11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2010 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
                          Producer: 0 Diamond M Ranch                           
                Contact: Eileen Moore 318-397-2472 318-397-2472                 
                   Location: Diamond M Ranch, West Monroe, LA                   
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
Paying to 11 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 24840.00, Rider count = 471         
     1D Time = 15.039, Placings = 20, Pool = $ 8694.00                       
     2D Time = 15.539, Placings = 97, Pool = $ 7452.00                       
     3D Time = 16.039, Placings = 168, Pool = $ 4968.00                      
     4D Time = 17.039, Placings = 149, Pool = $ 3726.00                      
                     Not Placed = 37                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.039 $1651.86        Leslie Jennings on French Fried Bug            
   2nd 15.209 $1477.98        James Barnes on Cash Not Corona                
   3rd 15.228 $1217.16        Mandy Black on Pocahontas Native               
   4th 15.268 $1043.28 3566   Monica Cooley on Unchained Indian              
   5th 15.270 $825.93         Stacey Richard on Merry Me First               
   6th 15.273 $608.58         Angela Gilliam on Bobby Sox Flit               
   7th 15.364 $521.64         Toni McCoy on Yegua Cat                        
   8th 15.373 $434.70         Pete Oen on Lucky to be Famous                 
   9th 15.387 $347.76         Kaitlen Emfinger on Peppy                      
  10th 15.391 $304.29         Lance Graves on Seis so Sweet                  
  11th 15.414 $260.82         Layna Kight on Twister                         
  12th 15.444         5918    Jody Dorman on Sun Frost Scooter               
  13th 15.451                 Carrie Thompson on Noels Alibi                 
  14th 15.463                 Brenda Whatley on Chicks Quick Molly           
  15th 15.465         7141    Kalee Boswell on Sham                          
  16th 15.468         6624    Cassey Gantt on KBWMIZ Money Penny             
  17th 15.478                 Pete Oen on Especially Poised                  
  18th 15.520                 Brenda Whatley on Nuggets Gold Whiz            
  19th 15.524                 Brooks Owen on Maverick                        
  20th 15.536                 Paris Jean on Problem                          
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.551 $1415.88 3481   Gail Thomas on On The Money Native             
   2nd 15.553 $1266.84        Chelsea McPherson on Flames Easy Money         
   3rd 15.556 $1043.28        Sarah Juneau on Fancy Bar Friday               
   4th 15.558 $894.24         Patti Jo Higden on She's Just Like Candy       
   5th 15.565 $707.94         Merrill O'Neal on Native                       
   6th 15.575 $521.64         Abby Searcy on Nick Dell A Show Off            
   7th 15.576 $447.12         Leslie Luttrell on Horse 2                     
   8th 15.623 $372.60         Lance Graves on What Fame                      
   9th 15.635 $298.08         Mandy Benson on Josey                          
  10th 15.636 $260.82         Ashton Luck on Mr. Mind Game                   
  11th 15.637 $111.78         Patti Moore on Poverty's Captain Kirk          
Tie    15.637 $111.78         Taylor Zimmerman on Arpege Special             
  13th 15.638                 Kaci Kizer on C.J. Peppy Bars                  
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 2  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  14th 15.641                 Chaz Maturin on Lighting Sugartrick            
  15th 15.646                 Janey Taylor on Just Cash No Bull              
  16th 15.651                 Summer Glen on J D Rushon Bingo                
  17th 15.669                 Laurie Cooper on Raisen Honor                  
  18th 15.675                 James Barnes on Dashin Nonstop                 
  19th 15.683                 Carol Mixon on Cash 1                          
  20th 15.691                 Jennifer Lynd on Alison's Wildfire             
  21st 15.693                 Julie Murphy on Cash for Fitz                  
  22nd 15.705         6495    Michael Smith on Rockets a Blazin              
  23rd 15.709                 Leslie Jennings on TF Savage Lady              
  24th 15.711                 Tammy Walker on Joy                            
  25th 15.718                 Leslie Holder on Dash Master Shuttle           
  26th 15.719                 Dani Anderson on Bar C Flame                   
  27th 15.724                 Paris Jean on Cowboy                           
  28th 15.726                 Chery Pinkston on Beyond Diamonds              
  29th 15.732                 Trudy Bulliard on BB                           
  30th 15.743                 Kelly O'Neal on Peppy                          
  31st 15.755                 Angie Jean on Tru Encounter                    
  32nd 15.760                 Cari Dugdale on Top This Jones                 
  33rd 15.765                 Merrill O'Neal on Pik a Chu                    
Tie    15.765                 Daleigha Meylian on 6 Packin Revenue           
  35th 15.767                 Chery Pinkston on Ima A Roan                   
  36th 15.772                 Haley Carroll on Mito Dry                      
  37th 15.780                 Madison Erwin on Tiny Sugar Charm              
Tie    15.780                 Lane Johnson on King Shiner                    
  39th 15.784                 Carol Mixon on Frosty                          
  40th 15.786                 Kyle Leleux on Six Playboy Freckles            
  41st 15.792                 Jennifer McBroom on 2 of 3                     
  42nd 15.793                 Brennen Reynolds on Illusive Expectation       
  43rd 15.794                 Anna Tolbert on Jerry                          
  44th 15.798                 Darnel Guidry on 1                             
  45th 15.800         6041    Angela Gilliam on Scooby                       
  46th 15.807                 Chancie Neal on Pistol                         
  47th 15.817                 Klein Bradbury on Dial Thirty Three            
  48th 15.841                 Jill Freeman on Horse 1                        
  49th 15.852         6624    Cassey Gantt on Lectric Dollar                 
  50th 15.858                 Dani Anderson on FF Fly Chex                   
  51st 15.859                 Lindsey Nickerson on Ace                       
  52nd 15.860         4166    Ashleigh Baugh on JP                           
  53rd 15.861                 Suzanne Parker on Snoop                        
Tie    15.861                 Hal Parker on Don't Moon Me Martha             
  55th 15.862                 Lane Johnson on Sunny                          
  56th 15.873                 Ruby Pellerin on Chocolate Kiss                
  57th 15.879                 Elizabeth Sonnier on Cajun                     
  58th 15.885         6624    Cassey Gantt on Docs Flashy Hawk               
  59th 15.888                 Christina Cole on Bully's Choice               
  60th 15.899                 Sherry Pinnix on Bouncy Cadilac Style          
  61st 15.902                 Trudy Bulliard on Cals Frosty Socks            
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 3  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  62nd 15.904                 Patti Jo Higden on Rona's Corona Girl          
  63rd 15.920                 Nina Hester on Lake Bug                        
  64th 15.921                 Kyle Leleux on TCs Runaway Lil Moon            
  65th 15.922                 Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Illini Western Dash     
  66th 15.931                 Jennifer Howard on Cooper                      
  67th 15.934         4166    Ashleigh Baugh on Flamin Dusty                 
  68th 15.935                 Shelby Crittenden on Speed Queen Shilabar      
  69th 15.938                 Meghan Thomas on Poco                          
  70th 15.942                 Gage Davis on Twister                          
  71st 15.944         3629    Donnie Strebeck on JS Cajun Thunder            
  72nd 15.948         5910    Sandy Dunham on Quick Impac                    
  73rd 15.953                 Micah Goins on Kid                             
  74th 15.955                 Debbie Guillory on Sparten RWF Sunfrost ABA    
  75th 15.959                 Lily Norris on Comentoes Set                   
  76th 15.966                 Micah Goins on Moonie                          
  77th 15.967                 Michelle Blanchet on J T Cash                  
  78th 15.968                 Miai Veazy on Cash or Credit                   
  79th 15.971                 Bryttanye Erwin on RainnFame                   
  80th 15.974                 Roxanne Bradshaw on Easy Master Cash           
Tie    15.974                 Maggie Watlington on SailinOnBunnysMoney       
  82nd 15.980                 Stacie Soape on Dashing Lilly                  
  83rd 15.981                 Lori White on Two Berry Poc                    
  84th 15.982                 Kayleigh Adams on XS Dashin                    
  85th 15.995                 Dustin Angelle on Whaul                        
  86th 15.996                 Abby Searcy on DM Diamonds by Red              
  87th 15.998                 Erin Finlay on TF Frenchmans Haley             
  88th 16.001                 Lindsey Kay Dupree on Andy                     
  89th 16.002                 Karen Worthington on Pitchfork                 
  90th 16.004                 Bozo Anderson on Do It                         
  91st 16.010                 Josey Murphy on Rubee                          
  92nd 16.015                 Jennifer Thomas on Fare                        
  93rd 16.020                 Elizabeth Ray on JJH The Bug Man               
  94th 16.022                 Pete Oen on All Fame No Bull                   
  95th 16.025                 Ashley Broussard on Ashley's Royal Jet         
Tie    16.025                 Macy Patton on Horse 2                         
  97th 16.026                 Allison Stevens on Double Te Temonator         
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.041 $943.92         Cydney Brown on The Master Himself             
   2nd 16.044 $844.56         Elizabeth Ray on Yeller                        
   3rd 16.073 $695.52         Kloee Gough on First Cup of Coffee             
   4th 16.076 $596.16 2668    Chelsey Foster on PC Tuckers Dox Wood          
   5th 16.080 $409.86 6641    Evelyn Hungerford on Heza Streakin Yawl        
Tie    16.080 $409.86         Brooke Woods on Bogie First Down               
   7th 16.087 $298.08         Ashley Lyon on Rollin For It                   
   8th 16.098 $248.40         Michaela Womack on Sister                      
   9th 16.102 $198.72         Bozo Anderson on Wolf                          
  10th 16.134 $173.88         Lisa LeBlanc on Spanish Lacey Rose             
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 4  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  11th 16.139 $149.04         Sarah Plaisance on Just Let her Dance          
  12th 16.144                 Jennifer Burgess on Paco                       
  13th 16.147                 Jamie Rainbolt on Skeeter                      
  14th 16.148                 Bryttanye Erwin on Sir Patrick Blurr           
  15th 16.153                 Leigh Ann Ramsey on Deacon                     
Tie    16.153                 Jennifer Martin on Smooth Mag                  
  17th 16.154         4732    Janay Jacks on Hurrihome Rusty                 
  18th 16.168                 Debbie McCormick on Mufasa                     
  19th 16.180                 Angela Rice on Guys Cash N Perks               
  20th 16.182                 Hannah Spyker on Lucy                          
  21st 16.183                 Emily Calhoun on Tucson                        
  22nd 16.184                 Stephanie McLellan on Sheza Bold Ruler         
  23rd 16.188                 Chesnie Neal on Horse 2                        
  24th 16.196                 Carolyn Aguillard on J.D.                      
  25th 16.206                 Lee Anna Rowland on Nacho Mama                 
  26th 16.208                 Laine Willis on Flashy Firen Doll              
  27th 16.209                 Mickayla Brown on Horse 1 of 2                 
  28th 16.214                 Lydia Halbrook on Huey                         
  29th 16.218                 Ashten Thompson on Blondie                     
  30th 16.219                 Anne Guillory on Ima Mighty Patriot            
  31st 16.224                 Miai Veazy on Nick Bar Bonus                   
  32nd 16.225         3907    Sylvia Cowart on Grace Will Do                 
Tie    16.225                 Courtney Meche on Ned                          
  34th 16.242         3403    Kyle McCormick on Stinky                       
  35th 16.243                 Katie Rains on Flash                           
  36th 16.251                 Raeghan Norred on Snoopy                       
  37th 16.253                 Nancy White on Meddlins Jelly Jet              
  38th 16.254                 Bailey Scroggs on Chilly Dog                   
  39th 16.257                 Chaz Maturin on Title Taker                    
  40th 16.263                 Courtney Meche on Chief                        
Tie    16.263                 Faye Halvorson on Mocha                        
  42nd 16.267                 Melinda Schexnider on Mr Randal Brown          
  43rd 16.272                 Stacie Soape on Jys Diamond Dust               
  44th 16.281                 Elizabeth Sonnier on T C                       
  45th 16.287                 Debbie Guillory on Sheza Foxy Pay Day          
  46th 16.289                 Lynn Milner on Genuine Ryans Star              
  47th 16.295                 Donna Hodges on Perks n Hand                   
Tie    16.295                 Lisa Sanders on Mattie                         
Tie    16.295                 Leslie Luttrell on Horse 1                     
  50th 16.304                 Sandie Milam on Tou Nosie for Texas            
  51st 16.305                 Amanda Burris on PL What a Shoman              
  52nd 16.329                 Callie Frazier on Barrons Ark Bob              
  53rd 16.331                 Micah Goins on Bill                            
  54th 16.337                 Gina Cates on Fargo                            
  55th 16.338                 Sylvia Cowart on JC Jody Magnolia              
  56th 16.343                 Ashley Thompson on Debs Poco Chance            
Tie    16.343                 Stacey Richard on One Special Mazie            
  58th 16.344                 Carol Perry on Buddy Ro                        
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 5  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  59th 16.353                 Jossie Haymon on EZ                            
  60th 16.371                 Diane Knight on Smoochie                       
Tie    16.371                 Juandonna Ausberry on Hicuttercash             
  62nd 16.372                 Brandie Bass on Windeez Brightidea             
  63rd 16.389                 Nina Hester on Letta                           
Tie    16.389                 Mollie Watlington on Elvis                     
  65th 16.391                 Rene Mitchell on Hancock's Toasty Doll         
  66th 16.393                 Angela Knetsch on Go Timer Go                  
  67th 16.396                 Betty Thompson on Keno                         
  68th 16.404                 Anna Bradshaw on RD                            
Tie    16.404                 Paula Touchstone on Bullie                     
  70th 16.410                 Kelly O'Neal on Martha                         
  71st 16.411                 Roxanne Bradshaw on Berts Snipper Bar          
  72nd 16.413                 Ruby Pellerin on R P's Gracey                  
  73rd 16.417                 Kayleigh Adams on TJO Judys Honor              
  74th 16.423         4732    Janay Jacks on Flits Bouncy Girl               
  75th 16.441                 Joy Wilkerson on Jet                           
  76th 16.452                 Ashley Greene on Poco                          
  77th 16.457                 Gina Cates on Coulours Passin                  
  78th 16.460                 Angela Horaist on Alfreds Bay Robin            
  79th 16.461         2355    BB Gregory on Jets                             
  80th 16.462                 Bozo Anderson on Dodat                         
  81st 16.463                 Stephanie Carter on Deisel                     
  82nd 16.464                 Amanda Cruse on Dunny                          
  83rd 16.468                 Monica Johnson on Lota Aces to Play            
Tie    16.468                 Savannah Brown on Copper Magnolia              
  85th 16.471                 Debbie Owen on Gaddis Candyman                 
Tie    16.471                 Kaylee Patrick on Heshowood                    
  87th 16.474                 Ashton Corley on Honda                         
  88th 16.483                 Shelby Crittenden on Adbe Rio                  
  89th 16.493                 Carrie Johnson on Grey Badger                  
  90th 16.496                 Faye Halvorson on Spinner                      
  91st 16.502                 Tammy Brumley on Breeze                        
  92nd 16.505                 Chali Pinkston on Ruby                         
  93rd 16.511                 Emily Williams on Lilly                        
  94th 16.514                 Caroline Harley on Flit Ghost                  
Tie    16.514                 Jessica Tirello on Armadillo Dan               
  96th 16.525                 Jenny Smith on Little Yellow Greda             
  97th 16.534                 Macy Patton on Horse 1                         
  98th 16.536                 Becky Brakefield on Dollar                     
  99th 16.548                 Chesnie Neal on Horse 1                        
Tie    16.548                 Madison Keen on I.B. Cattin Magic              
 101st 16.549                 Ray Ann Fuller on Hallmark Ben                 
 102nd 16.554                 Anna Deblieux on Red                           
 103rd 16.556                 Lori Bandy on Alli                             
 104th 16.559                 Allison Stevens on Nugget Sue Skipper          
 105th 16.561                 Jessica Williamson on Ryker                    
 106th 16.582                 Lindsey Kay Dupree on Ready                    
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 6  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
 107th 16.586                 Melissa Holt on Wash Pot                       
 108th 16.595                 Lisa Hickman on Duece                          
 109th 16.596                 Jenny Smith on Blue Creek Bug                  
 110th 16.610                 Amber Patrick on Slick Zan Lena                
 111th 16.614                 Crystal Kelley on Rascal                       
 112th 16.625                 Staci Burns on Hotrod                          
 113th 16.631                 James Barnes on Cashin Affair                  
 114th 16.649                 Becky Johnson on Scooby                        
 115th 16.655                 Bailee Lynd on Miss Devil Flit                 
 116th 16.672                 Chancie Neal on Horse 2                        
 117th 16.693         3566    Monica Cooley on Peanut                        
 118th 16.695                 Becky Richerson on What a Fancy Twist          
Tie    16.695                 David Bynum on DMO Pebbles A Drift             
 120th 16.703         1305    Danielle Duplissy on Katie's Style             
 121st 16.704                 Paula Touchstone on Badger                     
Tie    16.704                 Stephanie McLellan on Sugar                    
 123rd 16.718                 Donna Kay Murphy on Buddy                      
 124th 16.720                 Reese McDougal on Mattie                       
 125th 16.725                 Janey Taylor on A Dash of Bullion              
Tie    16.725                 Juandonna Ausberry on Shepard on the go        
 127th 16.729                 Chris Breen on Treasured Pine Lady             
 128th 16.733         5748    Lana Bennett on Gold Creek Fly                 
 129th 16.737                 Lori Bandy on Scooter                          
 130th 16.750                 Audrey Shamsabady on Miss Scooter Bond         
 131st 16.755                 Lynne McKenzie on LMRose of Dreams             
 132nd 16.763                 James Barnes on Georgetown Road                
 133rd 16.766                 Lisa Bussey on Dynamite Chicota                
 134th 16.770                 Lynne McKenzie on CWS Magnolia                 
 135th 16.774         5340    Hannah Morris on 2 of 2                        
 136th 16.777                 Jennifer McBroom on 1 of 2                     
 137th 16.788                 Gage Davis on Cool Whip                        
 138th 16.799                 Kim Merrell on CB                              
 139th 16.803                 Tina Touchstone on SFW Florida Frost           
 140th 16.817         5914    Ashley Jones on Scarlet                        
 141st 16.818                 Brody Bourque on Dax                           
 142nd 16.820                 Ashton Luck on Zippos Hershey Kiss             
 143rd 16.826                 Desiree Dautreuil on Sweet Money Too           
 144th 16.829                 Courtney Bolding on Buck                       
 145th 16.834                 Pete Oen on Take this Jeta Fly                 
 146th 16.850                 Becky Jennings on Jessi                        
 147th 16.862                 Caroline Dodwell on Horse 1                    
 148th 16.872                 Tara Burch on Hancocks Prissy Girl             
 149th 16.873         5915    Linda Griffin on Dondis Meggan                 
 150th 16.876                 Donna Hodges on Some Kind of Candy Bar         
 151st 16.880                 Hillary Branch on Toby                         
 152nd 16.909                 Mike Bruscato on Vegas                         
 153rd 16.910                 Debbie Cockrell on Kowboy                      
 154th 16.930                 Brittany Bryant on Deuce's Last Dance          
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 7  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
 155th 16.938                 Allison Wagnon on Disco Luvs Cash              
 156th 16.939                 Stephanie Carroll on JC Dry Sickle             
 157th 16.954                 Sammye Lee Woods on Senorita                   
 158th 16.957                 Chelsea Lachney on Poco Bandino                
Tie    16.957                 Dustin Angelle on DH Cline Fuel                
Tie    16.957                 Laura Harper on Rowdy                          
 161st 16.963                 Emily Robinson on Butterscotch Bailey          
 162nd 16.967         6641    Evelyn Hungerford on Jess Rick Perry           
 163rd 17.001                 Taylor Rainbolt on El Ninos Queen              
 164th 17.027                 Anna Bradshaw on Dorothy                       
 165th 17.028                 Gale Landry on War Peponita                    
 166th 17.030                 Kalie Corley on Dash With Pep                  
 167th 17.036                 Desiree Dautreuil on Mouse                     
 168th 17.038                 Mark Bridges on Neve                           
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.047 $707.94         Angela Horiast on Billie                      
   2nd 17.060 $633.42         Micah Goins on Sonny                           
   3rd 17.065 $521.64         Desiree Dautreuil on Special Mover             
   4th 17.068 $447.12         Kinsey Pody on Beauty                          
   5th 17.080 $353.97         Mike Bruscato on Franklin                      
   6th 17.082 $260.82         Sabrina Maza on Horse                          
   7th 17.103 $223.56         Amanda Burris on Rocket System                 
   8th 17.117 $186.30         Sara Caldwell on Horse 1 of 1                  
   9th 17.119 $149.04         Michelle Norred on Possum                      
  10th 17.130 $130.41         Gina Flowers on Hollywoods Dirty Two           
  11th 17.134 $111.78         Lily Norris on Dial A Deal                     
  12th 17.173                 Tiffani Teague on Caththisdashoffever          
  13th 17.175                 Cypress Melville on Shiloh                     
  14th 17.204                 Brooke Brakefield on Sonny                     
  15th 17.229                 Kaitlen Emfinger on Flashy                     
  16th 17.236                 Hoby Kight on Horse 1                          
  17th 17.237                 Jeremy Smith on Babes                          
  18th 17.246                 Melinda Schexnider on Natalies My Jet          
  19th 17.260                 Codi Cowdin on Diggers Big Step                
  20th 17.269                 James Barnes on Had Cash Once                  
  21st 17.274                 Karen Gough on First Cup of Blue Val           
  22nd 17.277                 Donna Bourque on Barbie                        
  23rd 17.282         5419    Diane Bradley on Cowboy Brown Guard            
  24th 17.285                 Kendra Quinn on Fire in the Mist               
  25th 17.289                 Patty Mitchell on Henrys Sweety                
  26th 17.321         5748    Lana Bennett on Go For Top Cash                
  27th 17.324         5938    Rhonda Raterree on Some Perks Bug Me           
  28th 17.351                 Micah Goins on Samson                          
  29th 17.401                 Hunter Tuggle on Poppys Chance                 
  30th 17.405                 Paige Moore on Frito                           
  31st 17.410                 Wade Salter on Powerstroke                     
  32nd 17.429                 Ann Beaubouef on Turbeaux                      
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 8  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  33rd 17.458                 Alecia Saterfiel on Omar                       
  34th 17.461                 Teresa Holcomb on Cars American Bunny          
  35th 17.469                 Carrie Johnson on Cajun                        
  36th 17.497                 Amanda Stephens on She's Simply Golden         
  37th 17.551                 Jackie Patterson on Submarine                  
  38th 17.561                 Hannah Lewis on De Bar                         
  39th 17.580                 Emily Williams on Sheba                        
  40th 17.590         2668    Chelsey Foster on Roan King Annie              
  41st 17.626                 Debbie McCormick on Moon                       
  42nd 17.643                 Sandra Maddry on Reckon I'm Cool               
  43rd 17.708                 Micah Goins on Firewater Tri                   
  44th 17.710                 Jerrica Pruitt on Storm In a Teaspt            
  45th 17.715                 Sammye Lee Woods on Justin's Jess Berry        
  46th 17.738                 Logan Poole on Whisper                         
  47th 17.751                 Alexis Gauthier on Gracie                      
  48th 17.765                 Hal Parker on Money                            
  49th 17.916                 Hanah Spyker on 2                              
  50th 18.028         5419    Diane Bradley on A Rolex Investment            
  51st 18.044                 Hunter Tuggle on Gay Bar Rayville              
  52nd 18.047                 Mollea Brown on Lena                           
  53rd 18.116                 Anna Williams on B B                           
  54th 18.132                 Patty Mitchell on Showmethemoneynative         
  55th 18.134                 Dennis Eudy on Stormy                          
  56th 18.147                 Candace Spangler on Horse 1 of 1               
  57th 18.154                 Veronica Smith on Andy                         
  58th 18.283                 Teri Park on Mini Girl                         
  59th 18.407                 Teresa Holcomb on Pepper Bar Jet               
  60th 18.440                 Kalie Corley on First Down Erath               
  61st 18.734                 Rebecca Neeley on Sensational Dancer           
  62nd 19.631                 Susie Mudd on BB Fench First Moon              
  63rd 20.090                 Ben Beall on Red's Native Chinook              
  64th 20.148                 Kyndal McCormick on Digger                     
Tie    20.148                 Ashton Luck on Ms. Hitch                       
  66th 20.151                 Katti Pinnix on One Perfect Stranger           
  67th 20.300                 Micah Goins on Pony Boy                        
  68th 20.339                 Gina Cates on Jet Insight                      
  69th 20.439                 Katie Norris on Totally on Fire                
  70th 20.467                 Kaitlen Emfinger on Jazzie                     
  71st 20.470                 Brooke Broadus on Shesalittletipsy             
  72nd 20.497                 Diane Knight on Pass                           
  73rd 20.567                 Chaz Maturin on Flitter on Fire                
  74th 20.579                 Mary Murphy on Racee                           
  75th 20.619                 Meghan Thomas on Banner                        
  76th 20.629                 Ashten Thompson on Ike                         
  77th 20.664                 Tracy Keller on Tank                           
  78th 20.701                 Ashley Baugh on Horse 3                        
  79th 20.759                 Taylor Lewing on Dolly                         
  80th 20.776                 Rowdy Flowers on Turnin Powerhouse             
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 9  
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
  81st 20.790                 Debbie Guillory on Ready Reds Western Diva     
  82nd 20.801                 Mollie Watlington on Sail on Maggie            
  83rd 20.804                 Karlie Sanders on Binker                       
  84th 20.827         5918    Jody Dorman on Hey Raskel Kat                  
  85th 20.836         5918    Jody Dorman on SFW Nonstop Frost               
  86th 20.849                 Sarah Juneau on Rebel Man Hancock              
  87th 20.891                 Misty Moran on Truly a Cab                     
  88th 20.902                 Hilary Albright on Buddy Blue Jet              
  89th 20.905                 Stephanie Mosley on Horse 1                    
  90th 20.910                 Gina Cates on Guys My Daddy                    
  91st 20.912         3403    Kyle McCormick on Thunder                      
  92nd 20.959                 Jennifer Lynd on R L Winkwood                  
  93rd 20.969                 Gina Flowers on Smart Little Scoba             
  94th 20.972                 Chancie Neal on Horse                          
  95th 20.976                 Lance Graves on Whateva                        
  96th 21.059                 Dianne Hay on Mos Twistin Wonder               
  97th 21.083                 Erica Hammons on See Me Fly                    
  98th 21.149                 Sandra Maddry on Texas WR                      
  99th 21.206                 Jodie Bass on Sporty Passem Up                 
 100th 21.263                 Jennifer Thomas on Ginger                      
 101st 21.288                 Daleigha Meylian on Patriotic Hancock          
 102nd 21.299                 Laura Harper on Dakota                         
 103rd 21.345                 Autumn Simpson on TF Speedy Wood Drift         
 104th 21.362                 Rowdy Flowers on Flo N Flit                    
 105th 21.379         5938    Rhonda Raterree on Sugar Love                  
 106th 21.438                 Ronni Ward on If I Dash I Make Cash            
 107th 21.443                 Jennifer McDougal on Perks West                
 108th 21.512         3610    Debbie Hancock on Jet Chasin Alibi             
 109th 21.549                 Stacey Richard on Sheza Native Duchess         
 110th 21.564                 Kamryn Passman on Skipper                      
 111th 21.566                 Ammie Watson on Rainy Day Gator                
 112th 21.606                 Brittany Bryant on My Arujo Badger             
 113th 21.614                 Lauren Young on Hot Rod                        
 114th 21.619         6041    Angela Gilliam on Norma                        
 115th 21.721                 Anna Deblieux on Sunny                         
 116th 21.743                 Savannah Brown on Sae's Bambino                
 117th 21.804                 Abby Harrell on Rebel                          
 118th 21.832                 Veronica Smith on Dixie                        
 119th 21.833                 Sidney Norton on Tuffenuf to wear pink         
 120th 21.900                 Carla Loyd on T F Frenchmans Chance            
Tie    21.900                 Susan Hickman on Hawk                          
 122nd 21.935                 Amanda Stephens on Gingers Hope                
 123rd 21.992                 Lauren Fee on Angola                           
 124th 22.009                 Madeline Britt on Bay                          
 125th 22.289                 Ashley Thompson on Lucky Fox Olena             
 126th 22.313                 Brittany Hebert on Tequila                     
 127th 22.358                 Teri Park on Candy's Tala Badger               
 128th 22.369                 Paula Touchstone on Willie                     
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 10 
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
 129th 22.437                 Somer Stracner on Brisco Jack                  
 130th 22.555                 Madison Keen on Will Streak to win             
 131st 22.672                 Jennifer McBroom on 3 of 3                     
 132nd 23.537                 Jill Freeman on Horse 2                        
 133rd 23.541                 Autumn Simpson on PC Trigger Frost             
 134th 23.617                 Laurie Cooper on Perks Panita                  
 135th 23.970                 Noel Matthews on Mido                          
 136th 25.580                 Brody Bourque on Jet Special Skip              
 137th 25.642                 Ray Ann Fuller on Rudy Rodgers                 
 138th 25.685                 Erica Guerrero on Reds Miracle Money           
 139th 25.758                 James McCormick on Rocky                       
 140th 25.843                 Toni McCoy on Jetolenas Lotta Cash             
 141st 25.925                 Sarah Juneau on Ellie                          
 142nd 26.276                 Hailey Holder on Firewater Floyd               
 143rd 26.475                 Jerrica Pruitt on Sonny                        
 144th 26.584                 Patsy Akin on High Greg                        
 145th 26.593                 Lanie Scott on Cruiser                         
 146th 26.797                 Carly Wall on Chesters Smooth VF               
 147th 28.610                 Roxanne Bradshaw on Im Seekin the Money        
 148th 32.658                 Chandler Corley on Baylee                      
 149th 35.048                 Paige Moore on Buddy                           
N/T    400.000                Melissa Mouton on Cuatro Fame                  
N/T    400.000                Jessica Harrell on Wrangler                    
N/T    400.000                Darnell Guidry on Bozo Pistol Tigger           
N/T    400.000         2168   Cindi Hutchinson on Max                        
N/T    400.000                Autumn Simpson on Drifting Baby Blue           
N/T    400.000                Misty Moran on The Big Sweep                   
N/T    400.000                Brennen Reynolds on BSM Streakin Memory        
N/T    400.000         1305   Danielle Duplissy on Hickory's Money Make      
N/T    400.000                Tracy Keller on Lucy                           
N/T    400.000                Jolynn James on Little Pistol Lena             
N/T    400.000                Johnette Norris on Hes a Streakin Decan        
N/T    400.000                Lindsey Robinson on Sonnyleggomywranglers      
N/T    400.000                Ashley Pilgrim on Boo                          
N/T    400.000                Carol Mixon on Cash                            
N/T    400.000                Haley Ellerbe on Flash Like Jack               
N/T    400.000         6639   Jaci Kilcrease on Lectric Solano               
N/T    400.000                Hanah Hines on Maxs                            
N/T    400.000                Kaitlyn Landry on Sparks Parr Barr             
N/T    400.000                Kaitlyn Landry on Storm's Little Joe           
N/T    400.000         6041   Angela Gilliam on Ms Piggy                     
N/T    400.000                Cydney Brown on Docs Gintle Model              
N/T    400.000                Ashley Lyon on Fire N Flit Ta Fame             
N/T    400.000                Whitney Liggin on Trucklin Lady                
N/T    400.000                Jessica Williamson on Hope's a Native Boone    
N/T    400.000                Brenda Whatley on Kasey                        
N/T    400.000                Sherri Salsbury on Crazy Juda                  
N/T    400.000                Angela Rice on Bacchus Leo                     
11:25 PM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 12.0                Page 11 
          BBR NBHA 4D Jackpot in Monday Open $6,000 Added on 09/05/11        
                   Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford                       
N/T    400.000                Jessica Harrell on Jet                         
N/T    400.000                Stacy Whitener on Certified Smooth             
N/T    403.828                Raeghan Norred on Black Jack                   
N/T    406.901                Erica Burt on Pete                             
N/T    412.777                Nakea Maddox on Dually                         
N/T    413.408                Morgan Savage on Phoenix                       
N/T    416.182                Candace Copeland on Jasper                     
N/T    417.051                Mickayla Brown on Horse 2 of 2                 
N/T    417.797                Taylor Zimmerman on Dream                      
N/T    420.608         4162   Claire O'Neal on Shorty