on Horse #4                      
  44th 16.052                 Jennifer McBroom on Uno                        
  45th 16.055                 Korie King on Sparky Parr Bar                  
  46th 16.071                 Leslie Luttrell on Rebel                       
  47th 16.072                 Kellie Mounger on Rascal                       
  48th 16.077                 Kim Brown on Dually                            
  49th 16.081                 Leslie Luttrell on Ray                         
  50th 16.083                 Laine Willis on Doll                           
Tie    16.083                 Kaci Bishop on BA First Down Charge            
  52nd 16.095                 Kori Thomason on XV Royal Padgett              
  53rd 16.098                 Patty Mitchell on Dashun Eighty                
  54th 16.115                 Rowdy Flowers on Race Away Randy               
  55th 16.118                 Allie Chapman on Peanut                        
  56th 16.124                 Cori Richerson on Snip                         
  57th 16.139                 Eric Smith on Rockets A Blazin                 
  58th 16.142                 Dianne Knight on Blazin Hells Angel            
  59th 16.148                 Jossie Neal on E.Z.                            
  60th 16.156                 Benjamin Beall on Hoopi                        
  61st 16.159                 Emily Riley on SR Smart Lil Playboy            
  62nd 16.162                 Cassie Gantt on 1 of 3                         
  63rd 16.163                 Tara Sanders on 2 of 3                         
  64th 16.167                 Danni Anderson on 2 of 3                       
  65th 16.169                 Angela Festervan on Bacchus Leo                
  66th 16.177                 Kinsey Pody on Barron Watch                    
  67th 16.184                 Klancy Shope on Freckles                       
  68th 16.185                 Taylor Langdon on Mac                          
  69th 16.192                 Danni Anderson on DA                           
  70th 16.195                 Bridgett Nobles on Majors Peppy Surprise       
  71st 16.197                 Korie King on Cooley's Rapid Turn              
Tie    16.197                 Hannah Morris on Reina                         
  73rd 16.198                 Kelly Davis on Dash For Nugget                 
  74th 16.201                 Karley Keys on Spanky                          
  75th 16.207                 Carla Loyd on Go To Bar                        
  76th 16.217                 Denise Holton on Buddy                         
  77th 16.228                 Laura Pennington on Iona Dash                  
  78th 16.229                 Candace Copeland on Jasper                     
  79th 16.237                 Jessica Harrell on 1 of 2                      
  80th 16.240                 Jan Wade on Jazz                               
  81st 16.241                 Lane Johnson on King Shiner                    
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 4   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  82nd 16.250                 Jada Smith on Famous Cash                      
  83rd 16.254                 Abby Searcy on Desi                            
  84th 16.257                 Makenzie Mayes on Becky Lou                    
  85th 16.265                 Madison Jeane on Magic                         
  86th 16.266                 Chesnie Neal on Dodger                         
  87th 16.267                 Michaela Womack on Sister                      
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.272 $1047.28        Amanda Averett on Fancy                        
   2nd 16.278 $881.92         Christy Nugent on Money                        
   3rd 16.284 $771.68         Leslie Forns on Maggies Fast Time Luna         
   4th 16.285 $661.44         Logan Poole on Whisper                         
   5th 16.287 $523.64         Bricklee Miller on Clay                        
   6th 16.291 $385.84         Donna Hodges on DH River Cline                 
   7th 16.293 $275.60         Makenzie Mayes on Ice Man                      
   8th 16.295 $248.04         Kera Roberts on 1 of 1                         
   9th 16.302 $206.70         Kim Neal on Pistol                             
Tie    16.302 $206.70         Ashton Corley on Southern Star                 
  11th 16.306 $165.36         Lizzie Broussard on Lady Dreamins              
  12th 16.307 $137.80         ShyAnn Hatten on Gunner                        
  13th 16.314                 Betty Thompson on Keno Olena Bar               
  14th 16.327                 Lacy Dunn on Fred                              
  15th 16.328                 Monica Cooley on MC Shezaflitnfiasco           
  16th 16.333                 Emily Calhoun on Rosie                         
  17th 16.335                 Megan Hodges on DH Oaks Pretty Gal             
  18th 16.337                 Becky Richerson on What A Fancy Twist          
  19th 16.338                 Tony Guillory on Horse1                        
  20th 16.339                 Erin Siems on Rick Can Fly                     
  21st 16.341                 Sylvia Cowart on Grace Will Do                 
  22nd 16.343                 Christy Nugent on Rocky                        
  23rd 16.354                 Hannah Kling on Tuff Bullion                   
  24th 16.355                 Kathy Jo Butenschoen on Ryans Genuine Star     
Tie    16.355                 Bozo Anderson on BA                            
  26th 16.357                 Hillary Branch on Kacees Scarface              
  27th 16.358                 Tammy Walker on Joy                            
  28th 16.359                 Kalee Boswell on Sham                          
  29th 16.360                 Mia Veazey on Fairfax Cherie                   
  30th 16.365                 Lori Bandy on Socks                            
  31st 16.379                 Victoria Jackson on Dawson Drew Leo            
  32nd 16.383                 Jackie McMinn on Cheech                        
  33rd 16.388                 Ashley Meriwether on Cliff                     
  34th 16.389                 Morgan Woods on Smokin Georgia Cat             
  35th 16.399                 Kim Merrell on CB                              
  36th 16.401                 Chesnie Neal on Dakota Chiefton                
  37th 16.413                 Madison Jeane on Castro                        
  38th 16.423                 Donnie Strebeck on JS Cajun Thunder            
Tie    16.423                 Debbie Guillory on 2 of 3                      
  40th 16.428                 Kelsie Williams on Brown Colored Hickory       
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 5   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  41st 16.435                 Raylee M Eberwein on Blue Baby                 
  42nd 16.440                 Cookie Myers-Ryland on Tiny                    
  43rd 16.458                 Kailey Bignar on Ticks Bar King                
  44th 16.490                 Taylor Ewing on Nothin But Bad News            
  45th 16.493                 Tiffany Blackmon on 1 of 3                     
  46th 16.506                 Booke Woods on Bogie First Down                
  47th 16.509                 Lauren Lee on A.J.                             
  48th 16.511                 Kaitlin Landry on Storms Little Joe            
  49th 16.514                 Hannah Seffens on Bertha                       
  50th 16.522                 Kelcey Dubois on Cleats Venture                
  51st 16.523                 Evelyn Hungerford on The Magic Fly             
  52nd 16.525                 Taylor Bignar on Doc Taris Shadow              
  53rd 16.529                 ShyAnn Hatten on Polly                         
  54th 16.530                 Kelsey Hornbuckle on Dash N Shake              
  55th 16.533                 Patti Moore on B                               
  56th 16.540                 Sarah Deaton on Goldfinger                     
  57th 16.541                 Kali Brown on Holly                            
  58th 16.544                 Kaylie Lasyone on Turbo                        
  59th 16.545                 Hailey Caskey on Zans Gold Jackie              
  60th 16.548                 Callie Frazier on Blue Creek Bug               
  61st 16.550                 Crystal Till on Doc's Two Gal                  
  62nd 16.555                 Sharon Vaughan on Peanut                       
  63rd 16.556                 Andrea Whiteside on Flit Packin Fire           
  64th 16.560                 Tara Sanders on 1 of 3                         
  65th 16.561                 Jackie McMinn on Stella                        
Tie    16.561                 Ty Mitchel on Talent                           
  67th 16.562                 Hannah Spyker on Sonny                         
  68th 16.565                 Dusky Fellers on Mooney                        
  69th 16.566                 Patti Moore on Vinny                           
  70th 16.572                 Elizabeth Sonnier on Voes Tough Cat            
  71st 16.577                 Carly Wall on Chester's Smothn VF              
  72nd 16.582                 Lisa LeBlanc on Spanish Lacy Rose              
  73rd 16.584                 Mark Bridges on Dusty                          
  74th 16.590                 Mandy Black on MD                              
Tie    16.590                 Kelsey Hornbuckle on Beau Tie Babe             
  76th 16.598                 Addie King on Dakota                           
  77th 16.606                 Maegan Colvin on Ruby                          
  78th 16.610                 Racheal Slay on Diesel                         
  79th 16.613                 Cindi Hutchinson on Max                        
Tie    16.613                 Danni Dolan on PL Leos Royal Wonder            
  81st 16.616                 Patti Jo Higdon on PJ's Nikki                  
  82nd 16.619                 Katie Norris on Totally on Fire                
  83rd 16.620                 Kayla Fenton on Polite Cowboy                  
  84th 16.632                 Mazie Tolar on John's Majestic                 
  85th 16.637                 Mollea Brown on LM I'll Huff n Puff            
  86th 16.639                 Rowdy Flowers on Lady Profit By Dash           
  87th 16.643                 Taylor Langdon on Taffy Flit Bar               
  88th 16.649                 Royena Clifton on All By My Lonesome           
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 6   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  89th 16.655                 Kayleigh Adams on La Jolla Bugs                
  90th 16.664                 Chelsey Foster on PC Tucker's Dox Wood         
  91st 16.666                 Bryana Hancock on Domino                       
  92nd 16.671                 Jossie Neal on Special                         
  93rd 16.672                 Jackie McMinn on IveHadItWithTheDrama          
  94th 16.674                 Chelsea Bartlett on Ellie Mae                  
  95th 16.685                 Serah Clemons on Rachels High Winner           
  96th 16.701                 Jennifer McBroom on Dos                        
  97th 16.703                 Jeigh Hixon on Tax                             
  98th 16.714                 Maty Bagley on Loving USA                      
  99th 16.723                 Hal Parker on 1of 2                            
 100th 16.724                 Mikala Barmore on Derby                        
 101st 16.730                 Amanda Averett on Prissin to Kill              
 102nd 16.741                 Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
 103rd 16.743                 Tonnee Hawthorne on Ray Ray                    
 104th 16.751                 Brenda Whatley on Quincy                       
 105th 16.759                 Cassie Gantt on 3 of 3                         
 106th 16.763                 Julie Bridewell on Runaway Cash Hempen         
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.774 $942.55         Brittany Hughes on Horse 1                     
   2nd 16.777 $793.73         Debi Faulk on Unknown                          
   3rd 16.785 $694.51         Rhonda Ratterree on Some Perks Bug Me          
   4th 16.810 $595.30         Holly Hasty on Gunsmoke Pete                   
   5th 16.821 $471.28         Lori Bandy on Liza                             
   6th 16.825 $347.26         Raylee Eberwein on Wichita                     
   7th 16.834 $235.64         Bozo Anderson on 3 of 4                        
Tie    16.834 $235.64         Madison Jeane on B.J.                          
   9th 16.851 $198.43         Jenni Sandifer on Lincoln                      
  10th 16.857 $173.63         Jackie McMinn on Unlimited Fame                
  11th 16.865 $148.82         Shawne Wilson on Mare                          
  12th 16.873 $124.02         Savannah Brown on Just Cuttin Loose            
  13th 16.877                 Brooklyn Gates on Lexie                        
  14th 16.888                 Tori Smith on Lenas Easily Smashed             
  15th 16.890                 Morgan Woods on Sixes Lady Cather              
  16th 16.892                 Jaicie Womack on Chief                         
  17th 16.895                 Hal Parker on 2 of 2                           
  18th 16.903                 Allison Young on Moons Bars Prince             
  19th 16.919                 Tara Choate on Satchy                          
  20th 16.929                 Robin Lemoine on Hustle Flit Hustle            
  21st 16.931                 Barbara Burns on Flit Bar Buzz                 
  22nd 16.941                 Racheal Slay on Belle                          
  23rd 16.951                 Mollea Brown on LM Fantactic Lena              
  24th 16.953                 Baleigh Campbell on Sheza Super Flit           
  25th 16.955                 Lexie Sistrunk on Hottie                       
  26th 16.956                 Reese McDougal on Wimpetta Mattie              
  27th 16.961                 Brittany Bryant on Star                        
  28th 16.967                 Anna Tolbert on Jerry                          
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 7   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  29th 16.987                 Allie Barnett on 3 of 3                        
  30th 16.991                 Tiffany Blackmon on 3 of 3                     
  31st 17.014                 Macie Clark on Boonlight                       
  32nd 17.027                 Sunny Gaumnitz on Shesa Unique Cash            
  33rd 17.031                 Anne Howell on Molly                           
  34th 17.040                 Susan Hickman on Hawk                          
Tie    17.040                 Destiny Desselle on Peppy                      
  36th 17.041                 Nikol Major on DHR Sugs Spice Girl             
  37th 17.044                 Rachel Dee on Cash                             
  38th 17.045                 Katie Davis on MsRioPaintedTarzan              
  39th 17.048                 Melinda Gatewood on Jack                       
  40th 17.067                 Stephanie Carter on Diesel                     
  41st 17.070                 Haylee Bridewell on Flowers Dude               
  42nd 17.077                 Savannah Brown on In Plain View                
  43rd 17.088                 Macey Colvin on Pickles                        
  44th 17.090                 Claudia Bennett on LaJolla Bugs                
  45th 17.100                 Emily Bordelon on Olivia                       
  46th 17.103                 Alonna Haley on Leo Van Bar                    
  47th 17.117                 Holly Hasty on Suns Showman                    
  48th 17.118                 Kaci Bishop on Diva                            
Tie    17.118                 Harley Cooper on Texas                         
  50th 17.141                 Katy Collins on Cheeto                         
Tie    17.141                 Lailani Massa on Poco This Minnick             
  52nd 17.159                 Isabel Dawson on Adoby                         
  53rd 17.164                 Audrey Jo Hunter on Sugarlove                  
Tie    17.164                 Patty Harville on Some Kinda Beggar            
  55th 17.187                 Brenda Whiteley on Kings Elegant Star          
  56th 17.199                 Paula Touchstone on Heza Dashin Man            
  57th 17.221                 Melissa Reeme on Uno Better                    
  58th 17.224                 Lori Withers on Magnolia Moon River            
  59th 17.225                 Carla Loyd on Rooster                          
  60th 17.256                 Misty Nelson on Rooster                        
  61st 17.263                 Mallory Gilbert on Frenchmans Bulladash        
  62nd 17.266                 Jennifer McBroom on Tres                       
  63rd 17.270                 Melinda Gray on RS Red Frost Roco              
Tie    17.270                 Isabella Armstrong on Little Man               
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.279 $733.10         Jessica Harrell on 2 of 2                      
   2nd 17.280 $617.34         Julie Bailey on Dial n 911                     
   3rd 17.292 $540.18         Hailey Caskey on Sir Jim Bobber                
   4th 17.296 $463.01         Gage Davis on Horse 2 of 2                     
   5th 17.297 $366.55         Tommie Scoggins on Blue Catfish                
   6th 17.305 $270.09         Lee Ann Bruscato on Vegas                      
   7th 17.317 $192.92         Sarah Deaton on Pocketclip                     
   8th 17.321 $173.63         Gracie Caskey on Count Cavier                  
   9th 17.353 $154.34         Mollie Watlington on Aim with Honor            
  10th 17.366 $135.04         Haley James on Eye Catchers Pie                
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 8   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  11th 17.379 $115.75         Emily Riley on Austin Stands Tall              
  12th 17.411 $ 96.46         Abigail Manning on Alice                       
  13th 17.413                 Mia Veazey on Anns Last Bid                    
  14th 17.414                 Angela Festervan on I Can't Take It            
Tie    17.414                 Sara Pleaance on Maggy                         
  16th 17.416                 Lacy Stapleton on Poncho                       
Tie    17.416                 Tracey Gunter on Cheerio                       
  18th 17.445                 Kelly Holton on Diamonds Native Fox            
  19th 17.483                 Terri Smith on VF Hurrah for Burr              
Tie    17.483                 Haley Williams on Elvis                        
  21st 17.489                 Hunter Tuggle on Doc                           
  22nd 17.523                 Frankie Eliott on Frost                        
  23rd 17.537                 Tammy Walker on Paulie                         
  24th 17.545                 Sonya Wilson on Quick Clark                    
  25th 17.552                 Will Bagley on Ice Ice Baby                    
  26th 17.554                 Edith Atkinson on Rebellious Dutchman          
  27th 17.556                 Mike Bruscato on Hoku                          
  28th 17.572                 Darnell Stewart on Magstar                     
  29th 17.695                 Brooke Yelvington on Baby Goodbye              
  30th 17.700                 Maddie Brown on Buddy                          
  31st 17.736                 Catherine Breeland on Beatrice                 
  32nd 17.742                 Bailey Newsome on Lacey                        
  33rd 17.772                 Kea Smith on Second Down Bugsy                 
  34th 17.789                 Ellie Grace Howser on Maddey                   
  35th 17.808                 Elizabeth Sonnier on Takin On Spanish Eyes     
  36th 17.817                 Mollea Brown on Doc B Black                    
  37th 17.819                 Dana King on Playin With A Cat                 
  38th 17.865                 Melinda Gatewood on Skippy                     
  39th 17.877                 Brandie Layfield on Peppy                      
  40th 17.934                 Edith Atkinson on Lorenas Rowdy Sue            
  41st 18.042                 Ann Beaubouef on Turbeuax                      
  42nd 18.132                 Misty Nelson on Kat Daddy                      
  43rd 18.136                 Logan Lemoine on Smiley                        
  44th 18.150                 Ethan Wyatt on Rex                             
  45th 18.164                 Ashli Gandy on Foxi                            
  46th 18.196                 Dora Dawson on Whiskey River                   
  47th 18.265                 Jeigh Hixon on Lucy                            
  48th 18.276                 Ashley Norris on Spartacus                     
  49th 18.279                 Korie Williams on Dove                         
  50th 18.335                 Colorado Miller on Gus                         
  51st 18.349                 Stacy Whitener on A Drift of Roan              
  52nd 18.367                 Chasady Beniol on CoolWhip                     
  53rd 18.454                 Tina Vernon on Sheza                           
  54th 18.530                 Delinda Hukill on Docs Stormy Flicker          
  55th 18.563                 Brenda Whiteley on Jes Slinky                  
  56th 18.585                 Lailani Massa on Pistol Annie                  
  57th 18.629                 Dawn Haywood on Sheza Precious Taco            
  58th 18.673                 AnnaGrace Forsythe on Grace                    
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 9   
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
  59th 18.772                 Johanna Townson on Shadow                      
  60th 18.830                 Mallory Chapman on Chavez                      
  61st 19.020                 Hannah Forsythe on Lucy                        
  62nd 19.250                 Allison Copeland on Chester                    
  63rd 19.347                 Jennifer McClure on Dunny                      
  64th 19.497                 Brenda Whiteley on High Dollar Duplicate       
  65th 20.566                 Beth Romano on Diamond                         
  66th 20.808                 Taylor Worley on Cherokee                      
  67th 20.932                 Katy Howell on Mr Big                          
  68th 21.500                 Mitch Beauboeuf on Melrose                     
  69th 21.538                 Benjamin Beall on Summers Last Rodeo           
  70th 22.366                 Gabby Grigsby on Redd Ryder                    
  71st 24.403                 Heather Lary on Peppy San Firecracker          
  72nd 27.082                 Tonda Ellis on Three Clu Jack Bar              
  73rd 28.084                 Gina Flowers on Go Hottie Go                   
  74th 35.104                 Mitch Beauboeuf on Zeke                        
N/T    400.000                Maddie Brown on Moose                          
N/T    400.000                Josey Cobb on Meaghan                          
N/T    400.000                Candina Burson on Miss Kitty is Pretty         
N/T    400.000                Katelyn Kendrick on Simone                     
N/T    400.000                Ashton Oglesby on Kicking Lilly                
N/T    400.000                Tori LeBlanc on Bobcat Boogie                  
N/T    400.000                Bryana Hancock on This Dudes Wylee             
N/T    400.000                Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
N/T    400.000                Abby Searcy on Flicka My Cash                  
N/T    400.000                Ellie Grace Howser on Maggie                   
N/T    400.000                Sheila Branch on Horse 1                       
N/T    400.000                Kodi Derouen on Smooth Mag                     
N/T    400.000                Mary Murphy on Racee                           
N/T    400.000                Claire O'Neal on Tuf                           
N/T    400.000                Katie Robbins on Leo's Easy Bug                
N/T    400.000                Leslie Forns on Lady King Cody                 
N/T    400.000                Holly Griffin on Atta Boy 1                    
N/T    400.000                Claudia Bennett on Leo Van Bar                 
N/T    400.000                Lana Bennett on Levis n Wrangler               
N/T    400.000                Connie Ezell on Magnum LaJolla                 
N/T    400.000                Sammye Lee Woods on Justin's Jess Perry        
N/T    403.648                Rachel Walker on Caroline Pep                  
N/T    404.802                James Barnes on Cash Not Corona                
N/T    404.852                Bailey Lynd on Hank                            
N/T    405.800                Shelley Morgan on Will Merada                  
N/T    407.715                Colorado Miller on Tippy                       
N/T    408.363                Jeannie Williams on JW                         
N/T    409.706                Brandon Fortney on Sport                       
N/T    415.082                Mallory Champagne on Brand Me Lucky            
N/T    415.311                Lacey Guidry on Crimson lil Patches            
N/T    415.356                Jenny Smith on DDS April Fool                  
N/T    415.399                Paula Touchstone on Badgers Bad Deck           
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 10  
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
N/T    415.546                Ashleigh Baugh on Horse 2                      
N/T    415.564                Carla Fortney on Jonas Jedi                    
N/T    415.581                Laurie Cooper on Perks Panita                  
N/T    415.598                Benjamin Beall on Reds Native Chinook          
N/T    415.643                Roxanne Bradshaw on Berts Snipper Bar          
N/T    415.657                Kelly O'Neal on Shorty                         
N/T    415.676                Brenda Whatley on Kasey                        
N/T    415.686                Ty Mitchel on Chip                             
N/T    415.744                Sandy Heine on No Buckin Blue                  
N/T    415.803                Morgan McQuay on Bling                         
N/T    415.811                Samantha Ewing on Slick                        
N/T    415.859                Ashley Burr on Prontos Bit of Flit             
N/T    415.863                Tammy Gantt on CimarronTreasure                
N/T    415.900                Leslie Luttrell on Clover                      
N/T    415.902                Anne Howell on Pete                            
N/T    415.928                Allie Barnett on 2 of 3                        
N/T    415.947                Karlie Sanders on Treasures and Roses          
N/T    415.951                Karley Keys on Star                            
N/T    415.967                Tiffany Blackmon on 2 of 2                     
N/T    415.975                Gina Cates on Guys my Daddy                    
N/T    415.977                Toni Martin on Jetolenas Lotta Cash            
N/T    415.978                Maggie Watlington on Blaire Bears Diablo       
N/T    415.996                Lisa Mitchel on Ally                           
N/T    416.007                Jennifer Kent on V                             
N/T    416.017                Daleighn Meylian on Handin Doc                 
N/T    416.030                Paula Touchstone on Parrs Royal Blue           
N/T    416.033                Sara Scogin on Jammy                           
N/T    416.045                Dianne Hay on Mos Twistin Wonder               
N/T    416.059                Kellie Mounger on Zipp                         
N/T    416.093                Emily Calhoun on Ruby                          
N/T    416.131                Patsy Akin on Bella                            
N/T    416.189                Gage Davis on Gage Davis                       
N/T    416.200                Lacey Dunn on Stitch                           
N/T    416.201                Rebecca Hodnett on Tee J Nasty                 
N/T    416.292                Karley Keys on Dandy                           
N/T    416.297                Lindsey Robinson on SonnyLeggoMy Wanglers      
N/T    416.300                Heather Haltom on 3 of 3                       
N/T    416.318                Karlie Sanders on Binker Takin Cash            
N/T    416.319                Becky Brakefield on Dollar                     
N/T    416.333                Tonnee Hawthorne on Whiskey                    
N/T    416.346                Lucia Brown on Silk                            
N/T    416.354                Roxanne Bradshaw on Raven                      
N/T    416.357                Lauren Tuminello on Holly                      
N/T    416.372                Hannah Kling on What a Dashing Image           
N/T    416.373                Stacie Soape on Popsicle                       
N/T    416.390                Kailey Bignar on Colonel Red Rose              
N/T    416.392                Cookie Myers-Ryland on Big Boy                 
N/T    416.488                Mollie Watlington on Stylish Miss Mona         
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 11  
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
N/T    416.510                Lexi McQuillin on 1 of 1                       
N/T    416.514                Kalie Corley on All For Fame                   
N/T    416.578                Dani Garrett on Leprechaun Patti               
N/T    416.586                Michelle Davis on Shadow                       
N/T    416.599                Dana King on Easy Smashed Native               
N/T    416.608                Mallory Gilbert on DMAC Spoonful of Essence    
N/T    416.669                Cori Richerson on Bay                          
N/T    416.674                Jackie Mangum on DH Laughing Cline             
N/T    416.682                Paige Moore on Charlie                         
N/T    416.686                Brandy Penn on Tank                            
N/T    416.699                Taylor Rainbolt on Hotshot Cutter Bill         
N/T    416.716                Brooke Bailey on B J Iron Girl                 
N/T    416.755                Addie King on Jet                              
N/T    416.775                Savannah Lovell on Batman                      
N/T    416.791                Sammye Lee Woods on She's A Dash of Cinnamon   
N/T    416.812                Hillary Branch on Who's Looking                
N/T    416.914                Debbie Hancock on Jet Chasin Alibi             
N/T    416.918                Mike Bruscato on Brees                         
N/T    416.923                Hollie Hunter on Nitro                         
N/T    416.957                Kelsie Cole on Jessie                          
N/T    416.962                Kellie Mounger on Little Bit                   
N/T    416.979                Ammie Watson on 1 of 2                         
N/T    417.017                Hunter Tuggle on Claire Bell                   
N/T    417.034                Cindi Hutchinson on Sally                      
N/T    417.043                Stacie Soape on Dashing Lilly                  
N/T    417.086                Morgan Savage on Taffy                         
N/T    417.141                Hunter Tuggle on Popeye                        
N/T    417.214                Masie Tolar on A Royal Tee Too                 
N/T    417.297                Juandonna Ausberry on HiLutterCash             
N/T    417.304                Katie Dunn on Hershey Sundee                   
N/T    417.505                Victoria Jackson on Roxie                      
N/T    417.560                Jenni Sandifer on CE Stormy Rendezous          
N/T    417.574                Darby Shope on Fabulous Memories               
N/T    417.631                Maty Bagley on Skip-A-De Do                    
N/T    417.694                Leslie Luttrell on Spaz                        
N/T    417.830                Haylee Bridewell on Lady Bug                   
N/T    417.948                Kolby Lasyone on Brandy                        
N/T    418.373                Tracey Gunter on Beaux                         
N/T    418.643                Julie Murphy on OneZee                         
N/T    418.675                Caroline Russell on Cruiser                    
N/T    418.776                Ty Mitchel on Vegas                            
N/T    419.571                Kaylie Lasyone on Sawyer                       
N/T    419.783                Angel Gates on Cup of Inspiration              
N/T    420.276                Anna DeBlieux on Champ                         
N/T    421.549                Frankie Elliott on Shawnee Moon Dancer         
N/T    422.899                Siemon Rogers on Tiny                          
N/T    423.515                Lisa Bussey on PC Ikenova                      
N/T    423.708                Helen Vinzant on Powers Promise                
8:56 PM 09/02/13       Barrel Race America, Version 12.3               Page 12  
                 NBHA 5D Jackpot in Monday Open 5-D $7,000 Added             
               Race Sponsored by: Jay-Malalrd Ford-Lincoln                   
N/T    423.771                Chasady Beniol on Hawks Hay Day                
N/T    423.900                Jennifer McDougal on Flea                      
N/T    424.941                Angie Roberts on 1 of 1                        
N/T    425.911                Christy Nugent on Pogo                         
N/T    426.440                Shawne Wilson on Oklahoma                      
N/T    427.732                Brooke Brakefield on Nude and Naughty          
N/T    447.661                Fanci Layssard on Case                         
N/T    448.717                Tiffany Minter on One Bad Bama Jama