Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2006 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems         
                           Producer: Diamond M Ranch                           
                             Contact: Eileen Moore                             
               Location: North Louisiana Exposition Center  Ruston, LA                          
                             Monday Open on 09/02/07               
        Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mercury  Jonesboro,LA                
    Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $24,336.00, Rider count = 573         
     1D Time = 15.324, Placings =  54, Pool = $ 8,517.60                      
     2D Time = 15.824, Placings = 115, Pool = $ 7,300.80                     
     3D Time = 16.324, Placings = 214, Pool = $ 4,867.20                     
     4D Time = 17.324, Placings = 162, Pool = $ 3,650.40                     
                               1D Placings                                  
   1st 15.324 $1788.70 & Diamond Buckle  Megan Williams on "Couples"                
   2nd 15.330 $1533.17           Cassie Laws on Divis Master Bug            
   3rd 15.352 $1277.64           Merrill O'Neal on Mighty Mr. Ed            
   4th 15.411 $1022.11           Jennifer Wilson on Bit of Bugs n Flit      
   5th 15.430 $766.58            Linda Shepard on "Cowboy"                  
   6th 15.459 $596.23            Angela Gilliam on Bobby Sox Flit           
   7th 15.461 $511.06            Nina Hester on Bubbas Flyin Nonstop        
   8th 15.503 $425.88            Blaise Bercegay on Glory Be Badger         
   9th 15.505 $340.70            Lori Hancock on Nothin But Real Cash       
  10th 15.512 $255.53            Jodie Mathews on Kansas Freedom            
  11th 15.523                    Bozo Anderson on 1 of 2                    
  12th 15.537                    Dani Anderson on 2 of 2                    
  13th 15.538                    Kyndal McCormick on Dontquestionmyfame     
  14th 15.560                    Laine Mulhern on Brash An Brawny           
  15th 15.569                    Micah Goins on Luke                        
  16th 15.574                    Becky Canaday on Dashing Chester           
Tie    15.574                    Chelsea Easley on Peppy                    
  18th 15.586                    Lydia Halbrook on Paco                     
  19th 15.596                    Jenny Jester on Santana                    
  20th 15.604                    Paula Owens on Shadow                      
  21st 15.611                    Toni Kay Mills on Super Cool Man           
  22nd 15.612                    Tara Olivi on Chance                       
  23rd 15.615                    Stacy Bufkin on Nics Connection            
  24th 15.625                    Jason Martin on Juma Gem                   
  25th 15.643                    Lynne McKenzie on Marie Rene               
  26th 15.657                    Lisa Sanders on Copys Scian                
  27th 15.669                    Kailey Byrd on Type Jacki BK               
  28th 15.674                    Kari Henson on Pinto                       
  29th 15.679                    Amy Boswell on Tincup                      
  30th 15.683                    Chancie Neal on Hickory                    
  31st 15.689                    Jamie Huffman on 1 of 1                    
  32nd 15.690                    Kristen Adams on Summer                    
  33rd 15.691                    Charlotte Phillips on MLF Cutter Bars      
  34th 15.692                    Brenda Whatley on Millenium Magic Hero     
  35th 15.704                    Shelly Chretien on Lady Stardust           
  36th 15.707                    Wendy Nutt on Vega                         
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 2  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  37th 15.711                    Ashleigh Baugh on DC's Playboy             
  38th 15.719                    Jordan DuPont on Risky Creeket             
  39th 15.722                    Jossie Neal on Queen                       
  40th 15.737                    Meghan Thomas on Banner                    
Tie    15.737                    Brandie Bass on MLS Shankin Things Up      
  42nd 15.749                    Brittany Sisson on Hads Goldie             
  43rd 15.751                    Lindsey Kelly on T.R.                      
  44th 15.754                    Kayleigh Plaschke on Blevins Best          
  45th 15.762                    Sable Miller on Poco El Dorado Doc         
  46th 15.769                    Shelly Gish on Stripper                    
  47th 15.782                    Beth Stone on Ghost                        
  48th 15.786                    Benjamin Beall on I'm An Easy Princess     
  49th 15.792                    Katy Gilbreath on Rusty                    
  50th 15.801                    Kristin Meyer on Hi Lighted Liz            
  51st 15.803                    Melinda Loveless on Lee Hot Lee's Flash    
  52nd 15.806                    Lane Johnson on Sunny                      
  53rd 15.811                    Gina Cates on Ketchup                      
  54th 15.818                    Quincee York on Star                       
                               2D Placings                                  
   1st 15.824 $1423.66 & Jacket  Noel Mathews on Signature of Dreams        
Tie    15.824 $1423.66 & Jacket  Laura Walker on Karoozin Time Again        
   3rd 15.827 $1095.12           Stella Sorey on Gold Coins Quixote         
   4th 15.831 $876.10            Kyle McCormick on Biddies Fame             
   5th 15.835 $657.07            Kaitlyn Frey on Moon Beam Special T        
   6th 15.839 $511.06            Sandie Milam on Honor's Gold Twister       
   7th 15.852 $438.05            Erica Hammons on Magic                     
   8th 15.853 $365.04            Taylor Lewing on Dolly                     
   9th 15.861 $292.03            Abby Meyle on Dare Re Chick                
  10th 15.865 $219.02            Rachael Laing on Happy Fax                 
  11th 15.866                    Roxanne Bradshaw on Lee Bar                
  12th 15.869                    Missy Elam on Copenhagen                   
  13th 15.875                    Kyle McCormick on Streakin La Higher       
  14th 15.881                    Morgan Myers on Horse 1 of 2               
  15th 15.883                    Misty Iberg on Versus Cookiecrisp          
Tie    15.883                    Jennifer Wilson on Bull                    
  17th 15.885                    Kyndal McCormick on Takin Only Memories    
  18th 15.886                    Carolyn Aguillard on Magic                 
  19th 15.890                    Kathy Ross on EZ Packin                    
Tie    15.890                    Carla Bryant on Double Pay Me              
  21st 15.898                    Brooke Bearden on Love and Laughter        
  22nd 15.911                    Leigh Anne Ramsey on Hercules              
  23rd 15.919                    Whitney Clement on Flits Sports Special    
  24th 15.920                    Jason Martin on Judy's Okalhoma Fuel       
  25th 15.922                    Sandra Jagot on Quick Joe Tom 195          
  26th 15.923                    Sandra Jagot on FSJ Kick A Ryon            
  27th 15.926                    Hal Parker on 6                            
  28th 15.936                    Kelsey Bonnette on Skobi                   
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 3  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  29th 15.940                    Josh Burns on Holly                        
  30th 15.951                    Hannah Kling on Decker                     
  31st 15.953                    Casey Futch on Jazz                        
  32nd 15.959                    Rahel Lowery on Fliton Cash                
  33rd 15.966                    Dianne Knight on Paso                      
  34th 15.971                    Michelle Young on Sonny                    
  35th 15.975                    Linda Purifoy on Madonna                   
  36th 15.979                    James Barnes on CB                         
  37th 15.980                    Brittany Sisson on DM Diamonds by Red      
  38th 15.981                    Kaitlyn Frey on Talos                      
  39th 15.985                    Kelsey Rosenroth on Gray                   
  40th 15.987                    Patricia Worm on Miss Dan Kay              
  41st 15.993                    Lindsey Barton on Chicklette               
  42nd 15.994                    Carol Mixon on Streakin Candy Bug          
  43rd 15.999                    Christan Frost on Bugs                     
  44th 16.007                    Brenda Whatley on Chicks Qucik Nugget      
  45th 16.008                    Kelly Milstead on Miss Osage Breeze        
  46th 16.015                    Jennifer Tuggle on Our Duplin              
  47th 16.017                    Chancie Neal on Hickory Dock               
  48th 16.023                    Ashten Thompson on Sassy                   
  49th 16.025                    Garianna Booker on J Lo                    
  50th 16.032                    Brenda Whatley on Little Yellow Greda      
  51st 16.041                    Dianne Hay on Doc Dr. Cutter               
Tie    16.041                    Erin Finlay on 2 of 2                      
  53rd 16.049                    Darlene Mays on Honor Thunder Jet          
  54th 16.052                    Kayla Ducote on Higher Honor               
  55th 16.055                    Morgan Craig on Flame                      
  56th 16.056                    Lydia Halbrook on Special                  
  57th 16.059                    Blaise Bercegay on Nick Bar Girl           
  58th 16.062                    Selina Nanny on Bubba Mel                  
  59th 16.073                    Lane Johnson on Flicka                     
  60th 16.083                    Monica Nolen on 1 of 1                     
  61st 16.084                    Pam Varnado on Jack                        
Tie    16.084                    Kayla Ducote on Catahoula Princess         
  63rd 16.085                    Taylor Pea on Skips Eagles Jets            
Tie    16.085                    Amanda Cruse on Dunny                      
  65th 16.101                    Callie Durbin on Bully                     
  66th 16.102                    Tina McKee on Leo                          
  67th 16.105                    Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Surf the Turf       
  68th 16.124                    Brooke Kilburn on X                        
Tie    16.124                    Meghan Thomas on Poco                      
  70th 16.127                    Kelly Mire on Woody                        
  71st 16.132                    Jessica Taylor on Doc Hagen                
  72nd 16.135                    Kim Salsbury on Little Cal Gal             
  73rd 16.143                    Daleigha Meylian on Motto'                 
  74th 16.144                    Patty Jones on Frontier                    
Tie    16.144                    Dana Pace on 1 of 1                        
  76th 16.145                    Tyra Haynes on Alives Hot Attitude         
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 4  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  77th 16.147                    Lori Hancock on Shesa Shazzy Harley        
  78th 16.155                    Abby Perdue on 2 of 2                      
  79th 16.156                    Laine Mulhern on Bubbas Flashin Dixie      
  80th 16.157                    Alicia Meyer on Pelican Brief              
  81st 16.159                    Pete Allen on Nacho                        
  82nd 16.170                    Cydney Brown on Puddin Head Sugar          
  83rd 16.174                    Clay Brazzel on Speedy Lil Magic           
  84th 16.175                    Gail Kizer on C.J.                         
  85th 16.177                    Jessica Jo Sistrunk on Illini Western Dash 
  86th 16.179                    Merrill O'Neal on Picachu Hank             
Tie    16.179                    Karlie Sanders on Binker Takin Cash        
  88th 16.181                    Ashli Price on Sky                         
Tie    16.181                    Jossie Neal on Dodgr                       
  90th 16.183                    Erin Brown on Friday                       
  91st 16.202                    Donna Davis on Mr. Dark Cougar             
  92nd 16.204                    Rowdy Flowers on Burly                     
  93rd 16.207                    Tiffani Teague on Bandit                   
Tie    16.207                    Taylor Burns on Scout                      
  95th 16.216                    Stacy Gross on JD                          
  96th 16.218                    Fallon Watson on Dudes Poco Dallas         
  97th 16.221                    Misty Iberg on Strait Ballot               
  98th 16.225                    Sheryl Bearden on 1 of 1                   
  99th 16.226                    Brittany Bryant on Rascal                  
 100th 16.233                    Katie Fuqua on Pistol                      
 101st 16.240                    Juandonna Ausberry on Shepard On The Go    
 102nd 16.242                    Kristin Meyer on He's A Hot Diamond        
 103rd 16.253                    Kim McCoy on Streaker                      
 104th 16.255                    Evelyn Hungerford on Heza Streakin Yawl    
 105th 16.260                    Debbie Guillory on 1 of 1                  
 106th 16.271                    Stacy Gross on Pepper                      
 107th 16.286                    Pam Jacks on Skat                          
Tie    16.286                    Ashley Reynolds on Rig                     
 109th 16.289                    Kaci Bishop on Paint                       
 110th 16.291                    Morgan Craig on 1 of 2                     
 111th 16.301                    Ammie Watson on Falena Flit                
 112th 16.306                    Lacy Dunn on JD                            
 113th 16.308                    Donna Martin on Smooth Cool Boogie         
 114th 16.315                    Sylvia Cowart on Raisins Shadow            
 115th 16.322                    Laura Pennington on Lucky Hot Rod          
                               3D Placings                                  
   1st 16.325 $1022.11 & Jacket  Danni Anderson on Sonny                    
   2nd 16.327 $876.10            Christina Cole on Mister Elan              
   3rd 16.329 $730.08            Renee Jetton on Ol Double Trouble          
   4th 16.331 $584.06            Christan Frost on Babe                     
   5th 16.332 $438.05            Kayla Ducote on Asome Kidd                 
   6th 16.334 $316.37            Natalie Crocker on Rocky                   
Tie    16.334 $316.37            Benjamin Beall on D.C. Tiger Rock          
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 5  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
   8th 16.337 $243.36            Ki Allen on Whiskey                        
   9th 16.339 $194.69            Cally Lang on Tinys Bit of Silver          
  10th 16.340 $146.02            Pam Varnado on Zippy                       
  11th 16.343                    Katelyn Kendrick on Cannon                 
  12th 16.344                    Molly Dugdale on Savy Kings Playmate       
  13th 16.348                    Jenna Jenkins on Hesa Lot A Cash           
  14th 16.356                    Carla Bryant on Aint Scared                
Tie    16.356                    Wendie Waldron on Concord Deck             
  16th 16.361                    Sherri Pilcher on J Lo                     
  17th 16.364                    Lydia Halbrook on Houston                  
  18th 16.365                    Shelby Seegers on Bonanzabest Wildfire     
  19th 16.368                    Dani Anderson on Seven                     
  20th 16.373                    Dianne Bass on Country Blue Bar            
Tie    16.373                    Rachael Laing on Gay Bars Leo Lad          
  22nd 16.378                    Cyndy Gantt on 1 of 1                      
  23rd 16.379                    Suzie Powell on Dusky                      
  24th 16.384                    Misty Moran on Jack                        
  25th 16.386                    Monica Johnson on Sunny                    
  26th 16.388                    Missy Elam on Polite Cowboy                
  27th 16.392                    Jennifer McBroom on Jay Bee                
  28th 16.396                    Haylee Rickman on Paris                    
Tie    16.396                    Danny Joyce on Shorty                      
  30th 16.402                    Tonya Wallace on Cassie                    
Tie    16.402                    Amanda Burris on PL What a Shoman          
Tie    16.402                    Claire O'Neal on Martha                    
  33rd 16.407                    Lisa Hearn on Wrangler                     
  34th 16.408                    Lea Ann Bramlett on Baldy                  
  35th 16.410                    Tori Pickett on Colonel                    
  36th 16.413                    Julie Harper on DM Genuine Nugget          
  37th 16.414                    Haley Carroll on Doc O'lena Jet            
Tie    16.414                    Rachel Tolar on High Dollar Offer          
  39th 16.415                    Chelsea Easley on Boo                      
  40th 16.420                    Geoffrey Litton on Our Bull                
  41st 16.421                    Courtney Temple on Caans Red Spice         
  42nd 16.423                    Laura Strange on CB Sundance               
  43rd 16.426                    Mandy Davis on 1 of 1                      
  44th 16.431                    Angela Garland on Pepe                     
  45th 16.432                    Karla Hughes on WT Redhawk                 
Tie    16.432                    Dee Dee Lewis on Wheels Rising Star        
  47th 16.433                    Pam Varnado on Our Lil Bunny               
  48th 16.436                    Ann Kuhn on Gina                           
  49th 16.438                    Debbie Long on Bit O Go Go                 
  50th 16.441                    Danita Ford on Joe                         
  51st 16.442                    Tonya Sheppard on Leo's Cajun Pistol       
  52nd 16.452                    Mary Ann May on Lady Slick Ali             
  53rd 16.456                    Cari Dugdale on Grace                      
  54th 16.464                    Allie Bostic on Jack                       
  55th 16.474                    Beth Smith on Boogie Man                   
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 6  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  56th 16.477                    Carl Gish on Annie                         
  57th 16.487                    Lindsi Amdoe on Baley                      
  58th 16.491                    Melissa Wiley on Sheza Dixie Doll          
  59th 16.502                    Kim Willis on Jet's Ginger Wine            
Tie    16.502                    Stacy Gross on Cash                        
  61st 16.504                    James Commander on Duck in the Wind        
  62nd 16.505                    James Commander on Docs Golden Queen       
  63rd 16.526                    Brooke Budwah on Crackerjack               
  64th 16.546                    Debbie Hancock on Roks Lotta Wheel         
  65th 16.558                    Brenda Roark on Rip Roarin Ryon            
  66th 16.560                    Audra Canfield on Lilly                    
  67th 16.566                    Gina Flowers on Doc                        
  68th 16.568                    Bobbi Jo Anderson on Willies Whioopie Beau 
  69th 16.570                    Jodi Miles on Chiquitta                    
  70th 16.573                    Abby Searcy on Prissy                      
Tie    16.573                    Mary Lemoine on Girlie                     
  72nd 16.577                    Sheryl Hammonds on Jets Rare Bar           
  73rd 16.594                    Ronnie Craig on Cutter                     
  74th 16.598                    Amber Patrick on Slick Zan Lena            
  75th 16.603                    Lori Buckley on Two Berry Poc              
  76th 16.609                    Samantha Tate on Dede Archie Rey           
  77th 16.611                    Katy McNeely on Freight Train              
Tie    16.611                    Jacee Newcomb on 1                         
  79th 16.614                    Danita Ford on Whiz Kid Wizard             
  80th 16.618                    Courtney Boyd on Buddy                     
  81st 16.620                    Rex McCrory on Miss Kitty                  
  82nd 16.626                    Jennifer Tuggle on Flashycashencounter     
  83rd 16.636                    Tiffani Hebert on Chance                   
  84th 16.646                    Danielle Duplissey on King                 
  85th 16.665                    Courtney Purvis on Lil' Man                
  86th 16.666                    Dena Montgomery on Quick Lil Beau Lena     
  87th 16.667                    Chris Ferrell on Rock                      
  88th 16.668                    Laura Harper on Dakota                     
  89th 16.670                    Autumn Simpson on Baley                    
  90th 16.671                    Stephanie Carroll on Docs Dry Olena        
  91st 16.674                    Shelby Crittenden on Stinger               
  92nd 16.678                    Jessica Harrell on Wrangler                
Tie    16.678                    Audrey Filler on Miss Scooter Bond         
  94th 16.679                    Kaci Bishop on Fancy                       
  95th 16.686                    Darlene Fletcher on Bollys Alive           
Tie    16.686                    Angela Harrington on Somekindadash         
  97th 16.694                    Susan Seffens on Tammy's Haida             
  98th 16.695                    Ruby Thomas on Rosie                       
  99th 16.697                    Deanna Johnson on Scotch                   
 100th 16.698                    Ammie Watson on Hawks Lacy Lea             
 101st 16.701                    Selina Nanny on Scout                      
 102nd 16.711                    Julie Bridewell on Flowers Dude            
 103rd 16.712                    Dianne Hay on Triangle Chex                
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 7  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
 104th 16.721                    Kayla Savage on Gus                        
 105th 16.729                    Michael Thornberry on Smoochie             
Tie    16.729                    Julie Murphy on 2                          
 107th 16.732                    Shawne Wilson on Easter's Rainy Star       
 108th 16.736                    Kaylyn Fitzgerald on Poco Rocket Glo       
 109th 16.748                    Sarah Cotton on Dan                        
 110th 16.750                    Martha Rutledge on 1 of 1                  
 111th 16.755                    Michele Raulston on HC Lucky Roman         
 112th 16.759                    Margie Worley on King                      
 113th 16.766                    Carolyn Stinson on Bandit                  
 114th 16.771                    Jena Howell on Sara                        
 115th 16.772                    Lisha Bond on Joker                        
 116th 16.776                    Macy McRae on Jetta                        
 117th 16.787                    Stacey Colvin on Gidget                    
 118th 16.788                    Shirley Catalani on Jax                    
 119th 16.793                    Tanya Carter on Baby Grey                  
 120th 16.795                    Roxanne Bradshaw on Gracie                 
 121st 16.799                    Faye Halvorson on DH                       
 122nd 16.803                    Micah Goins on Tony                        
 123rd 16.806                    Gail Bennett on 1 of 1                     
 124th 16.814                    Brett Harvey on Hotty                      
Tie    16.814                    Cary Guess on Perky                        
 126th 16.816                    Logan Crum on Frito                        
 127th 16.818                    Holly Hasty on Magical Moon Rocket         
Tie    16.818                    Hannah Wiley on Kidd Rock                  
 129th 16.821                    James Roberts on Medican Man               
Tie    16.821                    Tonya Sadler on Ginger                     
 131st 16.832                    Courtney Temple on Packin                  
 132nd 16.838                    Tammy McWilliams on Six Slick Chick        
 133rd 16.850                    Jodi Miles on Pee-Wee                      
 134th 16.852                    Carla Lloyd on Sunny                       
 135th 16.856                    Becky Canaday on Champ                     
 136th 16.863                    Christina Cole on Sugar                    
 137th 16.868                    Hannah Seffens on Ada's Candy Girl         
 138th 16.878                    Andrea Flint on Gunner                     
 139th 16.882                    Christin Shepard on Cue P Dolly            
 140th 16.885                    Leslie Cole on 1                           
 141st 16.887                    Alisha Morgan on Windy                     
 142nd 16.891                    Lauren Brown on Joker                      
 143rd 16.893                    Eileen Furguson on Go Go                   
Tie    16.893                    Jackie Patterson on Bay                    
 145th 16.896                    Kabria Morgan on Robin                     
 146th 16.897                    Holly Watson on Sonny Doncha R Tardy       
 147th 16.905                    Jan Smith on Goose                         
Tie    16.905                    Patty Jones on Houdini                     
 149th 16.908                    Brittany Bryant on Badger                  
 150th 16.910                    Claire O'Neal on Yeller                    
 151st 16.916                    Haylee Nelson on Sonny Bar Dotzie          
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 8  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
 152nd 16.925                    Casey Easley on Missy                      
 153rd 16.926                    Madolyn Covington on Shug                  
 154th 16.929                    Ashli Price on The Stud                    
 155th 16.932                    Mandy Draper on Lady                       
 156th 16.934                    Jessica Taylor on Rawhide Peppers          
 157th 16.939                    Kaitlyn Landry on Cody Joe's Request       
 158th 16.940                    Tori Spinks on Smooth                      
 159th 16.951                    Jenny Melugin on Jessie's Black Poco       
 160th 16.952                    Michelle Brumfield on Lobo                 
 161st 16.964                    Carly Wall on Vandi                        
 162nd 16.967                    Brianna DeBruhl on Pumpkin                 
 163rd 16.968                    Billie Ruth Hankins on Spot Kicker         
 164th 16.976                    Karen Evans on Gidget                      
 165th 16.978                    Heather King on Beaux                      
 166th 16.982                    Bridgette Greer on Joe View                
 167th 16.986                    Alarie Brown on TE Impress Sweetie         
 168th 16.988                    Angela Garland on Lucky                    
 169th 16.991                    Lynne McKenzie on Grace Will Do            
 170th 17.016                    Johnette Norris on Hes A Streakin Deacon   
 171st 17.024                    Haylee Nelson on Peppy Lee Leo             
 172nd 17.029                    Denise Holton on Red                       
 173rd 17.034                    Rachael King on Quest                      
 174th 17.053                    Lisa Wilson on Miss Neco Time              
 175th 17.054                    Samantha Tate on Adoby                     
 176th 17.055                    Ki Allen on Intrusive Joe Reed             
 177th 17.081                    Toni Beard on Diamond D                    
 178th 17.114                    Morgan Myers on Horse 2 of 2               
 179th 17.118                    Tonya Rickman on Neighbor                  
Tie    17.118                    Heather King on Kings Leo Dandy Bar        
 181st 17.121                    Chandra Taylor on Texas First Money        
Tie    17.121                    Erin Brown on Kid                          
 183rd 17.128                    Christin Shepard on Timber's Blue Moon     
 184th 17.134                    Shelby Crittenden on Sally                 
 185th 17.146                    Jessica Taylor on Complicated Sue          
 186th 17.147                    Patsy Lynch on Nugget                      
 187th 17.154                    Hannah Kling on Rocky                      
 188th 17.156                    Holly Hasty on Jeweled Refrain             
 189th 17.161                    Kylie Frey on Butler                       
 190th 17.163                    Angie Lewis on Boss                        
 191st 17.175                    Dawn Broussard on Ms. Flash O Lena         
 192nd 17.176                    Paula Williams on Badgers Bad Dock         
 193rd 17.188                    Jan Webster on Road Bug                    
 194th 17.194                    Linda Griffin on Watch Me and Wonder       
Tie    17.194                    Anna Whittington on Cisco                  
 196th 17.198                    Sammye Lee Woods on Senorita               
 197th 17.200                    Chelsea Lee on Hank                        
 198th 17.206                    Danita Ford on Smart Lil Sassy             
 199th 17.207                    Rebecca Cross on Happy Fax                 
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 9  
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
 200th 17.218                    Kathy Jo Odom on Poco Triple Jack          
 201st 17.227                    Jamee Shepard on Pele'                     
 202nd 17.248                    Dianne Knight on Scooby                    
 203rd 17.250                    Tiany Shuster on 3                         
 204th 17.254                    Catherine Breeland on Beatrice             
 205th 17.258                    Janet Sisson on Paint                      
 206th 17.264                    Kathy Ross on Lips Glowin Chip             
 207th 17.267                    Donna Davis on Miss Fancy Bars DCI         
 208th 17.271                    Lynne McKenzie on Our Gambler              
 209th 17.277                    Nina Hester on Bubbas Flyin Nonstop        
 210th 17.288                    Kloee Gough on First Cup of Coffee         
 211th 17.292                    Heather Afeman on Chili                    
 212th 17.302                    Morgan Craig on Taz                        
 213th 17.304                    Taylor Lewing on Sonny                     
 214th 17.306                    Jerrica Morgan on Sonny                    
                               4D Placings                                  
   1st 17.338 $766.58 & Jacket   Nancy White on Comet's Fly By              
   2nd 17.357 $657.07            Julie Joyce on He's Easy Gold              
   3rd 17.364 $547.56            Megan Thornhill on Knight Hawk             
   4th 17.371 $438.05            Merrill O'Neal on H BAR Lizzy              
   5th 17.387 $328.54            Cary Guess on "Fred"                       
   6th 17.394 $255.53            Dustee Prewitt on Stargazers Starburst     
   7th 17.408 $219.02            Kim Zimmers on Dashin McQue                
   8th 17.414 $182.52            Courtney Durbin on Candy Gay Bar           
   9th 17.421 $146.02            Chrystal Desselle on Cookies and Cream     
  10th 17.430 $109.51            Melissa Rhame on Sky's Warwhoop            
  11th 17.445                    Rachael King on Weaver                     
  12th 17.456                    Sarah Cotton on Comet                      
  13th 17.461                    Micah Goins on Pep                         
  14th 17.501                    James Roberts on Sugar Rey Cooke           
  15th 17.534                    Brooke Kilburn on Jessie                   
  16th 17.556                    Pam Jacks on Turtle                        
  17th 17.562                    Tony Guillory on 1 of 1                    
  18th 17.609                    Wade Salter on Snowman                     
  19th 17.637                    Kim Batteste on 1 of 1                     
  20th 17.666                    Morgan Searcy on Bravo                     
  21st 17.691                    Kyle McCormick on Cajun Bullion            
  22nd 17.704                    Whitney Bettis on Tuco                     
  23rd 17.733                    Lana Bennett on Fiendish Flyer             
  24th 17.750                    Stacey Holland on Charlie Brown            
  25th 17.795                    Cary Guess on Fred                         
  26th 17.859                    Aimee Lachney on Dakota                    
  27th 17.878                    Sonja Wilson on Get N Go Bailey            
  28th 17.887                    Emily Reeves on Texanne                    
  29th 17.895                    Stacey Holland on Fancy                    
  30th 17.900                    De'Andre Jackson on Big Ace                
  31st 17.908                    Ronnie Craig on Pee-Wee                    
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 10 
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  32nd 17.952                    Sheridan Lastier on T.C.                   
  33rd 17.959                    Cindy Hall on Bejou                        
  34th 18.002                    Allison Stevens on Freckles Stardust       
  35th 18.015                    Connie Givens on 1 of 1                    
  36th 18.098                    Lucia Brown on Sweet Lindy                 
  37th 18.107                    Nikki Walters on Hazards Roman Blaze       
  38th 18.118                    Stella Sorey on 2 of 2                     
  39th 18.135                    Kelly Holton on Penny                      
  40th 18.221                    Renee Bennett on 1                         
  41st 18.250                    Iva Albritton on Fancy's Shadda            
  42nd 18.285                    Vickee Murray on Nickel                    
  43rd 18.303                    Ike McBroom on Pistol                      
  44th 18.346                    Abby Meyle on Lacey                        
  45th 18.411                    Jennifer Adams on Alli                     
  46th 18.472                    Ron Hall on Clyde                          
  47th 18.484                    Christi Kappelman on Diamond               
  48th 18.602                    Jessi White on Blaze                       
  49th 18.661                    Erin Lachney on Dixie                      
  50th 18.748                    Debbie Long on Cajun De Great              
  51st 18.837                    Bryttanye Erwin on Bunny                   
  52nd 18.921                    Dianne Knight on Oreo                      
  53rd 18.998                    Shelly Gish on Lilly                       
  54th 19.025                    Shaynne Carter on Reno                     
  55th 19.095                    Jan Webster on Wee Bee Dashing             
  56th 19.255                    Kylene Pickett on Hanna Lane               
  57th 19.290                    Kylene Pickett on Holy Hammer Lane         
  58th 19.419                    Amy Callahan on Frosty Little Reba/Hillary 
  59th 20.067                    Blaise Bercegay on Red Man                 
  60th 20.075                    Whitney Clement on Cinder Frost            
  61st 20.085                    Morgan Searcy on Cupcake                   
  62nd 20.265                    Sydney Robbins on Spirit                   
  63rd 20.371                    Megan Williams on Ima Cash Cowgirl         
  64th 20.440                    Merrill O'Neal on Red's Western Native     
  65th 20.470                    Julie Murphy on 1                          
  66th 20.531                    Whitney Bettis on Sparkplug                
  67th 20.565                    Garianna Booker on Injun Joe               
  68th 20.582                    Ann Dodson on Annie                        
  69th 20.587                    Stephanie Wright on Special                
  70th 20.610                    Kaci Kizer on The Right Signal             
  71st 20.658                    Deronda Kendrick on Cannon                 
  72nd 20.665                    Paula Owens on Money                       
  73rd 20.677                    Kalee Boswell on Riley                     
  74th 20.690                    Shelia Hawkins on That's No Effort         
  75th 20.751                    Amanda Wright on Doc Leo Snip              
  76th 20.761                    Carley Jenkins on Foltson Flash            
  77th 20.806                    D.J. Crenshaw on Spider                    
  78th 20.823                    Benjamin Beall on Red's Native Chinook     
  79th 20.833                    Tony Neal on Barron                        
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 11 
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
  80th 20.859                    Mandi Davis on 2                           
  81st 20.948                    Bridgette Noble on 1 of 1                  
  82nd 20.984                    Sandra Maddry on Texas                     
  83rd 20.991                    Stacey Holland on Kachina Dream            
  84th 21.027                    Tonja Rickman on Paris                     
  85th 21.030                    Rahel Laing on Skip                        
  86th 21.041                    Erica Hammons on Cruiser                   
  87th 21.112                    Kayla Savage on Frog                       
  88th 21.129                    Karen Gough on First Cup of Coffee         
  89th 21.142                    Adam Boyd on Ray's Dash N Cash             
  90th 21.151                    Cathy Jordan on Speedy                     
  91st 21.180                    Jeannie Heitman on Borrego Flite           
  92nd 21.181                    Renee Jetton on Trouble                    
  93rd 21.200                    Renee Bennett on Moon Pie                  
  94th 21.276                    Jessica Bell on Red                        
  95th 21.315                    Cassie Gantt on 1 of 1                     
  96th 21.380                    Terry Foran on 1 of 1                      
  97th 21.393                    April Hawley on Dial A Treasured Kiss      
  98th 21.427                    Patsy Akin on Belle                        
  99th 21.434                    Cherri Beth Smith on Deuce                 
 100th 21.514                    Misty Iberg on Versus Beau Reeo            
 101st 21.516                    Liz Hays on A Native Beduino               
 102nd 21.520                    Krystal Kelly on Deb                       
 103rd 21.546                    Monica Cooley on Money Parr                
 104th 21.588                    Toni Beard on Magnolia T                   
 105th 21.622                    Danny Marshall on CJ                       
 106th 21.639                    Savannah Cooley on E.T.                    
 107th 21.645                    Christmas Mason on Minnie                  
 108th 21.646                    Cindy Craig on Bozo                        
 109th 21.667                    Dani Anderson on 1 of 2                    
 110th 21.671                    Macy Patton on Zan Petty Jet               
 111th 21.694                    Susie Mudd on BB Frenchmans Flit           
 112th 21.704                    Patty Harville on Cameo                    
 113th 21.715                    Allie Bostic on Frosty                     
 114th 21.785                    Paulette Wright on Flashy Cash Dancer      
 115th 21.792                    Karen Worthington on T.C.                  
 116th 21.795                    Jenni Sandifer on Miss Lincoln             
 117th 21.811                    Jessi Henson on Silver                     
 118th 21.826                    Penny Dagoberg on Pistol                   
 119th 21.850                    Chasedy Boniol on Sunny                    
 120th 21.881                    Fallon Watson on My Sissy Bar Gum          
 121st 21.892                    Macy Patton on Jet                         
 122nd 21.947                    Anna Whittington on Crackin                
 123rd 22.014                    Evelyn Hungerford on The Magic Fly         
 124th 22.025                    Misty Moran on Buckshot                    
 125th 22.083                    Kaitlin Duke on Judy                       
 126th 22.086                    Angela Gilliam on Dennis                   
 127th 22.095                    Hal Parker on 2 of 2                       
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 12 
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
 128th 22.124                    Sammye Lee Woods on Lady                   
 129th 22.126                    Lisa Kilcrease on A Streak of Stars        
 130th 22.225                    Tina McKee on Bandito                      
 131st 22.237                    Joni Stanton on Gypsy                      
 132nd 22.303                    Kathlene Pickett on AKS Hammer             
 133rd 22.353                    Donald Taylor on Taoma                     
 134th 22.390                    Nancy White on Heza Six Moon               
 135th 22.396                    Debbie Owen on Pistol                      
 136th 22.613                    Ashleigh Pelt on Jasper                    
 137th 22.745                    Bridgette Greer on Donnie Choice           
 138th 22.776                    Susan Gibson on Little Dr. Sal             
 139th 22.792                    Hannah Wiley on Bubbles                    
 140th 22.907                    Jessica Breeland on Zetco El Diablo        
 141st 23.120                    Terry Burns on Black Jack                  
 142nd 23.214                    Sheridan Lasiter on Buck                   
 143rd 23.626                    Erin Finlay on 1 of 2                      
 144th 23.987                    Donald Taylor on Zip                       
 145th 24.249                    Lacey Burch on Tex                         
 146th 24.550                    Roxanne Bradshaw on Watkins                
 147th 25.018                    Bozo Anderson on 2 of 2                    
 148th 25.903                    Logan Crum on Montana                      
 149th 25.984                    April Black on Skip                        
 150th 26.115                    Ashli Price on Chic                        
 151st 26.126                    Kelsey Bonnette on Maverick                
 152nd 26.158                    Cathy Dunn on TLF Moon Man                 
 153rd 27.085                    Abby Perdue on 1 of 2                      
 154th 27.149                    Tiany Shuster on 2                         
 155th 27.183                    Shannon Marshall on Cajun                  
 156th 27.708                    Callie Blake on Expensive Fuel             
 157th 28.347                    Terri Mason on 1                           
 158th 28.508                    Krystal Linton on Rolex                    
 159th 31.887                    Bozo Anderson on 10                        
 160th 32.744                    Leslie Paul on Vital Moon                  
 161st 34.099                    Tiany Shuster on 1                         
 162nd 35.414                    Stormy Givins on 1 of 1                    
N/T    400.000                   Erin Shaw on Cars                          
N/T    400.000                   Torey Little on Sanoldam                   
N/T    400.000                   Cori Taylor on Perky                       
N/T    400.000                   Erin Finlay on Bikini                      
N/T    400.000                   Torey Little on Dolly                      
N/T    400.000                   Torey Little on Smashit                    
N/T    400.000                   Jacqueline Taylor on Timber's Blue Moon    
N/T    400.000                   Julie Bridewell on 1                       
N/T    403.250                   Kaci Bishop on Cher                        
N/T    404.403                   Derrick Batteste on 1 of 1                 
N/T    408.399                   Kim Neal on EZ                             
N/T    411.226                   Erin Kindy on Rabbit                       
N/T    412.905                   Kelsey Salsbury on Many Spots              
                       Barrel Race America, Version 10.0               Page 13 
                   Table 1 Jackpot in Monday Open on 09/02/07               
             Race Sponsored by: Jay Mallard Ford-Lincoln-Mer                
N/T    415.065                   Jessica Downs on Honey                     
N/T    419.586                   Laura Walker on Hollywood                  
N/T    419.646                   Billie Osborn on Shug                      
N/T    420.161                   Michelle Jones on Chip                     
N/T    422.204                   Shelly Gish on Sassy                       
N/T    423.546                   Alicia Meyer on Cool Wally                 
N/T    423.865                   Mallori Shacklett on Lady Bug              
N/T    423.924                   Katelyn Kendrick on Satin                  
N/T    424.243                   Adam Boyd on Feature Tootes                
N/T    425.644                   Kelly O'Neal on Sierra                     
N/T    432.587                   Hal Parker on 1 of 2                       
N/T    434.680                   Kerri Ann Kizer on Arpege Special          
N/T    439.607                   Cathy Scroggin on Show Double              
N/T    451.755                   Lisha Bond on Mac                          
N/T    453.995                   Monica Cooley on Smokin' Lil' Prospet