8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2012 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
               Producer: 529 Diamond M Ranch, Show Date: 09/03/12               
                       Contact: Eileen Moore 318-366-4800                       
                   Location: Diamond M Ranch, West Monroe, LA                   
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
Paying to  9 placings, Jackpot Total = $  8000.00, Rider count = 325         
     1D Time = 15.082, Placings = 12, Pool = $ 2800.00                       
     2D Time = 15.582, Placings = 61, Pool = $ 2400.00                       
     3D Time = 16.082, Placings = 112, Pool = $ 1600.00                      
     4D Time = 17.082, Placings = 77, Pool = $ 1200.00                       
                     Not Placed = 63                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.082 $616.00         Lesley Luttrell on Horse 2                     
   2nd 15.387 $448.00         Mandi Black on Pocahontas Native               
   3rd 15.388 $392.00         Lance Graves on Fortune N Fame                 
   4th 15.398 $336.00         Raymond Flowers on Perks Burning Three         
   5th 15.431 $280.00         Pete Oen on Power Fame                         
   6th 15.449 $224.00         James Barnes on Cash Not Corona                
   7th 15.450 $196.00         Angela Gilliam on Easy                         
   8th 15.451 $168.00         Kaitleen Emfinger on Flash                     
   9th 15.484 $ 70.00         Danni Anderson on Horse 2 of 2                 
Tie    15.484 $ 70.00         Laura DuBois on Taco                           
  11th 15.492                 Lane Johnson on Tag                            
  12th 15.576                 Kyle Leleux on All Fame No Bull                
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.584 $528.00         Mandy Benson on Josey                          
   2nd 15.596 $384.00         Monica Cooley on Unchained Indian              
   3rd 15.620 $336.00         Stacie Soape on Dashing Lilly                  
   4th 15.627 $288.00         Debbie Guillory on Downtown Ryan               
   5th 15.630 $240.00         Ammie Watson on Ginger                         
   6th 15.634 $192.00         Abby Searcy on Nik Dells A Showoff             
   7th 15.636 $168.00         Suzanne Brumley on Im Flitin to Split          
   8th 15.647 $144.00         Cassie Gantt on Horse 1 of 3                   
   9th 15.649 $120.00         Michael Smith on Frenchman Came A Callin       
  10th 15.670                 Leslie Jennings on French Fried Bug            
  11th 15.679                 Raeghan Norred on Possum                       
  12th 15.710                 Trudy Bulliard on Cals Frosty Socks            
  13th 15.729                 Lauren Daniel on Our Lil Bunny                 
  14th 15.733                 Kayla Lance on Miss Roany Jet                  
  15th 15.740                 James Barnes on Double the Nonstop             
  16th 15.741                 Cassie Gant on Penny                           
  17th 15.753                 Hannah Kling on Miss Beautiful Jet             
  18th 15.755                 Brandie Bass on Frenchman's Smash              
  19th 15.776                 Lena Johnson on Dubya                          
  20th 15.794                 Smith Eric on Rockets a Blazin                 
  21st 15.801                 Lane Johnson on King Shiner                    
Tie    15.801                 Lance Graves on What Fame                      
  23rd 15.804                 Neeley Caudle on Jayzee                        
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 2  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
  24th 15.808                 Lori Hancock on Nothin But Real Cash           
  25th 15.820                 Katti Pinnix on Cowboy                         
  26th 15.833                 Pete Oen on Driftin to the Bar                 
  27th 15.834                 Gail Thomas on On The Money Native             
  28th 15.836                 David Murphy on Sundance                       
  29th 15.837                 Elizabeth Sonnier on Joes Tuff Cat             
  30th 15.851                 Emily Calhoun on Lady Bug                      
  31st 15.854                 Cassie Gantt on Horse 2 of 3                   
  32nd 15.863                 Lindsey Hill on Docs Rockin Liz                
  33rd 15.873                 Tammy Walker on Joy                            
  34th 15.875                 Michaela Womack on Sister                      
  35th 15.889                 Klancy Shope on Butter                         
Tie    15.889                 Kathlene Heine on Kethleens Nick Bar           
  37th 15.905                 Kaci Kizer on CT Peppy Bars                    
  38th 15.906                 Sylvia Cowart on Silver Beamer                 
  39th 15.909                 Mandy Benson on H Bar Taylor                   
  40th 15.911                 Michael Smith on Perk on Cimmaron              
  41st 15.918                 Sarah Stutson on HH Electric Lady              
  42nd 15.924                 Carla Loyd on GoTo Bar                         
  43rd 15.932                 Amber Lawson on HF Dash N Peppy                
  44th 15.946                 Connie Ezell on Magnum LaJolla                 
  45th 15.951                 Michael Smith on Natives First Fuel            
  46th 15.953                 Alli Johnson on Tic Toc                        
  47th 15.965                 Abby Searcy on Zevis Keys                      
  48th 15.970                 Breanne Burr on Bits Chance to Fame            
  49th 15.975                 Roxanne Bradshaw on Raven                      
  50th 15.990                 Gage Davis on Horse 2 of 2                     
  51st 16.000                 Faith Edwards on Waco                          
  52nd 16.015                 Ashten Thompson on IKE                         
  53rd 16.017                 Dianne Hay on Mos Twistin Wonder               
  54th 16.048                 Darby Shope on Tuff                            
  55th 16.051                 Taylor Langdon on Horse 2 of 3                 
  56th 16.052                 Chasity Rutledge on Kid Ringer                 
  57th 16.057                 Macy Patton on Horse 2                         
Tie    16.057                 Claudia Booker on Cadillac                     
  59th 16.059                 Julie Murphy on Peppy                          
  60th 16.062                 Bozo Anderson on Horse 1 of 2                  
  61st 16.068                 Pete Oen on Gonna Make-A-Million               
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.085 $352.00         Amanda Burris on PL What a Shoman              
   2nd 16.095 $256.00         Mandi Black on Horse 1 of 1                    
   3rd 16.116 $224.00         Debbie Guillory on Reds Western Diva           
   4th 16.118 $192.00         Hailey Prestridge on Junior                    
   5th 16.119 $160.00         Emory Smith on Guido                           
   6th 16.120 $128.00         Roxanne Bradshaw on Berts Snipper Bar          
   7th 16.130 $112.00         Stacie Soape on Jus Diamond Dust               
   8th 16.137 $ 96.00         Gina Cates on Flits Western Trophy             
   9th 16.140 $ 80.00         Kaylee Patrick on He Sho Wood                  
  10th 16.144                 Kara Roberts on Frenchie                       
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 3  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
  11th 16.145                 Karlie Sanders on Binker                       
  12th 16.146                 Billie Sample on Sun Chips of Gold             
  13th 16.152                 Alli Johnson on Blondie                        
  14th 16.158                 Staci Soupe on Samshin Dashin                  
  15th 16.165                 Pete Oen on VF A Classy Design                 
  16th 16.172                 Julie Murphy on Rosee                          
  17th 16.177                 Ben Beall on Nate                              
  18th 16.183                 Jodie Bass on SS Tiger Willow                  
Tie    16.183                 Brooke Woods on Bogie                          
  20th 16.191                 Carlos Renato on Dashing Strader               
  21st 16.200                 Gina Cates on Hesa Skip Stinger                
  22nd 16.208                 Amanda Averett on Fancy                        
  23rd 16.209                 Laura DuBois on Bella                          
  24th 16.213                 Casi Conrad on Salty                           
  25th 16.216                 Sheryl Bearden on Chances                      
  26th 16.226                 Sarah Fergouson on Pearl                       
  27th 16.250                 Gina Cates on Spark                            
  28th 16.278                 Susan Seffens on Robin                         
  29th 16.283                 Sandie Milam on Too Nosie for Texas            
  30th 16.290                 Lori Hancock on Money Rocks                    
Tie    16.290                 Brooke Brakefield on Nude and Naughty          
  32nd 16.291                 Jada Smith on Zip                              
  33rd 16.297                 Darby Shope on T                               
  34th 16.303                 Janey Taylor on JC Jody Magnolia               
  35th 16.323                 Heather Smith on Two Tone Trailhand            
  36th 16.330                 Allie Barnette on Lucky                        
  37th 16.331                 Jeannie Heitman on Streakin isa Sport          
  38th 16.340                 Rowdy Flowers on Lady Profit by Dash           
  39th 16.352                 Sherry Pinnix on Bouncy Cadillac Style         
  40th 16.379                 Brandie Bass on Windeez Brightidea             
  41st 16.381                 Lisa Prestridge on Hank                        
  42nd 16.387                 Brittany Bryant on Horse 1                     
  43rd 16.390                 Abby Searcy on Dashing Wood Bar                
  44th 16.394                 Dustin Angelle on Cuatro Fame                  
  45th 16.402                 Kendra Quinn on Fire  in the Mist              
  46th 16.431                 Jennifer Kile on Spirit                        
  47th 16.441                 Rebecca Hodnett on Tee J Nasty                 
  48th 16.445                 Lauryn Ross on Dusty                           
  49th 16.455                 Beth Dubois on JN Red Lynx                     
  50th 16.456                 Tammy Brasseaux on Ima Hempen Bug              
  51st 16.461                 Lacey Burch on Coie                            
  52nd 16.472                 Micah Goins on Pepper                          
  53rd 16.474                 Tony Guillory on RWF SunFrost Asa              
  54th 16.481                 Brittany Bryant on Horse 2                     
  55th 16.493                 Angela Gilliam on Bobby Sox                    
  56th 16.497                 Schyler Mitchell on Cora                       
Tie    16.497                 Janey Taylor on Just Cash No Bull              
  58th 16.499                 Dustin Angelle on DH Hancock Cline             
  59th 16.501                 Macy Patton on Horse 1                         
  60th 16.505                 Lena Johnson on Grey Badger                    
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 4  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
  61st 16.506                 Lisa Kilcrease on Crisco                       
  62nd 16.518                 Michael Smith on Dirty Gin Martini             
  63rd 16.520                 Lisa Hickman on Duece                          
  64th 16.522                 Ray Ann Fuller on Penny Corona                 
  65th 16.523                 Micah Goins on Scooter                         
  66th 16.527                 Abby Harrell on Rebel                          
Tie    16.527                 Michael Smith on Shes a Blazin Flicka          
  68th 16.530                 Shelly Chretien on Bay                         
  69th 16.532                 Christy Martin on Chester                      
Tie    16.532                 Stacie Soape on Horse 2 of 2                   
  71st 16.533                 Hannah Kling on Whatadashing Image             
  72nd 16.535                 Jolynn James on Lil Sister Moon                
  73rd 16.549                 Will Wilson on Quick Clark                     
  74th 16.556                 Kaylie Lasyone on Turbb                        
Tie    16.556                 Stacie Soape on Horse 1 of 2                   
  76th 16.587                 Boza Anderson on Lucky                         
  77th 16.605                 Klancy Shope on Freckles                       
  78th 16.624                 Paula Touchstone on Bravestar                  
  79th 16.630                 Mia Veazey on Annie                            
  80th 16.634                 Carri Dugdale on Horse                         
  81st 16.653                 Lydia Halbrook on Streakin Baileys Fling       
  82nd 16.666                 Abby Searcy on DM Diamonds by Red              
  83rd 16.670                 Julie Murphy on Flo Jo                         
  84th 16.673                 Julie Murphy on K.Fame                         
  85th 16.691                 Taylor Langdon on Horse 1 of 3                 
  86th 16.696                 Teri Park on Mini Girl                         
  87th 16.709                 Teri Park on BlueSan Simone                    
  88th 16.728                 Aimee Johnson on Barred Grey Bird              
  89th 16.736                 Danni Anderson on Horse 1 of 2                 
Tie    16.736                 Tonya King on HR Wakinas Jet                   
  91st 16.749                 Kelcey Courtney on Zan Bar Ludo                
  92nd 16.763                 Taylor Langdon on Horse 3 of 3                 
  93rd 16.768                 Stephanie McLellan on Sugar                    
  94th 16.784                 Alexis Barnes on PL Leo's Royal Wonder         
  95th 16.786                 Michelle Norred on Jr                          
  96th 16.787                 Sarah Deaton on Pocketclip                     
  97th 16.789                 Harley Roubion on Josey                        
  98th 16.800                 Hal Parker on Horse 1 of 1                     
  99th 16.822                 Kristy Dunn on Squirt                          
 100th 16.826                 Jennifer Kile on Concho                        
 101st 16.851                 Allie Barnette on Lucille                      
 102nd 16.867                 Emily Calhoun on Tucson                        
 103rd 16.888                 Angie Roberts on Horse 1 of 1                  
 104th 16.925                 Joan Strebeck on Skippa                        
 105th 16.936                 Cassie Gantt on Horse 3 of 3                   
 106th 16.937                 Shelby Robinson on Sesheza Hotty               
 107th 16.958                 Ashley Jones on Scarlet                        
 108th 16.978                 Lisa Sanders on Bellezar                       
 109th 16.989                 Gage Davis on Horse 1 of 2                     
 110th 17.028                 Teri Park on Candys  Tala Badger               
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 5  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
 111th 17.036                 Melinda Gatewood on Jack                       
 112th 17.047                 Tammy McCarthy on Maggie                       
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.087 $264.00         Anna Deblieux on Red                           
   2nd 17.089 $180.00         Kari Rhodes on Blue Six Dude                   
Tie    17.089 $180.00         Carlos Renato on Charge it to Magic            
   4th 17.093 $144.00         Theresa Moore on Solo                          
   5th 17.105 $120.00         Brittany Lee on EC Danny Perks                 
   6th 17.120 $ 96.00         Samantha Minton on Baylee                      
   7th 17.128 $ 84.00         Hilary Branch on Horse 1 of 2                  
   8th 17.147 $ 72.00         Lindsey Theriot on Grey                        
   9th 17.149 $ 60.00         Hilary Branch on Horse 2 of 2                  
  10th 17.154                 Gail Thomas on Hopes Streakin Star             
  11th 17.155                 Paige Moore on Chains                          
  12th 17.171                 Jayda Dunn on Fred                             
  13th 17.174                 Kendra Billard on Repo                         
  14th 17.218                 Macy Henderson on Foxy                         
  15th 17.239                 Robin Lemoine on Hustle Flit Hustle            
  16th 17.243                 Katie Dunn on Hershey Sondee                   
  17th 17.244                 Holly Hasty on Gunsmoke Pete                   
  18th 17.248                 Evelyn Hungerford on The Magic Fly             
  19th 17.253                 Whitney Bullock on Horse 1 of 1                
  20th 17.260                 Stephanie White on Kaycee                      
  21st 17.279                 Tammy Gantt on Colonels Double Dancer          
  22nd 17.300                 Haley Williams on Elvis                        
  23rd 17.313                 Holly Hasty on Suns Snowman                    
  24th 17.346                 Logan Lemoine on Golds Man Sonny               
  25th 17.362                 Kaylie Lasyone on Sawyer                       
  26th 17.375                 Billie Sample on Yellow Sonofabull             
  27th 17.381                 Ashten Thompson on Billy                       
  28th 17.413                 Sammye Lee Woods on Horse 2 of 2               
  29th 17.443                 Evelyn Hungerford on Heza Streakin Yawl        
  30th 17.444                 Susan Hickman on Hawk                          
  31st 17.458                 Michelle Begnaud on Two Timin Tate             
  32nd 17.490                 Laura Harper on Flash                          
  33rd 17.533                 Jessica Harrell on Jet                         
  34th 17.638                 Samantha Pietsch on Feature May                
  35th 17.642                 Ammie Watson on Dove                           
  36th 17.679                 Allie Loftin on Jetta                          
  37th 17.687                 Tammy Brumley on Stormy                        
  38th 17.713                 Ann Beaubouef on Turbeaux                      
  39th 17.714                 Rachel Smith on Trick Meyers                   
  40th 17.718                 Amanda Averett on Champ                        
  41st 17.722                 Kelcey Dubois on Case                          
  42nd 17.763                 Erin Hawthorne on TGI Friday                   
  43rd 17.900                 Victoria Jens on Fancy Colored San             
  44th 17.933                 Beth Romano on Doc Floyds Flip                 
  45th 17.946                 Destiny Desselle on Deanie                     
  46th 17.959                 Makenzie Fields on Pearl                       
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 6  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
  47th 17.965                 Diane Bradley on A Rolex Investment            
  48th 18.099                 Traci Reynolds on Another Classy Leo           
  49th 18.136                 Savannah Lovell on Austins Secret              
  50th 18.144                 Samantha Pietsch (peach) on Sharp Tuxedo       
  51st 18.153                 Tiffany Blackman on Milkshake                  
  52nd 18.156                 Julie Murphy on Hippie                         
  53rd 18.187                 Becky Johnson on Reba                          
  54th 18.188                 Rebbeca Johnson on Cash                        
  55th 18.278                 Lindy Lyles on The Hankster                    
  56th 18.382                 Kelcey Dubois on Cleats Venture                
  57th 18.442                 Mollea Brown on Huff                           
  58th 18.564                 Crystal Till on Christian Troy                 
  59th 18.608                 Breanne Burr on I am Bit of Firewater          
  60th 18.807                 McKenzie Davis on Jewel                        
  61st 18.905                 Baylie Newman on Blue                          
  62nd 18.945                 Donnis Birkichit on Rosie                      
  63rd 19.030                 David Murphy on Little Man                     
  64th 19.095                 Melinda Gatewood on Hawk                       
  65th 19.148                 Ashley Peart on Spec                           
  66th 19.323                 Rebecca Neeley on Sensation Sundance           
  67th 19.811                 Susie Mudd on BB First French Moon             
  68th 19.915                 Samantha Minton on Rock                        
  69th 20.408                 Heather Lang on Badger                         
  70th 20.561                 Shelby Robinson on Beduino Bud                 
  71st 20.744                 Kelly Holton on Tump Dat Bunny Ln              
  72nd 20.901                 Jessica McGee on Turbo                         
  73rd 22.391                 Ann Beaubouef on Babe's Chance Ta Fame         
  74th 24.258                 Sonya Wilson on Unique Class                   
  75th 25.488                 Loren Tucker on Cajun Nelly                    
  76th 27.495                 Amanda Burris on Ole Mans Doc                  
  77th 29.359                 Schyler Mitchell on Vegas                      
N/T    400.000                Kalie Corlie on All for Fame                   
N/T    400.000                Lilly Norris on Horse 2                        
N/T    400.000                Melinda Gatewood on Drifter                    
N/T    400.000                Ben Beall on Hoopi                             
N/T    400.000                Chrystal Desselle on Ace                       
N/T    400.000                Lauren Daniel on Hesas Freckin Jet             
N/T    400.000                Karlie Sanders on Stick                        
N/T    400.000                Maddisen Martin on R D                         
N/T    405.342                Jerrica Pruitt on Fergie                       
N/T    407.883                Wade Salter on Firewater Tri                   
N/T    415.417                Jerrica Pruitt on Fred                         
N/T    415.453                Rowdy Flowers on Turning Power House           
N/T    415.612                Jill Freeman on Horse 1                        
N/T    415.757                Donnie Strebeck on J's Cajun Thunder           
N/T    415.843                Katti Pinnix on One Perfect Stranger           
N/T    415.864                Libby Weatherford on Lefty                     
N/T    415.883                Sandy Heine on Hollys Nick Bar                 
N/T    415.955                Bozo Anderson on Horse 2 of 2                  
N/T    415.976                Paula Touchstone on Parrs Royal Bullie         
8:14 PM 09/02/12       Barrel Race America, Version 12.1                Page 7  
                  ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Sunday Warm-Up Show               
N/T    415.977                Libby Weatherford on Horse 3 of 3              
N/T    416.032                Tippy Fregeay on Bad Peppi Doc                 
N/T    416.067                Glynis Bryant on Jets Smart Eleven             
N/T    416.075                Glynis Bryant on Horse 2                       
N/T    416.086                Gage Davis on Horse                            
N/T    416.172                Katie Pinnix on Horse                          
N/T    416.202                Lacey Burch on Red                             
N/T    416.220                Sarah Stutson on Hes a Streakin Deacon         
N/T    416.246                Alexi Redumis on Mega Princess                 
N/T    416.282                Macy Henderson on Kallie                       
N/T    416.329                Ginger Moore on TCS Dancin Honor Fol           
N/T    416.358                Paula Touchstone on Willie Burnin              
N/T    416.361                Wendie Waldron on Graham Cracker Kid           
N/T    416.367                Kaitlyn Emfinger on Ruby                       
N/T    416.368                Emily Calhoun on Lucy                          
N/T    416.452                Debbie Hancock on Jet Chasin Alibi             
N/T    416.533                Jessica Harrell on Wrangler                    
N/T    416.561                Debbie Cockrell on Kowboy Kool Kat             
N/T    416.566                Chaz Maturin on Makes Me Wonder                
N/T    416.613                Gina Flowers on Tontos Dashin Girl             
N/T    416.637                Chaz Maturin on Beaumont Sugar Bar             
N/T    416.726                Melissa Mouton on Scootin Mac A Roani          
N/T    416.759                Leslie Luttrell on Horse 1                     
N/T    416.768                Cassie Chretien on Bay                         
N/T    416.794                Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
N/T    416.802                Kyle Leleux on HF Red N Rose                   
N/T    416.818                Kaitlyn Belgard on Bugs Bunny                  
N/T    416.834                Micah Goins on Special                         
N/T    416.966                Allison Newton on Sugs Ace in the Hole         
N/T    416.971                Savannah Lovell on Batman                      
N/T    416.972                Angela Gilliam on NFR                          
N/T    416.992                Mike Bruscato on Doc Lean On                   
N/T    417.029                James Barnes on Horse 105                      
N/T    417.050                Michelle Begnaud on McCrays Memory             
N/T    417.105                Makenzie Fields on Goose                       
N/T    417.107                Bailey Mudd on San Dan                         
N/T    417.112                Morgan Savage on Ezeke                         
N/T    417.140                Lauren Daniel on Red Hot n Easy                
N/T    417.411                Kimberly Sanchagrin on Cat                     
N/T    419.081                Sammye Lee Woods on Horse 1 of 2               
N/T    419.577                Cindy Fountain on Bella                        
N/T    420.629                Lynn McKenzie on Horse 1 of 1                  
N/T    424.973                Amanda Burris on Magnolia Genes                
N/T    427.805                Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry